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Example sentences for "antithetic"

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  1. I have consequently added such quotations from sceptical authors, as seemed desirable for the purpose of limiting my several positions with antithetic distinctness; a kind of definition which I admit to be the most distinct of all.

  2. But this antithetic usage was never intended to prejudge the question whether the results of Natural Theology and Religion do not coincide to a very great extent with the teaching of revelation.

  3. His expressions are always antithetic to these points, and should they be left in the shadow, all antithesis is lost, and the real force of the argument obscured.

  4. Footnote 18: This soliloquy is antithetic to the other.

  5. Footnote 6: Emphasis on did, as antithetic to forgery: 'my inventing came short of his doing.

  6. While Jacobi stood in an antithetic relation to the Kantian philosophy, Fichte appears as its immediate consequence.

  7. Young’s wit will be found in almost every instance to consist in that antithetic combination of ideas which, of all the forms of wit, is most within reach of a clever effort.

  8. No wonder it is this latter strain that gets repeated, with varying truth and success, in times of acute transition, and by characters more antithetic than synthetic, more great at developing a part of the truth than the whole.

  9. Antithetic to thieves and spoilers by night, as the sending of the people to their border is antithetic to the thieves taking only what they wanted.

  10. Strauss's Life of Jesus is, therefore, like Schleiermacher's, the product of antithetic conceptions.

  11. Antithetic I mean a thesis, together with an antithesis.

  12. Transcendental Antithetic is an investigation of the antinomy of pure Reason, its causes and outcome.

  13. In respect to these matters the two are exactly opposite to one another--antithetic as the poles.

  14. By this we mean, of course, the natural as distinguished from the nurtural differences--to use the antithetic terms so usefully adapted by Sir Francis Galton from Shakespeare.

  15. We have here an absolute demonstration that environment or nurture can determine the production of these two antithetic and radically opposed types of femaleness.

  16. If we are asked to express in one phrase the reason why this hope is justified, it is because the long struggle between two antithetic conceptions of human society is reaching a definite issue.

  17. It came into my head as suggestively antithetic to the `gnostic' of Church history, who professed to know so much about the very things of which I was ignorant.

  18. These two views are antithetic and no solution has been discovered.

  19. The antithetic literature which takes its coloring from the great rebellion, was now to give place to new forms not immediately connected with it, but incident to the Restoration.

  20. Regarded in itself, this notion is only a verbal entity, unduly taking form as the common basis of two antithetic types.

  21. As a rule they go in pairs, in antithetic couples, every analysis being dichotomy, since the discernment of one path of abstraction determines in contrast, as a complementary remainder, the opposite path of direction.

  22. From this point of view, there is properly no antithetic of pure reason.

  23. By antithetic I do not understand dogmatical assertions of the opposite, but the self-contradiction of seemingly dogmatical cognitions (thesis cum antithesis), in none of which we can discover any decided superiority.

  24. Transcendental antithetic is an investigation into the antinomy of pure reason, its causes and result.

  25. Antithetic is not, therefore, occupied with one-sided statements, but is engaged in considering the contradictory nature of the general cognitions of reason and its causes.

  26. Today, that is to say, as in the past, antithetic theories of the nature of the State hinge, in essence, upon the problem of its sovereignty.

  27. But what gives particular importance to the chapter on genesis is not the discussion of the modes of reproduction, but the general conclusion that nutrition and reproduction are antithetic processes--a very fruitful idea in biology.

  28. My own introduction, and subsequent acquaintance, were strangely characteristic of the peculiarly antithetic nature of the man.

  29. Is there really anything antithetic or antagonistic in poverty and honesty?

  30. But while in Nature the synthesis of opposites is contemporary with their opposition, in society the antithetic elements seem to appear at long intervals, and to reach solution only`after long and tumultuous agitation.

  31. So, antithetic to Dawn, stands the Abendroth with her sister, Night.

  32. Now, that instinct represents the tendency of which I speak, the antithetic tendency to the other already described.

  33. I do not pause at the moment to account for these two antithetic tendencies, there they are; all through the history of this sad old world of ours these two tendencies have been in sharp conflict.

  34. Compare the antithetic expressions quoted from Dionysius in D.

  35. Dräseke expresses the same conception in his own peculiarly terse and antithetic way:--So gewiss kein Gottesreich ohne die Schulderlassung die wir empfangen; so gewiss kein Gottesreich ohne die Schulderlassung die wir leisten.

  36. This short antithetic sentence is the very gate by which we enter into the meaning of the parable; if we rightly comprehend it, we rightly comprehend all.

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