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  1. It is when the child is faced with the problem of personal interest and pleasure that these elementary conceptions of design may be proposed.

  2. All our ideas, our plans, and conceptions are just ideas and nothing more until they have been worked up into concrete form--put to test.

  3. It must be remembered that, when children begin to apply design to their own handicraft, their fundamental conceptions of beauty originate in the home.

  4. It is the negation of all that we hold to be most important in the conceptions of the state and citizenship.

  5. But there would have been the less to learn from the ethical and political conceptions of the age.

  6. There is missing that peculiar power of thinking in symbols and abstract conceptions which distinguishes the human race and which is closely bound up with the faculty of language or expressing thoughts in words.

  7. In that great region are produced the ideas, feelings, and conceptions which arise to the plane of consciousness and manifest that which men call "genius.

  8. That it is of the utmost value to have large conceptions there can be no doubt--large conceptions both in time and place, large conceptions of all those various ideas to which he has called our attention.

  9. I believe that we all hold our conceptions by some sort of tenure.

  10. There is power in conceptions of science, philosophy, politics, sociology.

  11. The science of medicine had cut itself loose from concrete things, and attached itself almost exclusively to the vague philosophical conceptions from which even the best Greek thinkers had not been able to free it.

  12. This Roman pseudo-science could not, however, hold an important place in the thinking of the time: the fundamental conceptions that prevailed forbade it.

  13. Besides the obscurity arising from the complexity of objects, and the imperfection of the human faculties, the medium through which the conceptions of men are conveyed to each other adds a fresh embarrassment.

  14. He denies that the new conceptions are called forth by human needs in the narrow sense--that is to say, in the sense that working hypotheses or practical postulates are required.

  15. It is the conceptions by which we interpret this experience that are {79} true or false.

  16. He rejects, as the pragmatist does, the notion of a reality independent of human nature that forces upon us the changes that our conceptions undergo.

  17. These changes, he holds, are the inner working of the conceptions themselves, the manifestation of our intellectual nature, ever striving for an ideal of logical consistency.

  18. If the old conceptions of space and time fail to conform to a new need, then what was true before the need was revealed is no longer true, the new conception has become true.

  19. It revolutionises the current conceptions of space and time.

  20. The instances we have given are all of them propositions or judgments, or else conceptions formed out of propositions or judgments, the purpose of which is to interpret experience.

  21. Reality can in fact be left to look after itself; our business is with our conceptions alone, which are either true or false.

  22. Can we or can we not make our conceptions work?

  23. On the other hand, pragmatism offers a test by which we can discriminate between true and false--namely, the method of judging conceptions by their practical consequences.

  24. And should the definition be not so correct as brevity pretends to make it at one stroke, we are at least rendered portable; thus we pass into the conceptions of our fellows, into the records, down to posterity.

  25. We now glance at another New England inventor, Samuel Colt, the man who carried Whitney's conceptions to transcendent heights, the most dashing and adventurous of all the pioneers of the machine shop in America.

  26. The incandescent lamp and the central power station, considered together, may be regarded as one of the most fruitful conceptions in the history of applied electricity.

  27. His mechanical conceptions were not marked by genius equal to that of Evans, but they were still too far advanced to be popular.

  28. Here is a man born in the midst of scientific activity, brought up and intimate with the freest thinkers of his time, himself a notable scientific pursuer of botany, and saturated by his reading with all the scientific conceptions of his age.

  29. In the same speech Prometheus introduces to Deukalion as a future helper his brother Epimetheus--one of the most striking conceptions of the old fable, and one of the most effective characters in Mr. Taylor's presentation.

  30. The deanthropomorphization of men's conceptions has never occupied any conspicuous or distinctive place in my own mind--they have been all along quite secondary to the grand doctrine of Evolution from a physical point of view.

  31. Yet though the question as we stated it above, in terms of Law instead of Providence, is not entirely new to thinkers, before the latter part of the last century it had been as vague as had been the conceptions of Evolution.

  32. At best, they formulate only very inadequate conceptions of Him.

  33. How rapidly have our conceptions of both altered.

  34. Your pardon, monsieur; but there are some conceptions of justice in the law of your admirable country that seem equally strange to me.

  35. Her brain was too busy with taking leave of old conceptions and in mastering new duties to be otherwise than vaguely grateful to her companions.

  36. For the Deities of all nations being conceptions formed after the analogy of human nature around them, there can be no doubt that the honest historian put it down as a necessary factor in the course and constitution of nature.

  37. Pausanias does not say how Theseus was represented with the bull; but it certainly was not a group--such a thing is clearly beyond the narrow and timid conceptions of the artists of that day.

  38. Such were the fundamental conceptions of Siger's teaching and of the propositions condemned by the Bishop of Paris in 1270.

  39. And between the conceptions contained in 'The Everlasting Gospel' and the Franciscan Order, it will be seen, there was a very close and a very significant connection.

  40. Such familiarity with the main conceptions of other creeds rendered feasible the comparative study of religion.

  41. Even could they have formed conceptions of these, how would they have dared to express them?

  42. The moral perceptions of the people, in the mean time, were confused by the visible demeanor of a hierarchy, so repugnant to the natural conceptions of religious duty.

  43. The temperate tone of Attic composition appeared tame to the fervid conceptions of the east.

  44. It is the folly of the simple disciple which demands miraculous frippery on the majesty of truth and immaculate conceptions for righteousness.

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