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  1. However hostile this style may be to the simplicity of sculpture, the ability of the artist in the conception and execution deserves high praise.

  2. The police force is a civil force and ought to be entirely under the control of the citizens through their representatives, but this civil force is not formed on any conception of civic needs.

  3. In the other cases the conception seemed to be the result of intimacy that was temporary and long past.

  4. This spirit of selfishness and greed is not confined to the gambler, though it shows itself nakedly in his pursuit; and before it can be exorcised a better conception of our duty to each other will require to be attained.

  5. This conception is absurd, as everyone knows who has studied the subject with open eyes, but the question is one that cannot be faithfully dealt with here.

  6. But Fourier is at his greatest in his conception of the history of society.

  7. These two great discoveries, the materialistic conception of history and the revelation of the secret of capitalistic production through surplus-value, we owe to Marx.

  8. But the Socialism of earlier days was as incompatible with this materialistic conception as the conception of Nature of the French materialists was with dialectics and modern natural science.

  9. At all events, one thing seems clear: even if I was an agnostic, it is evident that I could not describe the conception of history sketched out in this little book, as "historical agnosticism.

  10. Hegel had freed history from metaphysics--he had made it dialectic; but his conception of history was essentially idealistic.

  11. This conception was in exact keeping with a time in which Modern Industry in France and, with it, the chasm between bourgeoisie and proletariat was only just coming into existence.

  12. He dealt the metaphysical conception of Nature the heaviest blow by his proof that all organic beings, plants, animals, and man himself, are the products of a process of evolution going on through millions of years.

  13. Upon the one hand, its essential proposition was the conception that human history is a process of evolution, which, by its very nature, cannot find its intellectual final term in the discovery of any so-called absolute truth.

  14. The agnostic's conception of Nature is materialistic throughout.

  15. And at first I had not the faintest conception what this headlong rush upward could mean.

  16. For my Euphemia has a motherly conception of her duty towards her maid-servants.

  17. Yet, half an hour afterwards, he felt that he was no nearer a clear conception of what sort of solid backing these vague threats of violence had, than at the beginning.

  18. Jehan himself, however, had no conception that his position in regard to Mr. Lucanaster had altered, except by his own possession of the ring.

  19. Each heart with its conception seethes And simmers, but no tongue speaks: one may say,--none breathes.

  20. So far from degrading one's conception of great poetry, the comparison of rough communal verse should throw into strongest relief the dignity and the majesty of a poet's art.

  21. But for one moment--one--till I eclipse Conception with the scorn of those calm lips!

  22. In tune with this conception of the advertisement as an announcement is this general rule--advertise prominently the name of the book, and the author's name if it is important.

  23. Thus it may be explained that the measure of an author's conception and clearness often determines the qualities in an illustration.

  24. This all reverts to the question of the editorial conception of a volume.

  25. To the illustrator, hampered by given quantities, falls the most difficult task in this duet of imagination, and he can at best hope only for the reader's approval, as all credit for conception goes to the author.

  26. The oasis, ten days' journey beyond the Garamantes, inhabited by the Atarantes or Atlantes, may be the Herodotean conception of Tibesti.

  27. This was, of course, partly due to an inadequate conception of the size of the continent, which rendered even the conquest of Marocco of little use towards the circumnavigation of Africa.

  28. Nevertheless the fundamental conception of Śivaism, the cosmic force which changes and in changing both destroys and reproduces, is strictly scientific and contrasts with the human, pathetic, loving sentiments of Vishnuism.

  29. A modern Japanese writer[108] says that Dharma-kâya "may be considered to be equivalent to the Christian conception of the Godhead.

  30. This conception is perhaps secondary in Buddhism but it is also as old as the Upanishads and only another form of the doctrine that the spirit in every man (antaryâmin) is identical with the Supreme Spirit.

  31. The Power addressed in Swinburne's poems Mater Triumphalis, Hertha, The Pilgrims and Dolores is really a conception very similar to Śakti.

  32. Then Parliament, of course; he did not waver at all from his old if vague conception of a seat in Parliament as a natural part of the outfit of a powerful country magnate.

  33. Their uncle, they realized, must be concerned in large and probably venturesome enterprises; but it did not fit with their conception of his character that commercial anxieties should possess the power to upset him.

  34. Van Dyck, and Murillo's "Conception of the Virgin.

  35. We have no conception of such rules, and yet their great numbers must make this necessary.

  36. Have you such a conception of the orderly retreat of our great army without the loss of a gun and without the capture of a man, as to characterize it as a mad flight?

  37. The English people had no just conception of the oppressions want only inflicted upon the South; of the insolence and rapacity of the carpet-baggers and freedmen who were made our masters.

  38. The majority of hobos became such because of their false conception of freedom and of wrong inter-relations between parents and children.

  39. The idea was, so far as we are advised, an entirely novel one, the credit for the conception of which appears to be due to R.

  40. The merit of the Columbus Day program will lie in its leading children, through their own expression, to a better understanding of their country, to a broader conception of patriotism.

  41. He had a very tolerable conception of the principles of strategy; therefore he did not do as most boys would have done--make a tremendous row over the occurrences of the night.

  42. There are no street cars--few, if any electric lights, and the surface of many streets is so rough and uneven that you can have no conception of them.

  43. With those peoples that have no further conception of the religious sentiment there obtains for the most part, at least, the magical use of sorcery.

  44. It may be safely affirmed, according to a celebrated modern philosopher, that popular religions are really, in the conception of their more vulgar votaries, a species of demonism.

  45. In Persian theology, the shadowy idea of the devil of western Asia was wholly different from the grosser conception of Christendom.

  46. These pages represent an attempt to exhibit a scientific conception of morality in a popular form, and with a view to practical applications rather than the discussion of theoretical difficulties.

  47. Man will constantly be discovering new wants, new and more refined susceptibilities of his nature, and with them his conception of human well-being must necessarily grow.

  48. Experience shews that this or that action promotes some object which is included in the narrow conception of well-being entertained by the primitive man.

  49. It may be objected that this test is vague in its conception and difficult in its application.

  50. When conception takes place under confinement, the young are often born dead, or die soon, or are ill-formed.

  51. The whole theory regarding woman, under christianity, has been based upon the conception that she had no right to live for herself alone.

  52. The right of the mother was therefore most natural; upon the relationship of mother and child the remotest conception of the family was based.

  53. Thus to the Matriarchate or Mother-rule is the modern world indebted for its first conception of inherent rights, natural equality of condition, and the establishment of a civilized government upon this basis.

  54. Although based upon a false conception of the creative power, this theory found ready acceptance in the minds of the men of the new church.

  55. It was with the state of conjugal relations thus produced that the growing Christianity of the Roman world waged a war ever increasing in fierceness, yet it remained to the last the basis of the Roman legal conception of marriage.

  56. To the Matriarchate or Mother-rule, is the world indebted for its first conception of "inherent rights," and a government established on this basis.

  57. The general conception in regard to woman was so degraded at this period that a "Community of Women" was proposed, to whom all men should act in the relation of husbands.

  58. The change from ancient civilization to that renewed barbarism at an early age of the Christian era, which so many writers note without perceiving its cause, is to be found in the low conception of womanhood inculcated by the Church.

  59. As a spiritual force the church appealed to barbaric conception when it declared woman to have been made for man, first in sin and commanded to be under obedience.

  60. What must be our conception of a christian custom that placed nude maidens and wives in the very hands of men, not alone for baptism but also for anointing with oil?

  61. Wilson Observatory] Our first conception of the immensity and grandeur of the universe dates from the time of the older Herschel only a century or so ago.

  62. The Socialist conception of law and justice should recommend itself to all criminals, and all criminals should be Socialists.

  63. It presents to the modern world a new conception of society and a new basis upon which to build up the life of the individual and of the State.

  64. The conception that war is only a product of human unreason is on the same level as the idea that revolutions are only mental aberrations of the masses.

  65. Are the Socialists or the Anti-Socialists right in their conception of Socialism?

  66. The vision of freedom is an ever-expanding conception of life and its possibilities.

  67. Legality implies and presupposes justice, but Socialist law and justice are different from that conception of law and justice which has been held hitherto.

  68. It is this struggle and conflict between these two classes that Socialists call the class war, a recognition of which is essential to a clear conception of what the Socialist movement involves.

  69. The Socialist conception of society as at present constituted, given in the preceding chapter, will have prepared the reader to some extent for the Socialist grievances.

  70. Others find in nature their highest conception of the Infinite, and their best directions for a correct life.

  71. Chemistry, biology and all studies of nature, are found only to give a higher conception of the God of all grace.

  72. I had no conception till then, how closely and strongly love and hope had twined their fibres round him; or how hard would be the task of rending them from him.

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