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  1. Of course the foreknowledge and inflexible stand of General Johnston was a body blow and facer combined.

  2. Again, if any other actor in the drama had the least foreknowledge of the fraud, he surely would have parted with his interest while the market was booming--before the frail bubble burst.

  3. Brannan must have had some foreknowledge of their movement against the security of his person.

  4. He was a daring, spectacular plunger, though a very shrewd one, made big money from the outset and with his general foreknowledge of conditions really took no chance at all on great stock market deals.

  5. But neither the foreknowledge and caution of the mother, nor the skill and wisdom of the great physician her father, were sufficient to ward off the approaching harm, that was written in the books of fate.

  6. Savagely I reproached myself for having been away, and for having no foreknowledge of the coming blow.

  7. Later in the day I returned to it, as a moth to a candle, undeterred, partly impelled thereto, in fact, by the assured foreknowledge that the process would hurt.

  8. While this foreknowledge of the future elevation of Babylon had a historical foundation, the foreknowledge of its humiliation and fate, following soon after, rested on a theological foundation.

  9. The only point in the prophetic foreknowledge of the second part which really seems to want, not only a historical or ideal foundation, but also altogether corresponding analogies, is the mention of the name of Koresh.

  10. In the same manner, the foreknowledge of the future deliverance of Israel rises on a theological foundation, and is not at all to be considered in the same light as if e.

  11. If He is omniscient, as the parable asserts, that not a hair falls from the head of man, not a sparrow dies without His knowledge, it must therefore be apparent that He created man with the foreknowledge that man would doubt His existence.

  12. We do not know of a real instance in which a man's decision tended to be contrary to God's foreknowledge of its outcome.

  13. In the final outcome of their respective analyses, Halevi maintains God's foreknowledge at the expense of absolute freedom, or rather he does not see that his admissions are fatal to the cause he endeavors to defend.

  14. But the awful foreknowledge of the dying deceived them.

  15. He has the foreknowledge of the beasts in this respect.

  16. Milton represents the spirits of hell as debating foreknowledge and free will, in wandering mazes lost.

  17. In connection with the declaration of God's foreknowledge of these persons, or choice to make them objects of his special attention and care; Rom.

  18. And no such foreknowledge can predict the special features of individual deeds precisely so far as they are unique.

  19. The sincerity of God's general call is no more inconsistent with his determination that some shall be permitted to reject it, than it is with foreknowledge that some will reject it.

  20. Foreknowledge in time is possible only of the general, and of the causally predetermined, and not of the unique and free.

  21. Is it urged, that the foreknowledge and infallible certainty of the Divine mind justify this, and that it is only because man wants the requisite discernment, that he is forbidden in his blindness to do evil, that good may come?

  22. The words sounded false to me, though I knew them to be true, and my voice took a trembling indecision from the foreknowledge that he would disbelieve them.

  23. St. Paul rests the divine election on the foreknowledge of the Deity, and let his decision be final.

  24. That is, the decree which insures the safety of the elect is not founded on God's foreknowledge of their holiness and of their perseverance in the faith.

  25. It cannot be cited in proof, that the election of God is arbitrary and uninfluenced by his foreknowledge of the faith and obedience of his chosen people, for the works here intended are not Christian good works done in faith.

  26. Coplestone, now the Bishop of Llandaff, denies that the foreknowledge of an event proves the event to be necessary.

  27. In regard to the first-mentioned point we do not, of course, underestimate the immense difficulties involved in the problem of God’s foreknowledge of the free acts of the future.

  28. Hence reprobation may be defined, in the words of Peter Lombard, as “God’s foreknowledge of the wickedness of some creatures and the preparation of their damnation.

  29. Whatever promotes our salvation is included in the infallible foreknowledge of God, and consequently also in the scope of predestination.

  30. This infallible foreknowledge is based not alone on the scientia media, but also on the infirmity of human nature.

  31. Whether the certainty of its operation results from the physical nature of this particular grace, or from God’s infallible foreknowledge (scientia media), is a question in dispute between Thomists and Molinists.

  32. It is solely by reason of His infallible foreknowledge of these merits that God’s hypothetical decree of predestination becomes absolute.

  33. God’s unerring foreknowledge is symbolized by the “Book of Life.

  34. The efficacia infallibilitatis springs from God’s certain foreknowledge (scientia media), which cannot be deceived.

  35. Consequently, God wills glory before He wills merits, and a man’s preëlection to glory cannot be based on foreknowledge of his merits.

  36. For, in that unspeakable foreknowledge of God, many who seem to be without are in reality within, and many who seem to be within yet really are without.

  37. Nevertheless this latter foreknowledge of the future differs in two ways from the former, which comes through Divine revelation.

  38. Divination is a kind of curiosity with regard to the end in view, which is foreknowledge of the future; but it is a kind of superstition as regards the mode of operation.

  39. Now God's foreknowledge is His very essence.

  40. Yet in this matter we must observe two things: first, that such observations must not be applied to the foreknowledge of future things other than those which can be foreknown from the movements of heavenly bodies, as stated above (AA.

  41. There are certain arts for the foreknowledge of future events that occur of necessity or frequently, and these do not pertain to divination.

  42. Therefore it would seem that prophecy according to foreknowledge should not be reckoned a species of prophecy.

  43. Divine foreknowledge does not exclude the contingency of future singular events, because that knowledge regards the future as present and already determinate to one thing.

  44. The Divine foreknowledge regards future things in two ways.

  45. However, with regard to the foreknowledge of future events acquired by observing the stars there have been various opinions.

  46. Consequently it is impossible to acquire foreknowledge of the future from an observation of the stars, except in so far as effects can be foreknown from their causes.

  47. Now divinations seem to differ merely according to the various signs whence the foreknowledge of the future is derived.

  48. I had not the slightest foreknowledge in the matter, for Therese had never alluded to her being with child in her letters.

  49. For example, tonight everyone knows that after seven hours the sun will rise, but this general foreknowledge does not cause the rising and appearance of the sun.

  50. Now there was one of these Essens, whose name was Manahem, who had this testimony, that he not only conducted his life after an excellent manner, but had the foreknowledge of future events given him by God also.

  51. He assures them that their past history, and their present geographical position, had been the object of Divine foreknowledge and determination.

  52. The sheriff of Washington County witnessed the transaction, and had foreknowledge of it, but did nothing officially to prevent or punish the crime.

  53. The surrender of the fated Rejon was a gross outrage upon the principles of civilized warfare, and was done with the moral foreknowledge of the bloody fate that awaited him.

  54. There was a hesitancy toward action that might have been born out of respect to Sandy's two guns or a foreknowledge of his reputation in handling them, aside from the armament of his partners.

  55. Arran explained to Knox that, if ever the plot came to light, he would be involved in the crime of guilty concealment of foreknowledge of treason.

  56. But where was his motive for confessing when taken and examined that he did forge the letters, if his confession was untrue, while swearing, to his certain destruction, that he had a guilty foreknowledge of the Gowrie conspiracy?

  57. Gowrie was thus within the danger of the law, for treasonably concealing foreknowledge of the conspiracy.

  58. You must confess the foreknowledge of these things,' said Arran, 'or you must die.

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