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Example sentences for "assumption"

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assume; assumed; assumes; assuming; assumpsit; assumptions; assurance; assurances; assuraunce; assure
  1. Miss Haig cried, with an excellent assumption of surprise.

  2. Mr. Zwiebel looked at his wife with an elaborate assumption of doubtfulness.

  3. This interference by the House with Mist's publications in a matter which did not concern its privileges is characterized by Hallam as an extraordinary assumption of parliamentary power.

  4. Though she did not always understand Senor Perkins, she liked him too well to allow him to become ridiculous to others; and at the present moment she promptly interposed with a charming assumption of coquetry.

  5. But my love for them must not blind me to their weaknesses, and among their weaknesses I count an assumption of culture, a pseudo-refinement of the intellect, which has taken increasing hold upon the daughters of our race.

  6. In the second place, in all their discourses they proceeded on the assumption that the union of one man and one woman is the divine arrangement.

  7. No such assumption can be valid on any chronology.

  8. Von Ihering's dictum is the more noteworthy because it counters his primary assumption of race-characters.

  9. For the rest, the one serious oversight in Buckle's theory of Spanish civilisation is his assumption (cp.

  10. For instance, the life of China[157] (above discussed) and that of India may at first sight seem to give little colour to the assumption of a constant play of social attraction and repulsion.

  11. The assumption that some inherent "Teutonic" faculty for self-government shaped the process is one of the superstitions of racial and national vanity.

  12. Assumption for assumption, this is as defensible as the others.

  13. But that science may not in time so exploit the natural forces as to turn them to the account of a high tertiary civilisation is an assumption we are not entitled to make, though Buckle apparently inclined to it.

  14. The same assumption is made in Lord Morley's Compromise (ed.

  15. On Aristotle's unhesitating assumption (ii, 10) as to the normality and the effects of paederasty, cp.

  16. The research of Seligmann and Shattock [Footnote: Relation between Seasonal Assumption of the Eclipse Plumage in the Mallard (Anas boscas) and the Functions of the Testicle.

  17. But on fertilisation, since the fertilised egg develops into a female, a dominant X[female] must come from the sperm, so that our first assumption contradicts itself.

  18. He considers the difficulty is equally hopeless whether we imagine the dominants to be due to some change internal to the organism or to the assumption of something from without.

  19. The wild duck pairs in autumn or early winter, after the assumption of the nuptial plumage, but copulation does not occur till spring is advanced.

  20. Darwin founded his theory on the assumption that differences of species were differences of adaptation.

  21. It can hardly be maintained that this is an example of assumption by the male of the female's plumage, especially as the presence of the testis is necessary for its appearance.

  22. His calm assumption of success in a business way impressed me favorably.

  23. She made no reply in words, but her piteous glance told all too clearly that Rivers' assumption was correct.

  24. Walford stepped up to the cabin-table with an assumption of firmness which was completely belied by the ghastly pallor of his countenance and the convulsive twitching of his white lips.

  25. On the second day after his assumption of his new duties, this unfortunate individual, while engaged in the task of getting up coals from the fore-peak, was unlucky enough to capsize the lamp which he was using, and so set the ship on fire.

  26. The inference may seem a bold one, but it after all involves no other assumption than that of the continuity of natural phenomena.

  27. The first great cosmological speculation which has been raised quite above the plane of guesswork by making no other assumption than that of the uniformity of nature, is the well-known Nebular Hypothesis.

  28. In justice to our authors, however, it should be remembered that this assumption is put forth not as something scientifically probable, but as something which for aught we know to the contrary may possibly be true.

  29. Until, therefore, it is absolutely disproved, it must remain the simplest and most probable assumption that they are finally made of the same stuff, that the material molecule is some kind of knot or coagulation of ether.

  30. Are they to be summarily disposed of as resting upon some tacit assumption of that old-grannyism which delights in asseverating that times are not what they used to be?

  31. Certainly a historian of the present day who should not make such an assumption would betray his lack of the proper qualifications for his profession.

  32. The moment we ask how do we know that this energy is not really wasted, or that it is not put to some use wholly undiscoverable by human intelligence, this assumption of an organized ether is at once seen to be groundless.

  33. Apart from such questions it is every way probable that the primary assumption of Helmholtz and Thomson is only an approximation to the truth.

  34. Still more, the assumption of Renan led at once into complicated difficulties with reference to the Apocalypse.

  35. They are Christmas Eve, Whitsun Eve, St. Peter's Eve, the vigils of the Assumption and All Saints.

  36. His reply was, that the Pope allowed them to institute their own Bishops, and where this permission was not openly expressed it was implied; a mode of assumption which soon puts an end to all difficulties.

  37. The fact that he, the inexorable old soldier, had surrendered to my furious demands awed me, making me very careful not to go too fast or too far in my assumption of the privileges of manhood.

  38. Some of the columns had bands and came preceded by far faint strains of music, with marshals in red sashes galloping to and fro in fine assumption of military command.

  39. And he meant not only to defend it, but to remain in it, though his wife had married him partly on the strength of his European predilections, and largely on the assumption that a good part of their married life would be spent abroad.

  40. Consider the simple, willful girl who marries impulsively on the assumption that the new acquaintance is a bachelor.

  41. He tried to be condescending towards her absurdly superstitious assumption that the death of the Vicar of Saint Peter's could increase the seriousness of George's case.

  42. And Janet delicately confirmed his assumption with a slight declension of her waving hat.

  43. And he thought of all his father's violent invective, and of Maggie's bland acceptance of the assumption that workmen on strike were rascals--how different the excellent simple Maggie from this feverish creature on the sofa!

  44. Arnold is in the assumption that this low standard of morality must be ascribed to boy nature alone.

  45. Probably more real culture is nipped in the bud by the ridiculous assumption that everybody must be a walking encyclopædia, than by all the Philistine conventions and stupidities put together.

  46. The assumption of a greater or lesser degree of ripeness of the ovum which was to be developed was a very questionable one.

  47. When this substance occurs in the human organism, no matter in how small a quantity, its presence always suggests the assumption that it ought not to have been secreted in the form of grape-sugar.

  48. On this assumption the modern system of wound treatment is based.

  49. When a bacteriological examination is impossible, or when the clinical features do not coincide with the results obtained, the patient should always be treated on the assumption that he suffers from diphtheria.

  50. Lympho-sarcoma can usually be differentiated by the rapid assumption of the local features of malignant disease, and in a gland removed for examination, a predominance of small round cells with scanty protoplasm.

  51. This opinion, too, would enable us to readily reconcile the Evangelists; but unfortunately the assumption as to a difference of computation between the Judeans and Galileans is a mere conjecture, and has no evidence to support it.

  52. But they were wrong in their assumption that Christ had been born in Galilee (see Luke ii.

  53. Or was our assumption wholly wrong: perhaps the brigand ship would not land near here at all!

  54. Miko was talking with an assumption of friendly comradeship.

  55. Whether Mrs. Jameson is right in her assumption that all canvases bearing Giorgione's name are spurious which lack that look of pity, is a question.

  56. She produced several portraits of Reynolds, and Reynolds painted several of her; and the daughter of Thackeray wrote a novel which turns on the assumption that they were lovers.

  57. There ran through it, however, the tacit assumption that life is for learning and working.

  58. The author of "Natural Religion" starts with the broad assumption that "supernaturalism" is discredited by modern "science.

  59. The unsophisticated reason of the constituencies will resent the assumption as an attempted fraud.

  60. Free institutions can be maintained only by citizens, each of whom is instant to oppose every illegitimate act, every assumption of supremacy, every official excess of power, however trivial it may seem.

  61. Holbach held that experience is the source and limit of knowledge, reasoning, and belief, and rejected as a fantastic impertinence of dreamy metaphysicians the assumption that our conceptions measure the necessities of objective existence.

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