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Example sentences for "assumptions"

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assumed; assumes; assuming; assumpsit; assumption; assurance; assurances; assuraunce; assure; assured
  1. The various policies issued by a company are approximately equivalent actuarially, on the basis of the assumptions made, but they are of very different degrees of desirability, in view of the circumstances of the insuring individual.

  2. Assumptions and preconceptions must be eschewed, however plausible they may seem.

  3. There is slowly arising not only a curiously strong brotherhood of Negro blood throughout the world, but the common cause of the darker races against the intolerable assumptions and insults of Europeans has already found expression.

  4. If the proposition which it is my object to maintain turn out to be sound, all these assumptions fall to the ground, together with a host of fallacies for which these assumptions form the necessary basis.

  5. But we have every reason to see in these assumptions a very untrustworthy picture of reality.

  6. Popular conception makes definite assumptions concerning the nature and qualities of this sexual impulse.

  7. So far as the fundamental doctrinal assumptions are concerned, there is practically no difference between Catholic and Protestant.

  8. The idea kept coming back, forced upon him by his own reflection and by the questions and assumptions of his disciples.

  9. They are, when all is said, only ingenious modifications and redressings of the primary assumptions of the religious view of the world.

  10. Enough of the idea of a soul and enough of the idea of immortality exists even in this religion to make these assumptions important.

  11. One of the assumptions which underlie magic is the idea that two things are connected in nature because they are like one another.

  12. We live our lives upon one set of assumptions during six days of the week and a quite different set on Sunday and in church.

  13. So much have we been accustomed to think of it in this way that the average man reads his New Testament with these assumptions in the background of his mind.

  14. And if the reasoning is feeble, and if the subsidiary assumptions are too numerous or too facile, we say the work is flimsy or improbableaEuro"allowing for the genre; for a romance is not expected to be as probable as a modern novel.

  15. The lessons are good where its primitive assumptions hold, but may be false where those assumptions fail.

  16. Its bold assumptions of power and the jubilant spirit in which they were expressed afforded the clearest indications, as well to his opponents as to the country, that he regarded his victory over the Constitution as complete.

  17. That a certain occurrence or phenomenon "is due to supernatural causes," Professor Powell maintains is "entirely dependent on the previous belief and assumptions of the parties.

  18. Of these assumptions he notices only that of Professor Haeckel, "the Prophet of Jena," who protests against such limitations of our possibilities as treason to the sacred cause of Evolution.

  19. How far such assumptions are rational, it is the object of the present enquiry to examine by means of the evidence furnished by Science herself in her own regard.

  20. It took simply the gospel as its rule, cultivated a quiet, humble and peaceable temper, and so by the 12th century it had its very life crushed out of it by the bold assumptions of its lay brethren.

  21. The pious and learned historian of the Council of Trent and adviser of the State, Paul Sarpi, proved a vigorous supporter of civil rights against the assumptions of the curia and the Jesuits.

  22. Diedrich of Jabel and seven other pastors complained of the papistical assumptions of the supreme council, and at a general synod in A.

  23. They wished the chair of St. Peter to be free and independent as a European, not a German, institution, with the emperor as its supporter not its oppressor, but they manfully resisted all the assumptions and encroachments of the popes.

  24. Stephan’s despotic hierarchical assumptions here reached their fullest height; he also gave his lusts free scope.

  25. His hierarchical assumptions in Germany gave promise of greater success.

  26. But all Vienna, all Austria held jubilee, and the Chancellor von Beust rejected with energy the assumptions of the curia over the civil domain.

  27. Since the Anti-Papal Aggression of 1850 failed, the Protestant people have shown themselves comparatively indifferent to such assumptions of the papacy.

  28. If the readers of to-day will turn back to Miss Edgeworth's Belinda, they will find that this style of manners, these assumptions and mode of asserting them, are no new things.

  29. And the assumptions of these hoydens and bullies has a tendency to destroy that feeling of chivalry and delicacy on the part of men.

  30. Macculloch, who delights to overturn the assumptions of every other antiquary, jumps to the far more extraordinary conclusion, that "there seems little reason to doubt the Picts and Scandinavians were radically one and the same people.

  31. Thirteen have made assumptions to which they have no right, and so cannot figure in the Class-list, even though, in 10 of the 13 cases, the answer is right.

  32. There are several cases of assumption in the Old Testament though of a slightly different character in that they were assumptions directly from life without any interval of death.

  33. Joseph were proceeding on certain assumptions as to what Jesus would do which turned out to be untenable.

  34. Such were the assumptions of Enoch and Elijah.

  35. Yet, as the author of 'Supernatural Religion' has rather dimly and inadequately seen, we are constantly thrown back upon assumptions borrowed from this quarter.

  36. He is shy of all imposing appearances, of all assumptions of self-importance, of all adventitious ornaments, of all mechanical advantage, even to a nervous excess.

  37. This fact can best be made precise by using the above assumptions to obtain the confidence intervals for each of the estimates.

  38. When a detailed analysis of the ecological or demographical factors involved is lacking, it is sometimes necessary to fall back on rather simplistic assumptions to attain the desired end.

  39. I believe that all the assumptions I have made in this regard have been conservative and therefore would not result in overestimates.

  40. This means that under the assumptions given earlier we expect that the tabled intervals will contain the true population 8 times out of 10.

  41. Finally, there is the problem of the assumptions we were required to make in order to obtain our population estimates.

  42. Among these are assumptions regarding the number of persons per house and the number of houses per village.

  43. That world of the learned offers us non-dogmatic definitions, drawn up from the outside; definitions which do not share the root assumptions either of Catholicism or of post-Reformation Protestant orthodoxy.

  44. Over against these sweeping assumptions and deductions, the Roman Catholic Church had to build up its own statement of the basis of belief.

  45. Again making those same assumptions we made a moment ago, is there any evidence that a third shot hit the car or any occupant of the car?

  46. I can make some assumptions as to the time of day, for what they are worth.

  47. Assuming all those assumptions we had before; no.

  48. As I understood your assumptions there was no deviation and no deflection, and I thought I phrased my question based on your opinion under those facts, it might rule out a third shot.

  49. Under these assumptions there is a possibility there was not a third shot or there was a third shot that missed everything.

  50. But here again the point to be insisted on is not the mere mistake per se, but the elaborate assumptions based upon it and permeating the whole work.

  51. These assumptions he boldly connected with the entries on the towns in Domesday, entries which we shall analyse below, and which are not only incorrectly rendered, but are directly opposed to the above assumptions.

  52. The main assumptions in this theory are the following.

  53. Dalton could not prove these assumptions to be true, but he saw that if they were true the laws of matter become very easy to understand.

  54. The three assumptions which Dalton made in regard to the nature of matter, and which together constitute the atomic hypothesis, are these: 1.

  55. How pitiable, and how cruelly detrimental to the child are an ignorant parent's assumptions of superiority!

  56. Their emasculated creeds are only assumptions of human belief.

  57. But if her clear mental gaze penetrated the ecclesiastical mask and surmounted the theological assumptions of her interlocutor, enabling her to get close to the heart of the man, she did not indicate it further.

  58. The writings of the great Cardinal Manning also were laid before him, and he was told to find therein ample support for all assumptions of the Church.

  59. That he appreciated the Church's insane license of affirmation, its impudent affirmations of God's thoughts and desires, its coarse assumptions of knowledge of the inner workings of the mind of Omnipotence, we likewise know.

  60. Its assumptions remind me of the ancient Jews, who declared that God spent much of His time reading their Talmud.

  61. Whole nations, like the Incas, for example, ruthlessly slaughtered by the papal-benisoned riffraff of Spain in her attempts to foist herself into world prestige and to bolster up the monstrous assumptions of Holy Church!

  62. As we can know nothing experimentally about such things, we are at liberty to make any assumptions we please, so long as they are consistent and serve some useful purpose.

  63. In other branches of mathematics, notably in the theory of functions of a complex variable, quite different assumptions are made and quite different conceptions of the elements at infinity are used.

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