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Example sentences for "assuming"

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assuages; assuaging; assume; assumed; assumes; assumpsit; assumption; assumptions; assurance; assurances
  1. The people could with difficulty be restrained at times from assuming the office of executioners as Protestants were led to the stake.

  2. Indeed to the present writer the magnificent and solemn prosody seems to partake of the nature of a Greek chorus--the comment of an idealised spectator, assuming that the hearer has the drama unfolding before his eyes.

  3. We may feel confident in assuming that the victory of the Brahmans in the land of the Ganges was completed about the time when the dynasty of the Pradyotas ascended the throne of Magadha, i.

  4. Hence we can hardly be wrong in assuming that the Arians in India were not later than their kindred in Iran in reaching this form of constitution.

  5. She weathered the calamity with the bravest temper; never cast down, never assuming a false elation, but bearing herself in all just as a true man would like the woman he loved to bear herself in stress and peril.

  6. Am I right or am I wrong in assuming that he has told you of a certain old sea-dog of an uncle of his whose name is Marmaduke Amber?

  7. Am I right or am I wrong in assuming you have stowed away in your body a certain longing for the wide world?

  8. The celestial spirits possess the power of assuming a form which renders them apparent to the eye and to the touch.

  9. On came the dark mass, as it approached assuming a dusky red appearance, which much increased its terrors.

  10. The railroad is assuming more and more the character of an international highway.

  11. At the time that movement took shape the railroad corporations were in fact rapidly assuming a position which could not be tolerated.

  12. Assuming that our contentions with respect to their mental status are correct, what possible justification is there to hold them responsible before the law for their acts?

  13. Assuming the form of an old woman she went to Arachne and gave her some friendly advice.

  14. I think there is nothing more admirable in all his life than his conduct in assuming the sole responsibility at Gettysburg.

  15. Such was the tenor of General Pope's orders on assuming command--orders which were either intended seriously as an announcement of his real intentions, or as a blind to persuade the Confederates that his force was large.

  16. Assuming the chief command in the Confederate army in the second campaign of the war, he repelled three or four invasions of Virginia, winning as many pitched battles over an enemy of enormously superior resources.

  17. General Meade was as averse to assuming the offensive as his opponent.

  18. On assuming command, General Burnside conceived the project, in spite of the near approach of winter, of crossing the Rappahannock at Fredericksburg, and marching on Richmond.

  19. Yes, that was an avowal of unequalled magnanimity, until it met its parallel in his own grander self-negation in assuming the sole responsibility for the defeat at Gettysburg.

  20. Assuming a distressed air he bowed his head and said, dejectedly: "My pleading has been in vain, then, your Highness.

  21. She has reigned for fourteen years, and wisely since assuming full power.

  22. Usurped the throne," he replied, assuming an ease and complacence he did not feel.

  23. But this is a real interest and a serious lesson, if we remember that now as formerly the human mind is liable to be imposed upon by the illusions of the past, which are ever assuming some new form.

  24. They may be compared to images made of gold, which are continually assuming new forms.

  25. Covering his sun-burnt shoulders with his robes, assuming the circlet once again, he went toward the distant city of Thebes, once more in spirit and dress the son of the royal murket.

  26. She gazed at him for a moment distrustfully, wondering if he mocked her and asking herself if she had not deserved it in assuming comradeship with him.

  27. From the bottom of the Nile a turbid convection was taking place, as if the river silt had been stirred up, but the fuming current was assuming a dull red tinge.

  28. With this," he began, assuming a lightness, "I fear I gave thee offense one day and thou hast held it against me.

  29. Science, as he declared, was assuming such a position alike in practical life and in thought that any one totally ignorant of it would be at a disadvantage in both spheres.

  30. We do not recognise here, as Kugler rightly observes, the influence of the school of Giotto, but rather the types of the Germanic style gradually assuming a new character, possibly owing to the social condition of Venice itself.

  31. He was in reality a very good-natured fellow, albeit so fond of assuming the air of an indispensable man weighed down by the heaviest responsibilities.

  32. With time and practice the artist will gain his point, and be able to study as much as he wishes, while assuming an air of indifference that will shelter him from the above-mentioned misconceptions.

  33. For the present, however, we shall discuss the single pictures assuming that there are 18 subdivisions.

  34. Of these black numbers, I take the second from the top to be not 8 but 13, assuming that a line is omitted.

  35. Besides, it contained no end of dark corners, with which his childish imagination had associated undefined horrors, assuming now one shape, now another.

  36. His explanation of the phenomenon was, that, in some cases, all that prevents a vivid conception from assuming objectivity, is the self-assertion of external objects.

  37. I am convinced that in assuming this period he wished to avoid the imputation of exaggeration, or of dealing in pure abstractions.

  38. Each starts from this point of departure: Assuming that mankind are a flock, and that I am the shepherd, [p499] how am I to manage in order to make mankind happy?

  39. As regards the human race, assuming sixteen as the age of puberty, and fecundity to cease at thirty, each couple might give birth to eight children.

  40. Assuming that men will allow themselves to be rigged out in this new attire, what will happen if another inventor presents himself, with a coat of a different and improved cut?

  41. Assuming this guise, Spoliation places the fulcrum of her lever in heaven, and sacrilegiously prides herself on the complicity of the gods!

  42. In Rumania, west of the river, continuous and at times heavy fighting continued, sometimes assuming almost the proportions of pitched battles.

  43. The continued bad weather that prevailed along the Somme and on the Verdun front did not hinder the Allies from assuming the offensive whenever there appeared to be an opportunity to make even the slightest gain.

  44. This great victory was the last act of General Nivelle before assuming the chief command of the French armies on the western front.

  45. Afterward Italian infantry, assuming a counteroffensive, occupied the important height to the south of Grazigna after a desperate conflict.

  46. But I am not assuming in any way that the Porte would wish to give it up.

  47. However, perhaps I am wrong in assuming that the newspaper report is correct.

  48. We can hardly pledge the Khedive as to what he means to do, without in reality assuming a voice in his concerns which we do not, according to any international right, possess.

  49. The policy of the British Government was governed by a sincere, if mistaken, determination not to be dragged into assuming sole responsibility for Egypt, and in particular to avoid the necessity of military occupation.

  50. As this improvement continues, this causal life grows, longer and longer, assuming an ever larger proportion as compared to the existence at lower levels.

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