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Example sentences for "arrogant"

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arriving; arroba; arrobas; arrogance; arrogancy; arrogantly; arrogate; arrogated; arrogates; arrogating
  1. I have no power to resist the most arrogant demands--no army to continue the war.

  2. Your majesty may menace and frighten the supercilious and arrogant aristocracy of Prussia; but when they are trembling and terrified, then exercise clemency and forbearance, which is the best way of subduing the refractory.

  3. At this Monmouth drew her down and kissed her upon her thin, arrogant lips.

  4. It oft haps that a maid is won by a lofty and arrogant mien.

  5. She loved to descant upon it as the cause and explanation of her own arrogant habit of feeling; and she seemed indeed to have inherited something of the Indian's hauteur along with the Ethiop's supple cunning and abundant amiability.

  6. Words how suitable to reassure Gentile Christians, browbeaten by arrogant Judaism!

  7. The anathemas of Jesus and of Paul are very different from those of arrogant pontiffs, or of narrow sectaries, inflamed with the idolatry of their own opinions.

  8. Trust in my friendship, and do not doubt, but that with the aid of the cavaliers who accompanied me here, we shall triumph over De Vivar, over that arrogant soldier, from whom you have received so many insults.

  9. No, they are not nobles who dare to impose laws on their sovereign, who dare to speak before him in the outrageous and arrogant way in which you have spoken!

  10. We shall therefore now call the arrogant blessed, for because they are erected and builded up, while they work iniquity, they have tempted God, and are made safe.

  11. The master grew less considerate and indulgent, and more arrogant and exacting toward his poor servant; and that servant had a daily struggle with his own indignant sense of outraged manhood.

  12. As might have been expected, the proposal to adopt the declaration submitted to the Constituent Assembly in this arrogant fashion was rejected by an enormous majority.

  13. It seems as if I had been very arrogant to dare to think it; yet will I not shrink back from what I have undertaken,--even by failure I shall learn much.

  14. Hernando, notwithstanding his arrogant bearing towards his countrymen, had ever manifested a more than ordinary sympathy with the Indians.

  15. Instead of exchanging the cordial greeting proffered by Almagro at their first interview, the arrogant cavalier held back in sullen silence.

  16. When the duo first appeared their faces wore a ruddy, arrogant hue.

  17. They were shocked by the Soviets' sudden and secret attempt to transform Cuba into a nuclear striking base--and by Communist China's arrogant invasion of India.

  18. Thus did the arrogant ricos hombres of the fourteenth century dare address their sovereign, by the mouth of their knightly retainers.

  19. The truth is, that, although harsh and relentless with his arrogant nobles, he was affable with the people, who beheld in him their deliverer from oppression, and the unflinching opponent of the iniquities of the feudal system.

  20. He was waiting for her, there in the sunny open doorway, a smile of arrogant satisfaction on his ugly face, and triumph, open triumph, in his eyes.

  21. He came back to her with the words and took her hand with a certain arrogant kindness characteristic of him.

  22. Looking at her so, Calvert could scarce believe that it was the same arrogant beauty who had regarded him so haughtily but a moment before.

  23. And exceedingly few members of any Government whatsoever would have the courage to tell a well-dressed and arrogant woman to go to the devil, even when that answer happened to be the sole correct answer to an impertinence.

  24. It is for the secretly arrogant few, those who really do "know that they are august" within, whatever garment of diffident and mild modesty they may offer to the world.

  25. Saltash flung up his head with an arrogant gesture.

  26. He laughed again, but there was no mirth in the glittering eyes that looked back at her, neither mirth nor dismay, only the most arrogant and absolute mastery that she had ever encountered.

  27. Lord Aldborough was an arrogant and ostentatious man; but these failings were nearly redeemed by his firmness and gallantry in his memorable collision with Lord Chancellor Clare.

  28. Lord Clare (then chancellor) hated and teazed him, because Power was arrogant himself, and never would succumb to the arrogance of Fitzgibbon, to whom in law he was superior.

  29. We will see how long it is before you capitulate, oh my fortified and arrogant city!

  30. She merely shrugged her shoulders and looked past me through the window, an arrogant determination filling her blue eyes.

  31. This arrogant and insolent slave-holding oligarchy would not even wait to hear what the President of your choice would say.

  32. But Cressingham, the treasurer of Scotland, an arrogant and supercilious man, despised the insurgents, and thus brought on a terrible defeat and loss.

  33. As an ecclesiastical superior, Winchelsey was arrogant and tyrannical.

  34. Lastly, the pope’s audacious claim to the sovereignty of Scotland was taken into consideration; and a resolute and thoroughly English answer was given to the pontiff’s arrogant pretensions.

  35. But this mock romance of ancestry, this arrogant assumption by the South of all the social virtues and courtesies of which the nation, or indeed the universe, could boast, was like the flash of an expiring candle to Lyon.

  36. But the emperor had a quarrel with his arrogant brother at St. Petersburgh, and he availed himself of the opportunity afforded by that brother's obstinacy to teach him a lesson from which he did not live to profit.

  37. She was a woman of commanding and slightly arrogant charm, not in the least degree the charm of innocence and ingenuousness.

  38. With what arrogant gestures Madame Foucault would descend from a carriage at the great door!

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