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Example sentences for "considerate"

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consider; considera; considerable; considerably; consideracion; considerately; considerateness; consideration; consideratione; considerations
  1. But from this doubt the mind turns with full satisfaction to the religious sentiments which are interwoven throughout the epistle, and to Henry's considerate and humane treatment of his prisoner.

  2. I reached my home at midnight on the 19th of January, and, on crossing its threshold, raised my wife from the floor on which she had fallen, and heard the carriage of my considerate friends roll rapidly away.

  3. She received as kind and considerate an answer as that which had been given to Harry, and she went away comforted in the thought that by accepting his offer, she was not trampling on the sacred rights of her friend.

  4. Nyna at length, who for some time had maintained a considerate silence, but now ventured to speak.

  5. THERE was no person in the whole village kinder, or more considerate to those in trouble, than Capt.

  6. When I was seventeen, Julia was twelve, and when neither she nor myself had a solitary thought of love, the over considerate mother began to think, on this subject, for us both.

  7. It was necessary that I should put all this strength in requisition, as well to do what was required by the father, as to pierce, with keen eye, and considerate question, to the secret soul of the witness.

  8. I shall not be so considerate as I was that evening.

  9. But, as I said, it is an annoyance at best; and Arthur might have been more considerate than to present himself in this fashion after staying away so long.

  10. You have in the English Parliament (I speak of both Houses) only two great men; only two considerate and clear-sighted politicians; Chatham and Burke.

  11. It seemed a little too considerate in the Vida Nueva to provide for the recreation of its subscribers, but I was growing accustomed to surprises of Spanish courtesy, and tucked the tickets away in a safe corner.

  12. Considerate children, too, put out a handful of straw for the tired beasts who have journeyed so far over the Milky Way.

  13. She had the very considerate thought of saving my eyes.

  14. And the reason I should be considerate is that until you do it all yourself you cannot have any idea of the innumerable minutiƦ to be attended to in the proper care of a yacht.

  15. If a woman is afraid to be alone in the dark, and there is no danger at all, the most considerate course is to go away when she is sleeping.

  16. But possibly it would be more considerate not to say anything about it.

  17. Evidently the Roundheads were considerate of Exeter Cathedral that such a host of effigies escaped destruction at their hands; and they were not very well disposed towards Exeter, either, as it was always a Royalist stronghold.

  18. He made considerate inquiries, in the character of a hospitable man.

  19. I had known him long enough not to take offense at his reminding me, in this considerate way, that I was a poor man.

  20. But you have so generously admitted me to your confidence--you have been so considerate and so kind toward me--that I feel an interest in your happiness, which perhaps makes me over bold.

  21. He has been most considerate and kind--" Romayne interrupted her without ceremony.

  22. Penrose took my hand, in his gentle, considerate way.

  23. I only took the occasion your considerate letter gave me, to tell the simple truth which my forty years' silence is a sign I would only tell on compulsion.

  24. The worst calamity which befell Baton Rouge was the death of General Williams, the gentlemanly and considerate Federal commander.

  25. He was quiet and considerate about it, too.

  26. After a time we were just being polite and considerate to each other.

  27. And I gather that, apart from this mysterious sulking of late, he had always been considerate and generous.

  28. You have been kinder to me, more considerate of my feelings, than my own mother.

  29. Why, you know you've always taught Virgie to be considerate of old folks, and she was just doing what she ought to have done for any old nigger mammy.

  30. He is courteous and considerate where courtesy and consideration are most seemly.

  31. All men are not as considerate of books as I am; I wish they were.

  32. Her considerate disposition became a pitfall to her now.

  33. Farfrae was always considerate to his fallen acquaintance; but it was impossible that he should not, by degrees, cease to regard the ex-corn-merchant as more than one of his other workmen.

  34. Mrs. Stannidge thereupon said with a considerate peremptoriness that she and her mother had better take their own suppers if they meant to have any.

  35. The entire conduct of Franklin towards his son after the dismissal of the father from office by the British Government seems to have been thoroughly considerate and decorous.

  36. It is from an old friend of general and great acquaintance, and marks strongly the present distress and despair of considerate people in England.

  37. I have often observed that those children, who are the most kind and considerate to brothers and sisters, always shew more justice and generosity to others, than those who think such attentions of but little importance.

  38. He had found out where the poor woman lived, but it was a great distance, and he was too considerate to leave his sister alone.

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