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  1. Larvae hatching from eggs laid by the second generation of moths defoliate the trees for a second time during late summer.

  2. In the deep South, hatching can occur as early as April, but occurs in May or June further north.

  3. Hatching occurs in about five days and the young larvae cover themselves with silk mixed with trash, and then tunnel into the mid-rib.

  4. The hatching of a single brood lasts about a week, owing to the slightly unequal rate of development of individual eggs.

  5. The hatching period varies also with the time of egg-laying, lobsters having rarely been known to hatch in November and February.

  6. During the season of 1899 a small steam smack was chartered for collecting the lobsters, starting from Gloucester, where the hatching of Maine lobster eggs is now carried on, and running to Eastport, returning over the same route.

  7. Why, I have seen one hour's solid labor eat up all the blue tribe which had been hatching and hatching by millions.

  8. A small, quick-hatching grub, richly nourished on a dozen eggs, will replace the family of the Cigale.

  9. To these we may add the larvæ produced by the last hatching of eggs, creatures too minute to be noticed by my rustic helpers, and we obtain four years as the probable term of the larvæ underground.

  10. The curious process of the actual hatching should be observed.

  11. The grub, upon hatching out, being as yet incapable of attacking the firm substance of the cotyledons, masticates the delicate felt-like layer at the base of the cup and is nourished by its juices.

  12. After hatching it appears as a sheath of opaque white, open at the summit, where there is a round and very regular aperture, to the edge of which adheres a little valve like a skull-cap which forms the lid.

  13. The risk is enormous at the moment of hatching and also when the egg is laid.

  14. They are hatching out some scheme," thought Hal, as he watched the pair.

  15. Because I think Mr. Hardwick is hatching up some plot against me, and I wish to find out what it is.

  16. In this he was represented as a hen seated upon a pile of eggs, out of which he was hatching a brood of bishops.

  17. Raising Nestlings The length of the nestling period (hatching until departure from the nest) varies greatly among northern seabirds (Fig.

  18. Nestlings have imperfect control of body temperature at hatching (Fig.

  19. Relationship between egg size and post-hatching chick mortality in the herring gull (Larus argentatus).

  20. Adaptive significance of post-hatching developmental patterns and growth rates in alcidae.

  21. The relation of temperature to the rate of development to hatching of lemon sole, as compared with two European flatfishes (Ketchen 1956).

  22. The energy in the egg is contained mainly in the yolk, and yolk size depends largely on the developmental pattern shown by the young after hatching (Table 3).

  23. He has a knavish look, sister, and has been hatching mischief with every step of his horse.

  24. She was afraid to express her doubts: and they brooded upon her mind, hatching pain and secret grief.

  25. The eggs are deposited along the sides of these galleries and the larvae hatching from them excavate the radiating food burrows which serve to girdle the tree or branch.

  26. This cross-hatching of red along the Delaware River represents an area in which the infection is only partial, and the few dots of red shown about Binghamton represent localities in which the blight has now been exterminated.

  27. They have three pairs of external gills, and soon after hatching they develop two pairs of thread-like organs from the sides of the upper jaw, which enable them to cling to water plants.

  28. Before hatching they are provided with a special egg-tooth projecting from the front of the jaws, which enables them to pierce the egg-shell.

  29. Anyone who has entered a wood where thousands of the seventeen-year cicadas were hatching has never forgotten it.

  30. So when the eggs are laid, they are immediately taken by the male frog and placed in these capacious sacs, which serve as nurseries for them all through their hatching and growing period of life.

  31. It is doubtful that staggered hatching has adaptive significance in the Bell Vireo, since there seems to be no shortage of food for the young.

  32. Development of the Nestlings Young are pinkish at hatching and devoid of visible natal down.

  33. Hatching of the young was staggered at three nests under observation.

  34. Staggered hatching is usually thought to be related to the availability of food that will insure survival of at least some of the nestlings when a shortage of food exists.

  35. What new infernal scheme are you hatching now?

  36. What new conspiracy is hatching against the master of the house?

  37. But hens have often been absent for more than an hour, and yet have hatched seven or eight chickens; and instances have been known of their being absent for five and even for nine hours, and yet hatching a few.

  38. They cannot be surpassed as sitters and mothers, and are much valued by gamekeepers for hatching the eggs of pheasants.

  39. This is the cause of the comparatively successful hatching of the eggs of wild birds.

  40. Considerable profit may be made by the sale of eggs for hatching and surplus stock, if the breeds kept are good, and the stock known to be pure and vigorous.

  41. The hen that is always stimulated to produce eggs, and not allowed to vary that process by hatching and bringing up a young brood, must ultimately suffer from this constant drain upon her system, and the eggs are said to be unwholesome.

  42. The best hatching period is from the end of March to May, and none should be hatched later than June.

  43. They return a large profit for the great care they require in hatching and rearing.

  44. How sadly and how unshrinkingly does the meek yet mighty Victim disclose to the conspirators His perfect knowledge of the murder which they were even now hatching in their minds!

  45. They hurry from the synagogue to prove their zeal for the sanctifying of the Sabbath day by hatching a plot on it for murdering Him.

  46. Watch carefully for the hatching of plant lice eggs.

  47. There is the mystery of life about him, in the flowing sap in the trees, the springing of the green grass, the awakening of the insect world, the hatching of the worm from the egg, the changing of the worm into the butterfly.

  48. The nesting occurs about the end of May, the hatching about a month later.

  49. In the West Indies and adjacent states is found the Ani, with high bill, and peculiar in that several females unite in building one nest, where all co-operate in hatching their eggs.

  50. Apart from the intrinsic merits of the individual breeds, and the better understood methods of breeding and management, much progress has been due to artificial methods of hatching and rearing the young fowls.

  51. The artificial hatching of trout is now carried on extensively, and lakes and streams can be stocked or replenished with fish if they are not too polluted.

  52. Somebody sent most of my hatching eggs to market.

  53. That summer he had succeeded in hatching seventy-nine chicks.

  54. Now, tell me, were you not hatching some mischief against us?

  55. Captain (amused) What masterful project are you hatching in that charming head of yours?

  56. I even recommended him this lodging--a place fit for the masterful projects I am hatching in my head.

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