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Example sentences for "hatches"

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  1. The hardy nut-hatches were threading the open furrows of the trunks in their usual industrious manner, and uttering their quaint notes, evidently less distressed than their neighbors.

  2. As he spoke, he caught up one of the axes from where it lay, an example followed by Mark, and they struck off the fastenings which held down the hatches close by where they stood.

  3. Yes, Tom, and they're having a taste of what it means to coop up fellow-creatures below hatches like cattle.

  4. Their beds were made up on the deck where they lay alongside of each other and in this low-studded space they existed when the hatches were battened down in stormy weather.

  5. The hatches were on, and everything was orderly before Coke's squat figure climbed the gangway.

  6. To get there the otter must have ascended the brook from the river, a bold and adventurous journey, passing hatches and farmhouses set like forts by the water's edge, passing mills astride the stream.

  7. Once now and then in dry seasons the waters receded very much, and they were further lowered by the drawing of hatches that the cattle might get water to drink low down the valley, miles away.

  8. A piece of canvas covered with tar or a waterproof composition, used for covering the hatches of a ship, hammocks, boats, etc.

  9. Defn: Any young insect from the time that it hatches from the egg until it becomes a pupa, or chrysalis.

  10. The Echidna hatches its young in a temporary pocket, which appears in the neighbourhood of the breasts, and disappears after the young are old enough to take care of themselves.

  11. The pocket in which Echidna hatches its young, suggests a relationship with the next group, the Metatheria or Marsupialia, which are the characteristic mammals of Australasia.

  12. And the next morning we embarked, young Jean Groseillers remaining with ten Frenchmen to hold the fort; Brigdar and Ben aboard our ship instead of going to the English at the foot of the bay; half the prisoners under hatches in M.

  13. And for the remaining two, Ben Gillam chose a scullion lad and a wretched little stowaway, who had kept hidden under hatches till we were too far out to send him back.

  14. Barges even carry big unwieldy engineering gear, and when the hatches are not large enough, the long pieces, such as fifty-foot turnable girders, are placed on deck.

  15. We made the cabin tops out of the hatches by nailing match-lining on them lengthwise and covering them with tarpaulin dressed with red ochre and oil.

  16. At last the repairs were finished, the general cargo was complete, and the hatches were on.

  17. Some of the hatches were left on, and under these we took cover from the rain in the long dirty hold.

  18. Hatches off, I jumped down into the hold to look after my prisoners.

  19. The stanchions, unable to resist the sudden strain, gave way, and the hatches falling, came with terrific force upon the heads and bodies of the persons below.

  20. The passengers rushed hurriedly from the larboard to the starboard side of the wherry, to watch her progress, and those beneath the hatches protruded their heads and necks over the gunwale.

  21. During the first seven days she builds her nest, and in the second seven she hatches out the young.

  22. Then the mother sits again, and hatches out another brood.

  23. The young grub hatches from these eggs in two or three days.

  24. The larva, or "worm," soon hatches and eats its way into the apple.

  25. The hatches were off the hatchways; and the chests of tea were being rapidly passed up, broken open, and thrown overboard.

  26. There the hatches were removed; and, the Yankee sailors being drawn up in line, Barry ordered the prisoners to come on deck.

  27. The hatches were then thrown back, and the carpenter and boatswain stood with cutlasses and muskets ready to cut down the first who should make an offensive movement.

  28. In the meantime, the crew of the cutter had not been idle; the ladders had been taken up and hatches closed.

  29. I shall warp in alongside the wharf so as to get it under hatches easily.

  30. Captain Banes," cried Brace excitedly, "give orders for the hatches to be taken off at once.

  31. The egg hatches out to a grub which is a veritable "old man of the sea" on the spider's back, and there it remains until it causes the death of its victim by feeding on the contents of the abdomen.

  32. The hatches were then opened: I was hoisted up and cast into the raging sea.

  33. This was the only approach to the main floor of the building from the outside, though within were heavy trap-doors like the hatches of a ship, which communicated to the chambers beneath.

  34. They took advantage of their imprisonment under hatches to BURY IT IN THE SHIP.

  35. When we had got them under hatches for a few hours they parleyed, and offered to go quietly ashore.

  36. After that is done we can get off the hatches and have a look round below.

  37. Of course, we shall batten the hatches down, and fasten them so that if they do find her it will give them as much trouble as possible, and we may possibly catch them at work as we return.

  38. As soon, however, as it became evident that the frigate was getting the worst of it, they had been hurried below, and the hatches dropped over them.

  39. Of course it will be close work, but there will be room for that number to lie down, and with the hatches both open they will be all right.

  40. Our forty thousand hides and thirty thousand horns, besides several barrels of otter and beaver skins, were all stowed below, and the hatches calked down.

  41. There was no loyal voice to respond to the familiar call, the hatches had closed over him, his boat was sold to another, and he had left not a trace behind.

  42. A few stifled rats were found; and what bugs, cockroaches, fleas, and other vermin there might have been on board must have unrove their life-lines before the hatches were opened.

  43. After breakfast, the hatches were taken off, and everything got ready to receive hides from the Pilgrim.

  44. Drake drove before the gales with sails close-reefed and hatches battened, and came {5} out with only one of his three ships left, the first English keel to cleave the waters of the Pacific.

  45. Drake clapped hatches down upon those trapped inside, and turned his cannon on the rest of the unguarded Spanish fleet.

  46. A wounded white man appeared above the hatches and waved them to come on board and trade.

  47. The Italians watched their opportunity, and seizing the young man murdered him, and then laid on the hatches to keep the English below.

  48. When the pirates were below trimming the salt, they nailed the hatches down upon them.

  49. The boats' crews had each their appointed work; one had to cut the cables, the second had to go aloft and loose the sails, while the third closed the hatches and kept the crew in subjection.

  50. The other nine they drove between decks, when they forced the hatches down upon them.

  51. They were received by the director at one of the hatches of the steel deck, which were now all open, and conducted by him to the bomb-proof compartment in the bow.

  52. The heavy hatches in the mailed roof which could be put in use when the crab was cruising, could not be opened when she was at her fighting depth, and in a tossing sea.

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