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Example sentences for "hatchets"

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  1. I further observe that the side of your flying machine bears recent scratches, as though from the spears or throwing hatchets of the Scowrers.

  2. They ran erect, they wore a few rags of skin garments, and they carried spears and hatchets and clubs, so they were probably classifiable as men.

  3. I was beginning to indulge in a prospect of escaping, remote though it might be, when two more of the Indians all of a sudden took it into their heads to hurl their hatchets at me.

  4. I found a party of ten Indians besides Pipestick, all armed with rifles, besides hatchets and knives, and some had likewise bows and quivers of arrows at their backs.

  5. Later still come the socketed hatchets of many patterns, with endless ingenious little devices for securing some small advantage to the special manufacturer.

  6. I demanded, annoyed to see their big pistols resting on their thighs and their belted hatchets loosened from the fringed sheaths.

  7. I tried shingling hatchets, lathing hatchets, and the small hatchets to be found in country hardware stores, but none of them were satisfactory.

  8. Three hatchets are brought to light; one of them a two-pound clumsy hand-axe, the others of an old time, Mt.

  9. Clothed in robes of white satin and armed with small hatchets of silver, they marched before the emperor, and appeared to strangers, say his cotemporaries, "like angels descended from the skies.

  10. The assailants approached, led by a strong party with hatchets and torches.

  11. He looked confused again at that word, and running to one of the hatchets which he used to wear, he takes it up hastily, and gives it me.

  12. Gashed by hatchets and knives, he fell at last, and his body was presented to Thakombau.

  13. In the island of Waya (Yasawa) a cache of polished hatchets was discovered in 1891.

  14. They had no bayonets, but carried hatchets in their belts as a sort of substitute.

  15. Nor was this the worst; for there were some of Onontio's wild and unruly western family too ready to lift their hatchets against their brethren and fill the wilderness with discord.

  16. They had hardly reached the spot when the three chiefs drew hatchets from under a kind of mantle which they wore and sprang upon them, while other Indians, ambushed near by, leaped up and joined in the attack.

  17. While their knives were unsheathing, and their hatchets glittering, as they were flourished in the sunbeams, the only survivor of the murdered party rushed into the circle and interposed in their favor.

  18. One of them who knew King Philip well told the settlers that Philip's warriors were grinding their hatchets sharp for war.

  19. They had no iron, but made hatchets and knives out of sharp, flat stones.

  20. The savages had learned from the whites to be deceitful, they were frequently drunk, they would not be governed, they used their knives and hatchets for hideous purposes.

  21. And Little Squaw picked up the hatchets of Quagnant and his friends.

  22. They brought us a present of 2 Hogs (an Article we find here very Scarce) and some Bread Fruit; for these they had Hatchets and other things.

  23. Two of the Indians swam the moat as easily as beavers, plied their hatchets dexterously in the mud till a shelving landing place was formed, and there the troop executed a passage.

  24. He thinks he and his herd have driven away the Poison Hatchets when their first chief is here!

  25. Its hieroglyphics are those of Palenque and Uxmal; and in this manuscript we have drawings of hatchets like those of Mexico, and fixed in the same kind of handles, but of much neater workmanship.

  26. They build large boats, twelve to fifteen feet long and three feet broad, from the bark of trees, with no other implements than shells or hatchets made of flint.

  27. They build their boats with hatchets formed of stone or shell, and notwithstanding the imperfection of these implements, give to their work a finish of finical nicety.

  28. Celtic stone hatchets are common in the West of France.

  29. These Siamese aliens of civilization work in iron and ivory; and make hatchets and swords which are sought after by collectors.

  30. Strangely made swords of wood and flint, lances, light bucklers and hatchets of true copper.

  31. In that canoe were many articles of copper, well enough wrought; a great copper bell, a mortar and pestle, hatchets and knives.

  32. The stone hatchets found in America, for instance in Mexico, are not of beilstein, but of compact feldspar.

  33. There are savages who believe that hatchets and kettles have souls, but men unquestionably outgrew such a belief as this long before they outgrew the belief that there are ghost-like deities in the tempest, or in the sun and moon.

  34. Mystic mistletoe flaunted, Such as the Druids cut down with golden hatchets at Yuletide.

  35. The English left in exchange hatchets and toys which were carried off to the forest with many delighted gestures.

  36. They even attempted to possess themselves of the hatchets the sailors had brought on shore to cut wood, and were only made to desist by being fired upon.

  37. They left the townhouse, and as they went out they met the Cowee men standing with their guns ready and their hatchets in their belts.

  38. He listened until he was sure the men were asleep, then he took one of their hatchets and killed all three, one after another.

  39. Their hatchets and arms were hung up on a tree.

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