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Example sentences for "cutlasses"

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  1. For weapons, the chief, and a few of the principal men, had cutlasses or swords.

  2. Arrived at the ring, I found the Indians squatting on the ice and snow awaiting us, with their cutlasses and large knives tucked under their blankets,--weapons they never carry except when they expect to use them.

  3. With their sharp cutlasses they drove the Frenchmen back.

  4. The exchange of arquebus shots then ceased and a furious hand-to-hand struggle ensued with swords, cutlasses and pikes.

  5. Finally, I learn that last night a large number of arms, especially cutlasses and daggers, were transported to the City Hall.

  6. Bearing to the left, where a number of the enemy were located, the gallant little band threw itself upon them, cutlasses and revolvers meeting kriss and knife, while overhead flew spears thrown by the Dyaks.

  7. A few minutes with their cutlasses would be a good thing, I think," the Rajah ventured to suggest.

  8. He saw the huge form of the master-coiner rising above all the rest, as cutlasses gleamed and eyes sparkled round.

  9. All present were armed with pistols and cutlasses except Morton, who suffered the weapons presented to him to lie unheeded on the table.

  10. The men obeyed--some with hesitation and others sullenly; they flung their cutlasses on the sand and crossed their arms on their breasts.

  11. Instantly there followed a loud yell, clubs were brandished, cutlasses gleamed, and blood would certainly have been spilt had not Captain Dall suddenly seized the chief by the shoulders and rubbed noses with him.

  12. Pull the rug away, Caesar," said Murray, as soon as the men had been ordered to advance, which they did after making a great show of spitting in their hands to get a good grip of the cutlasses they drew.

  13. It now only remained to take their cutlasses from them, for I was sure if I did not disarm them they would be tempted to strike the snake in time of danger, and thus for ever spoil his skin.

  14. On taking their cutlasses from them, if I might judge from their physiognomy, they seemed to consider it as a most intolerable act of tyranny in me.

  15. Both of the parties were fighting with cutlasses only; the pistols had all been fired in the beginning of the engagement, and there had since been no opportunity of reloading them.

  16. But keep your cutlasses suspended by the cord from the right wrist.

  17. All of them were armed with cutlasses and pistols, and their costumes were, with trifling variations, similar to that of the captain.

  18. In a second the boat was lowered and manned by a part of the crew, who were all armed with cutlasses and pistols.

  19. Those whom our cutlasses had spared were marched out along their own plank, in the approved old fashion; and in tune the scuppers relieved the decks of the blood that made traffic temporarily impossible.

  20. Blanchard Each a pistoll theirs being broke, and to Humphry Walters a Cutlasses having lost is [his] Given him before, all which Arms they are to pay for.

  21. A few pieces of pork were thrown to us, and some clothes, also the cutlasses I have already mentioned; and it was then that the armourer and carpenters called out to me to remember that they had no hand in the transaction.

  22. I asked for arms but they laughed at me, and said I was well acquainted with the people among whom I was going, and therefore did not want them; four cutlasses however were thrown into the boat after we were veered astern.

  23. Black Dennis Nolan and his companions exchanged glances at sight of drawn cutlasses and several rifles and pistols in the hands of the men from the wreck.

  24. An' they have their muskets an' cutlasses wid them, ye kin lay to that.

  25. They left behind them the third mate, a sturdy youth armed with two pistols and a fowling-piece, and five sailors armed with cutlasses and pistols--and enough dry and liquid provisions to last the guard for several days.

  26. Men clustered around the skipper, sealing-guns, pistols, cutlasses and clubs in their hands, their grumblings forgotten in the prospect of a fight.

  27. Cutlasses and pikes ready-- forward, my lads, all of us!

  28. Some deep indentations in his helmet proved that it had more than once-saved the head which it protected from those severe wounds inflicted by those terrible cutlasses used by seamen when boarding.

  29. It was with hatchets that they cleaved each other's sculls; it was with cutlasses they wounded each other's breasts; it was with boarding-pikes that they nailed each other to the deck and masts.

  30. The men signified their comprehension of the plan with a cheer; then rifles were loaded, bayonets fixed, cartridge-pouches refilled, and cutlasses brought up from below and belted on.

  31. The offensive arms of the inhabitants of these islands are cutlasses and daggers; lances, javelins, and other missile weapons; bows and arrows, and culverins.

  32. There were also in the "Pilgrim's" arsenal some of those solid cutlasses which serve to cut up whales.

  33. At once, after a frantic hurra, in which Hercules's thundering voice prevailed, the cutlasses were put to work.

  34. By the way they gripped the cutlasses that had been served out, by their grim faces, and eager eyes, Ken felt certain that there would be no hesitation when the critical moment arrived.

  35. The short, heavy Navy cutlasses were much better adapted for a mêlée of this sort than the rifles and bayonets with which the Turks were armed.

  36. The natives now cleared a space of brush with their cutlasses and we prepared to rest and lunch in the shadow of the big tree.

  37. We seize cutlasses and pistols, and any weapons we can lay hands on, and spring on deck.

  38. But we had no boarding nettings up, no guns loaded, no pistols in our belts, no cutlasses and pikes ready at hand; for the gospel ruled here.

  39. We assure you from ocular demonstration that 6000 cutlasses have been removed from the Tower, for the use of Peel's Bloody Gang.

  40. The Spaniards were completely taken by surprise, the whole, with the exception of the sentries, being asleep at their quarters; and great was the havoc made amongst them by the Chilian cutlasses whilst they were recovering themselves.

  41. The strictest silence and the exclusive use of cutlasses were enjoined; so that, as the oars were muffled and the night was dark, the enemy had not the least suspicion of the impending attack.

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