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  1. The Sheffield cutlery manufacturers, however, refused to buy it, on the ground that it was too hard, and for a long time Huntsman exported his whole output to France.

  2. Nice table cutlery packed away for a season may be kept from rusting by covering the metal portion with a thin coating of paraffine.

  3. Arms and cutlery are produced at Campobasso and Agnone.

  4. Despite the importation of cutlery from England and Germany, Albacete is still famous for its daggers, which arc held in high repute by Spaniards.

  5. Pewter plates and buck- handled knives have vanished, and ivory-handled cutlery has taken their places.

  6. The cutlery and silver consisted mostly of bone-handled knives and iron forks, and iron and pewter spoons.

  7. We had always bought most of our cutlery from a jobber, feeling that it was best for us under the circumstances.

  8. The regulations of the Cutlers' Company remained in force as its masters used their great manual skill to make cutlery in their own homes with the help of their children and apprentices.

  9. Our place of business is located on Wood street, and our business is cutlery and guns and revolvers, and all kinds of sportsmen's articles.

  10. It is the cutlery business--guns and sporting goods in general--manufacturing.

  11. The streets of Sheffield have the usual grimy, smoky appearance of a manufacturing place, and, apart from the steel and cutlery works, there is but little of interest here.

  12. Both here and at Elliot & Sons' razor works we saw invoices of handsome cutlery in process of manufacture for the American market.

  13. Then he bought a pound’s worth of knives and scissors and razors and small cutlery in the shop, and the price of them was put against my salary.

  14. And I haven't done anything toward the supper," cried Hilda, running to the basket where the cutlery and dishes were kept.

  15. The great feast went off with wonderful ease, considering the scarcity of cutlery and glassware.

  16. Let us take the case of Germany and England, both producing cutlery and both producing cloth.

  17. But presently it was found that the cost of production of certain kinds of cutlery was less in Germany, and the cost of production of certain kinds of cloth less in England.

  18. New industries for the manufacture of silk, paper, and cutlery were organized on capitalist lines rather than being subject to guilds.

  19. Did he go near the case with the cutlery and jewelry in it?

  20. Cutlery and spoons need constant care to keep them looking bright, and Matt was, therefore, never at a loss for employment.

  21. For entering his store and stealing a lot of cutlery and jewelry," returned the constable.

  22. As business was rather slow, and ready money scarce, he struck several decided bargains, especially in cutlery and musical instruments.

  23. A German manufacturer of small cutlery told me that in large establishments in some European countries, women put the rivets in the handles of knives, and polish the handles of ivory and pearl.

  24. Articles of cutlery are glossed by holding them to a wooden wheel, on which is emery powder.

  25. The polishing of their cutlery is done by machinery.

  26. In a cutlery establishment, I was told the work was too hard for women.

  27. In one of the largest cutlery establishments in the United States they employ six hundred men, but no females; except six, for wrapping up goods.

  28. We lived on the third floor; on the ground was a shop, in which cutlery and some fireworks were sold.

  29. Our captain was a dealer in cutlery named Landis.

  30. Cutlery manufacturers use the bend test to judge the temper of blades.

  31. It was proffered, and it accepted, the cutlery works.

  32. In fact, the stupid English city probably never heard of the Wakefield Cutlery Company.

  33. Commercial fervor rose to such heights in Wakefield that in no time at all enough money was subscribed to build a convenient factory and to purchase as many of the shares of cutlery stock as the amiable president cared to print.

  34. In due season the manufacture of tableware and penknives began, and the pride of the town was set aglow by the trade-mark stamped on every article issued from the cutlery factory.

  35. Its first capture was a cutlery company in another city.

  36. After the plates and small silver and cutlery are in position, the decorating of the table should proceed as far as possible.

  37. When a plate is removed it should be immediately replaced by another one holding a fork or any piece of silver or cutlery which is needed for the next course.

  38. Table cutlery is made in the following way.

  39. The coarser kinds of cutlery are made of blistered steel welded to iron.

  40. Other methods of determining the degree of temperature at which the different kinds of cutlery are to be immersed, a second time, in cold water, are also practised.

  41. The manufacture of cutlery is carried on most extensively in England, at Birmingham, Sheffield, Walsall, Wolverhampton, and London.

  42. London cutlery has the reputation of being the best, and this circumstance induces the dealers in that city, to affix the London mark to articles made at other places.

  43. The grinding of cutlery is effected on cylindrical stones of various kinds, among which freestone is the most common.

  44. The sandstone in this region is highly impregnated with iron, and smelters do a good business; indeed, the iron for nearly all the tools and cutlery that are used in this division of Eastern Africa is found and manufactured here.

  45. My little nephew, madam; he is about to enter into the mysteries of the cutlery trade.

  46. Produce the cutlery which was concealed in the culvert.

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