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daft; dag; dagas; dagegen; dagged; daggers; dagli; dagoba; dagobas; dagoes
  1. Lines marked with a dagger (+) stand just the same in both texts.

  2. Karadeucq, planting his dagger in the breast of Sigefrid.

  3. And has there never been found any courageous man to plant a dagger in the heart of such a King?

  4. And yet was there not a single man resolute enough to plant a dagger in the monster's breast?

  5. He carries a long dagger in his belt--here he is himself.

  6. To enumerate to you the murders that he committed with his dagger or his axe would take too long.

  7. He came towards me, and pointing to the dagger in my belt, said—“The hour has passed!

  8. The feeling which had caused him to throw away the dagger would not have been found in the bosom of a slave; and besides, my whole soul revolted at the idea of having a slave for a rival.

  9. Take this dagger and stab these two white prisoners!

  10. My unhappy uncle was there, stretched upon his blood-stained couch, with a dagger driven deeply into his heart.

  11. He drew his dagger which had a cross handle, and stuck it into the wood of the case in front of the pyx.

  12. To such atrocities may men be driven who use the dagger for a cross, and upon whose mind the most trivial event makes a deep and profound impression.

  13. Since you doubt me, far better would it have been for you to take the dagger and finish all; but wait a little before you take what you call your vengeance—I must first free you.

  14. That is not all,” said Pierrot, and snatching a dagger from one of the negroes, he handed it to me.

  15. The unhappy man felt the point of the weapon, and in his despair bit the arm that was driving the dagger home.

  16. Shall I confess it to you, there was a certain imperious fascination about this extraordinary being which conquered me in spite of myself; I pushed aside the dagger he offered to me.

  17. Some say that Wat laid his hand on the king's bridle, others that he fingered his dagger threateningly.

  18. We are on intimate terms with a villain whose dagger is as air-drawn as Macbeth's.

  19. At length, on coming close to the sentry, he suddenly rose behind him, and plunged his dagger straight into his neck, at the very spot where the head is attached to the spine.

  20. In a moment Checco drew his dagger and buried it in the Count's back.

  21. At the same moment Matteo drew his dagger and pierced the man's heart.

  22. And even when the Count had just fallen under his dagger he had not been so ghastly pale.

  23. They hardly knew I was there; and I had plunged my dagger in his neck.

  24. I took the dagger and showed him what I meant.

  25. She repeated the words in triumph, and each one fell like the stab of a dagger in my heart.

  26. Do you remember in Tacitus,' he said, smiling pleasantly, 'how the plot against Nero was discovered by one of the conspirators giving his dagger to his freedman to sharpen?

  27. With his dagger in his left hand, the first man stripped the bed for its full length, lifting the sheet, the coverlet and the bedclothes.

  28. Each of them hid a dagger somewhere in his breast.

  29. Now first tell us where the dagger hit you that I may bind it up quickly--I am half a physician, and understand these things as you know.

  30. True enough--the dagger is sticking here just under the ninth rib!

  31. If that fellow's dagger breaks he can kill his victim with those teeth, as a fox does a duck, or smash his bones with his fist.

  32. They must use neither dagger nor lance, but they will easily achieve their end with slings and hooks and poisoned needles, which leave wounds that resemble the sting of an adder.

  33. It is acrid poison, not a dagger or dart that has undone my strength.

  34. Syr, quod she, than haue ye youre bergayne, and than my husbande hathe contented you for his dagger accordynge to his promyse.

  35. It were almes to[330] thruste a dagger throughe hys chekes, sayeth one.

  36. Why, you had as good have stuck a Dagger to my Heart.

  37. Cursing, Sire Philippe sprang upon the English King, and with a dagger smote at the impassive big man's heart.

  38. He saw that John Copeland held a dagger to his breast, and he shrugged.

  39. She drew the little dagger from her girdle and meditatively cut the buzzing thing in two.

  40. If you carry a dagger to secure your honour, I carry a sword to defend you, or kill myself if fortune proves adverse.

  41. All marched sword by side, dagger in girdle, musket on shoulder, the strangest army of the church militant ever seen.

  42. While Henry was reading the letter the friar snatched a dagger from his sleeve and mortally stabbed him.

  43. And from their drunken dream of golden fortunes 20 The dagger at their heart shall rouse them.

  44. The violent pull with which I seiz'd his Dagger Unpois'd me and I fell.

  45. EARL HENRY returns with the Dagger in his hand.

  46. Matcham stopped with a cry; but Dick, without a pause, ran straight upon the forester, drawing his dagger as he went.

  47. The disarmed forester grappled his assailant; but the dagger shone and descended twice.

  48. He was very pale, and carried a lamp in one hand and a drawn dagger in the other.

  49. Ye were pleased to make me yours with several dagger marks, which I still carry.

  50. His bloody dagger reeks him the lie into his face.

  51. They were all afoot together, tightening their belts, testing their bow-strings, loosening sword and dagger in the sheath.

  52. While he was still submerged, Dick forced his dagger from his grasp, and rose to his feet, victorious.

  53. For a moment she sat still, and then a pain shot through her, a pain as sharp as a dagger thrust.

  54. Twice did I bury my dagger in his heart, and then sent his body to feed the fishes.

  55. As soon as the blow is given, you must break the dagger in the wound.

  56. The best way to escape his dagger is not to allow him time to use it: within four-and-twenty hours must the deed be done, or never.

  57. The venerable Andreas felt a sincere affection for the Florentine; he shuddered as he dwelt upon the probability that Abellino's dagger had prevailed.

  58. And why, then, should not the bravo think that honour consists in reaching the perfection of his trade, and in guiding a dagger to the heart of an enemy with unerring aim?

  59. Abellino threw Rosabella on the bank of turf, advanced a few steps to meet Matteo, and plunged his dagger in his heart.

  60. Here thou hast a dagger of the finest steel; you must charge for its use by the inch.

  61. And then you will force the dagger into my hand as eagerly as you now seek to withhold it.

  62. Strikes his dagger against a stone till the sparks fly.

  63. The lawyer shook till his teeth chattered again; and a dagger soon stuck in his body, like a stake in a vineyard.

  64. A dagger in an ebon hand cut short his cry, and the golden head rolled on the ivory breast.

  65. The cords fell from Conan's arms, and taking the dagger from her, he ripped the bonds from his legs with a single quick slash.

  66. Bending quickly, she drew a dagger from its senseless owner's belt, and set to work on Conan's bonds.

  67. Pedro will have to plunge a dagger into the head of his friend.

  68. Juan had also sold the small dagger of Moorish design.

  69. Soon Pedro will be obliged to make the final dagger thrust or--!

  70. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dagger" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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