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  1. Miller's cigar was so short that he stuck the blade of his penknife through it that he might enjoy it to the end without burning his fingers.

  2. Inserting the blade in the thin line where the mortar had crumbled, Henri dexterously twisted the stone out of its socket.

  3. If these hairs be examined through a microscope they will be found to be more or less razor-shaped, having a thick back and a dilated wing or knife-like blade (fig.

  4. In some the blade is of some width, and the edge is evidently very sharp: these hairs or spines no doubt do the cleaning work, and admirably adapted they are to the purpose.

  5. This is quite true of either blade if one takes the length of the other for granted, but as applied to the explanation of the length of the scissors it is worse than meaningless.

  6. It is as if one tried to explain why one blade of a pair of scissors is four inches long by saying that it has to be the same length as the other.

  7. In all these weapons the handle is made of bronze and the blade of iron.

  8. The blade measures from 4 to 8 inches in length, and is often adorned with tracings; in some instances the back of the blade is very much thickened.

  9. Truncated Blade in Reindeer's Horn bearing two Series of transversal Lines and Notches, probably used for numeration 67 31.

  10. The Romans applied the name of ferrum to the blade of their swords; but in after times ferrum was also the term for the peaceful ploughshare.

  11. This figure forms the hilt of a poniard, the blade of which springs from the front part of the animal.

  12. This dagger is, like the sword found at Concise, ornamented with grooves symmetrically placed on each side of the projecting ridge which divides the blade into two equal portions.

  13. Truncated Blade in Reindeer's Horn, bearing two Series of transversal Lines and Notches, probably used for numeration.

  14. Another man is examining a sword-blade which has just been cast.

  15. From a specimen found in the lake of Bienne, we see that the blade was fixed to the handle by means of a series of rivets arranged in a single line.

  16. The round, white eggs are laid, or rather strewn at random, without the least care on the mother's part, either on the more or less cool earth or on a blade of grass.

  17. We cannot make nor alter, nor even imitate, so much as one blade of grass that he has made, and yet we can make or alter words of God as easily as words of man.

  18. His religious testament was prepared with the blade of the guillotine suspended over him,--a fact which did not deter pious mythologists from portraying his death-bed remorse for having written the book.

  19. When this pin was thrust through the hole in the oar, the great sweep hung almost balanced, and the steersman who used it to guide the unwieldy craft forced the blade of the oar back and forth against the current with the force of his body.

  20. Neither of them gave salutation, Moosetooth's dripping oar following in silence now and then a like sweep of his companion's blade in the water ahead.

  21. These enormous objects resembled telegraph poles, being of pine timber, slightly flattened at one end to resemble the blade of an oar, and at the other end cut down into long handles that the user might clasp with his two hands.

  22. But the boy had learned in that brief second a use for his sharp and shining toy, so that, as the tearing, striking beast dragged him to earth he plunged the blade repeatedly and to the hilt into its breast.

  23. Before he could wrench the blade free again, the bull's quick lunge to seize him in those awful arms had torn the weapon from Tarzan's grasp.

  24. To them the sudden scraping of one blade of grass across another was as effectual a warning as her loudest cry, and Sabor knew that she could not make that mighty leap without a little noise.

  25. Against the long canines of the ape was pitted the thin blade of the man's knife.

  26. Among other things he found a sharp hunting knife, on the keen blade of which he immediately proceeded to cut his finger.

  27. I heered him say he wuz so tired of the country, hee'd be glad never ter see another blade of grass grow.

  28. The rope cut into the waists of those on the outside, and they pressed inward against their fellows until there was scarcely space to stick a knife-blade between any two of them.

  29. Had I my way," answered the Fool-Killer, "my blade would always drip.

  30. Suddenly Nerle's sword went flying through the air and shattered its blade against a wall of rock.

  31. Scarcely knowing what he did, he seized his sword by the blade and struck the mirror a powerful blow with the heavy hilt.

  32. Were one end of it buried in the ground and the other with a spear blade made fast to it hung to the top of the cross, we could live out the fiercest storm in safety.

  33. The wrist is now smartly lowered until it is level with the chin, the blade upright, and the edge to the left.

  34. At the word swords, draw the blade smartly out of the scabbard, throwing the point upwards, at the full extent of the arm, the edge being still to the rear.

  35. Of course, it is understood that you will make all the movements of the double en suite, and without allowing your adversary's blade to overtake yours.

  36. The half of the sword-blade next the hilt is called the "fort," because it is the strongest place on which the cut of an adversary can be received.

  37. This is a very useful parade for fencers of short stature, as they can sometimes get in their blade under their adversary's arm, after they have parried his thrust.

  38. This danger is avoided by giving a slight beat on his blade the instant preceding your extension of arm, of course to be followed en suite by the longe.

  39. You then immediately pass to the opposite side of his blade in the manner described in the disengagement.

  40. Supposing the adversary's blade to be firmly joined to yours, when you wished to deliver a straight thrust, there would then be danger of your falling upon his point.

  41. I saw the glittering blade enter it as the enormous paw was raised to beat me down.

  42. Thanks, I will follow the lead of Moses, for I also have been accustomed to the single-blade and prefer it--at least while I am one of three.

  43. He then grasped his single-blade paddle and aided Moses in keeping her head to wind and sea.

  44. Soon even this was lowered, and Van der Kemp used his double-blade paddle to keep them in position, at the same time telling Nigel to unship the mast.

  45. Unwitting she has power to turn that brute species, Hired Man, into a very knight of chivalry, jealous to guard every blade of wheat that springs for her.

  46. We swell with knowledge momentarily, and return to more prosaic tasks elate, having hung its proper label on blade and bush, bird and bough.

  47. Her own tools from neglect or misuse have become blunt or worse, and she takes the best blade and the plated or silver spoon whenever she has a chance.

  48. PROBE'-SCISS'ORS, scissors used to open wounds, the blade having a button at the end.

  49. What once had been a blade of proof and honor.

  50. Much was their talk, which many a theme supplied, As down they sat, for every blade was dried.

  51. He issued on a small clearing by the edge of the brook, where the grass was a delicate green, each blade pushing up straight as a spear-point from the crumbled earth.

  52. If you can imagine a glint of moonlight running up the blade of a rapier, you may know the chill flame of spite and despite that flickered in her eyes then as she spoke.

  53. The little man looked at the blade of his knife for a moment, half regretfully: then briskly clasped it, slipped it into his pocket, and hobbled away after the messenger.

  54. Then, taking the knife by the blade between finger and thumb, he tapped the bark gently with the tortoise-shell handle.

  55. From Jupiter to the fly, from the wandering star to the tiniest blade of grass, all beings owed existence to the fiery element.

  56. It had a broad blade and a short handle and was used as a missile.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blade" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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