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Example sentences for "brawler"

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bravos; bravura; braw; brawl; brawled; brawlers; brawling; brawls; brawly; brawn
  1. They say you are a brawler and a gamester, and I know how far these are to be trusted by the unhappy.

  2. I was never a brawler or blusterer, and least of all did I wish to worry these poor people; but the times were such that a man's safety lay chiefly in himself, for the writ of the King ran weak in the outlying districts.

  3. The hard voice of the brawler had gone up a full tone.

  4. He was almost inside the porch when two stalwart church wardens barred the way and read him a paper, which stated that, as he was a known brawler who had been convicted of other illegal disturbances in God's house, entry was refused him.

  5. But the most wanton and persevering brawler of that quarrelsome period was no less a person than Philip, seventh Earl of Pembroke, and fourth of Montgomery.

  6. Your hired brawler started off as per instructions, evidently, but after a couple of blows had been exchanged his slap-happy brain lost the message and he tried to take me.

  7. At their head was Noel B├ędier, commonly called Beda, a native of Picardy and syndic of the Sorbonne, reputed to be the greatest brawler and most factious spirit of his day.

  8. The old Duffadar was right when he told Fazil of the Kotwal's oath to punish severely the first brawler who should be apprehended, and he trembled for the consequences of the inquiry into the night's disturbances.

  9. Twas but yesterday that the Kotwal swore on the Koran that he would have the right arm of the first brawler who should do murder: pity such fate should befall thee, young as thou art!

  10. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brawler" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    agitator; belligerent; blade; brawler; bully; competitor; contender; contestant; defendant; disputant; dissident; duelist; extremist; fighter; gamecock; gladiator; goon; gorilla; hood; hoodlum; insubordinate; insurgent; intransigent; irreconcilable; knight; litigant; malcontent; maverick; militant; mutineer; objector; opposer; plaintiff; rebel; resister; revolutionary; revolutionist; rioter; rival; rough; rowdy; ruffian; struggler; subversive; swashbuckler; sword; swordsman; thug; tough; traitor