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  1. After the tremendous thing he had done he was not going to be fooled by this hoodlum crook who seemed to have haphazard knowledge of those wonderful, far-off beings in natty khaki and shining things hanging from their belts.

  2. He had caught this little hoodlum satellite of thieves in an ugly lie.

  3. He judged from Rex's appearance that he was not a hoodlum who would be likely to throw a stone at a Chinaman's window, but he admitted that he had been running, and here was a man ready to swear that he saw him throw the stone.

  4. It was that hoodlum who broke the glass just for the sake of getting my brother into trouble.

  5. He dropped his iron and rushed after Rex, the conscienceless hoodlum joining in the chase.

  6. As he rose from his chair and stepped forward across the platform, he saw stalk through the wide door at the rear of the great room the young hoodlum with the square-cut coat and stiff-rim hat.

  7. Martin Eden, the famous writer, was a vapor that had arisen in the mob-mind and by the mob-mind had been thrust into the corporeal being of Mart Eden, the hoodlum and sailor.

  8. And often, at such times, he would abruptly see slouch in among the company a young hoodlum in square-cut coat and under a stiff-rim Stetson hat.

  9. They were quite an accession to the force of our N'Yaarkers, and helped much to establish the hoodlum reign which was shortly inaugurated over the whole prison.

  10. He did not at all look as if his hour had come, but he backed to a commanding position against the pile of ties, as half a dozen hoodlum companions of Ike Slump followed their leader into sight.

  11. The youthful hoodlum gang that had been a menace to Ralph and the railroad company had been entirely broken up.

  12. The latter belonged to the hoodlum gang of Stanley Junction, and whenever his crowd had met the better juvenile element, there had always been trouble.

  13. Dirty little hoodlum that he once was, he was now the most picturesque, romantic figure in the camp.

  14. And then, just in that brief interval, his lips tightened and his mouth looked just as it used to look in the old hoodlum days--rugged, strong.

  15. So it was with all the wretched hoodlum games and tricks that poor Joe had known; one by one they failed in the test, and he became ashamed of them.

  16. It was exactly like Townsend Ripley to take the poor little hoodlum quietly in hand and be his friend and sponsor.

  17. Clutch the tree as he would, the gap between scout and hoodlum persistently widened, and the island seemed bent on hurrying upon its wanton career.

  18. Club managers of teams, as a rule, do what they know the club presidents or directors quietly approve of or countenance, hence the latitude given to the hoodlum tactics of the rough element in each team.

  19. When it becomes a necessity to have to engage pugilists as umpires to control hoodlum players, then will professional ball playing cease to be worthy of public patronage.

  20. While I do not approve of picketing, I disapprove more strongly of the hoodlum methods pursued in suppressing the practice.

  21. He turned a corner and came to a short, heavy hoodlum backing out of a small liquor store with a knife in throwing position.

  22. An egg-sized rock hit the truck behind him and bounced back, just as he spotted a hoodlum drawing back a sling for a second shot.

  23. Gordon got his head up just in time to see a man in police uniform kick aside the first hoodlum and lunge for the other.

  24. It happened when Tom was a hoodlum and lived with his drunken father in Barrel Alley.

  25. Filthy little hoodlum that he was, instead of running when Pete Connegan got down out of his truck and started after him, he turned and compressed his big mouth and stood there upon his two bare feet, waiting.

  26. The sailor pushed his hands through the hole, grabbed the hoodlum by the throat, and exerted a steady pressure.

  27. The hoodlum made no move to return the money, but continued to struggle wildly.

  28. The hoodlum had whirled, the roll in his hands, and was making off as fast as his legs could carry him.

  29. The hoodlum turned to shake his fist, and mutter a threat, then started off at a run.

  30. Carl was too fat for a swift sprinter, but the thieving hoodlum was handicapped by a game leg, and Carl was able to overhaul him slowly.

  31. In Thralldom's grasp we waged giant war, The storms rasped at each cursing crowd, From regions far there sprung a cold That froze each hoodlum stuck in loam.

  32. But in the uproar his voice was overwhelmed, and in a moment the hoodlum mob was upon us.

  33. But the hoodlum arrivals had not fallen under the spell of his personality, and their courage and wrath had been inflamed by their success in their wash-house raids.

  34. Each man of the company picked up a club, balanced it in his hand, and brought it down on the head of an imaginary hoodlum with the solemnity of a prepared ritual.

  35. I hope he'll get his twenty thousand men and drive every hoodlum out of town," said Nelson.

  36. Here, then, was an agent of Bolton, and perhaps of Big Sam as well, leading one of the hoodlum gangs in its career of riot and arson.

  37. Why are they not competent to handle the hoodlum mobs?

  38. As her piquant voice rose on the air a terror gripped my throat at the thought of the response that her call might bring, but at her first words the crowd hushed to stillness, and I saw a man cuff a young hoodlum who uttered a catcall.

  39. The arrival of the hoodlum reinforcement brought me assistance as unwelcome as it was unexpected.

  40. I had barely discerned so much when the sign disappeared, and a moment later the form of a Chinaman was framed in the doorway above the crowd, amid a gang of hoodlum captors.

  41. A company of the Vigilantes had made a flank attack on the hoodlum position from the west by way of Bryant Street.

  42. He was tall and broad-shouldered, and his coarse, florid features brought in a flash of memory the scene in the House of Blazes when the bleeding policeman had been rescued from his hoodlum assailants.

  43. They were of the typical hoodlum class, their insolence curbed for the moment by the shadow of the prison, and they slouched with resentful fear from the watchful eyes of the police.

  44. A mob composed of the tough and hoodlum element congregated at the Rock Island yards and from Nineteenth to Fortieth Street, overturned box cars and destroyed everything that came in their way.

  45. In all instances he stated that these acts had been committed by boys or youths belonging to the hoodlum element.

  46. Before, therefore, our minds can be easy on this hoodlum question, we must satisfy ourselves thoroughly that our modes of education are not, positively or negatively, adapted to making the hoodlum variety of character.

  47. We have in this land the burden of a not inconsiderable tramp and hoodlum population.

  48. Mame's side of the quarrel, no doubt our Hoodlum would be convicted by every reader.

  49. The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum Introduction "Tell me, ye muses, what hath former ages Now left succeeding times to play upon, And what remains unthought on by those sages Where a new muse may try her pinion?

  50. The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum by Wallace Irwin With an Introduction by Gelett Burgess Showing how Vanity is still on Deck, & humble Virtue gets it in the Neck!

  51. The police court records of San Francisco abound in characters from which Mr. Irwin's conception of this pyrotechnically garrulous Hoodlum might have been drawn, and even his death from cigarette-smoking, prognosticated in No.

  52. Tom had held that of all the joys in the mischievous hoodlum program none was so complete as that of throwing chunks of coal through streetcar windows at the passengers inside.

  53. In the recognized hoodlum the obnoxious element is quite at the surface; in the best of us it is only too apt to break forth,--no man can be considered an absolutely extinct volcano.

  54. The city hoodlum is a most aggressive individual; he is not invariably in tattered clothes, and is by no means confined to the alleys and side streets.

  55. The American hoodlum has, withal, his good points.

  56. And so the Elks, for whom the former hoodlum of Barrel Alley had striven and worked and planned, became a complete patrol at last.

  57. Once, a couple of years before, when Tom was a hoodlum and John Temple was an old grouch, the capitalist had strode down through a field where Tom was trespassing, shouting threats and imprecations at the waif, whose first impulse was to run.

  58. There was the faintest reminder of the old hoodlum shuffle in Tom's clumsy gait as he went sheepishly across the deck and leaned against the boat's rail near his scoutmaster, speechless, almost expressionless.

  59. There was Tom Slade, too, quiet and stolid as he always was and with no more sign of the scout regalia than he had shown when he was a hoodlum down in Barrel Alley.

  60. A splendid lady in gorgeous robes gave him a seat at a double desk, at the end of which sat a hoodlum with grimy finger-nails, who eyed the inauguration with an extreme and personal curiosity.

  61. Through the open window he could hear the boisterous cries of his friends--his hoodlum friends--who would no more understand the utter poetry of his position than they would understand an ancient tribal sign-language.

  62. This bit of history I have mentioned for the dual purpose of shedding light on former bathing facilities in East Aurora, and more especially to show that once we had the hoodlum with us.

  63. The hoodlum is very often a good boy who does not know what to do; and so he does the wrong thing.

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