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  1. The gorgeous dresses of the pagan king, the princess and the oriental spectators, the quaint attempts at local colour, and at investing the dragon with some degree of fearsomeness, make the picture one of the most attractive of the series.

  2. Giorgio degli Schiavoni and the St George and the Dragon in the Sala del Conclave at the Salute.

  3. No sooner did Beowulf hear of a dragon to be slain, of a friendly king "in need of a man," than he selected fourteen companions and launched his war-galley in search of adventure.

  4. The Grendel legend, for example, appears in the Icelandic saga of Gretti, who slays the dragon Glam.

  5. The company soon came tumbling out; insisting to each other that the Dragon clock was half an hour too fast, and that the thunder must have affected it.

  6. Mrs Lupin; for in that name the Blue Dragon was licensed to furnish entertainment, both to man and beast.

  7. The wandering attention of the mistress of the Blue Dragon roved to these things but twice or thrice, and then for but an instant at a time.

  8. I know'd well enough the first time I see you down at the Dragon that it must be so, sooner or later.

  9. She can't say anything as does not possess them qualities,' returned Mr Tapley; 'which as much belongs to the Dragon as its licence.

  10. If I can't be content and comfortable in this here lively Dragon now, is it to be looked for as I should be then?

  11. The three-spotted Dragon fly (Libellula trimaculata), of which figure 133 represents the male, is so called from the three dark clouds on the wings of the female.

  12. For example, in the larvæ of the larger Dragon flies (Libellula, etc.

  13. Again its back yawns wide open, and from the rent our Dragon fly slowly emerges.

  14. One of our most common Dragon flies is the ruby Dragon fly, Diplax rubicundula, which is yellowish-red.

  15. Tachina); also many carnivorous species of wasps beetles and flies, dragon flies and Aphis lions (Fig.

  16. In laying them, the Dragon fly, according to Mr. P.

  17. It is interesting to watch the Dragon flies through their transformations, as they can easily be kept in aquaria.

  18. Of our more common, typical forms of Dragon flies, we figure a few, commonly observed during the summer.

  19. Even among insects, a class replete with forms the very incarnation of ugliness and the perfection of all that is hideous in nature, our Dragon fly is most conspicuous.

  20. Among other beneficial insects belonging to the Neuroptera, is the immense family of Libellulidæ, or Dragon flies.

  21. He would have impaled a real dragon fly more readily.

  22. Bulging forth these made him like to the ghost of some huge dragon fly.

  23. As the door was open he walked in, but a lovely maiden met him and implored him to go back, for the owner of the castle was a dragon with six heads, who had stolen her from her home and brought her down to this underground spot.

  24. Scarcely had he put it on when the dragon came back, and the fight began.

  25. Many shepherds have gone to that lake and none have ever returned; but this one has in these two days fought twice with the dragon and has escaped without a wound.

  26. When the dragon comes back, ask him where he always goes when he leaves here, and what makes him so strong; and when you have coaxed the secret from him, tell me the next time I come.

  27. At this the dragon grew rather frightened, but in a moment had recollected his eighteen heads, and was bold again.

  28. Then the dragon gasped: 'O prince, let me dip my burning head once into the lake, and I will hurl you up to the top of the sky.

  29. Then the old woman jumped up and kissed the hearth; whereat the dragon laughed the more, and said: 'You foolish creature!

  30. Then the prince swung the dragon straight up into the clouds, and when he touched the earth again, he broke into a thousand pieces.

  31. But the dragon of the Hesperides, you know," observed one of the damsels, "has a hundred heads!

  32. It is said that there was a dragon beneath the tree, with a hundred terrible heads, fifty of which were always on the watch, while the other fifty slept.

  33. But, then, the dragon with a hundred heads!

  34. And, besides, he thought that it would be still more for his own glory, if he could boast of upholding the sky, than merely to do so ordinary a thing as to conquer a dragon with a hundred heads.

  35. We will crown him with the loveliest of our garlands," said they, "when he returns hither with the three golden apples, after slaying the dragon with a hundred heads.

  36. Do you think I am afraid of the dragon with a hundred heads!

  37. We do not wish the dragon with the hundred heads to eat you up!

  38. And now Hercules began to consider what he should do, in case Atlas should be drowned in the sea, or if he were to be stung to death by the dragon with the hundred beads, which guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides.

  39. Yes; and the dragon with a hundred heads is a sight worth any man's seeing.

  40. The suggestion of the oriental dragon in this, as in other examples, is at once apparent, and the resemblance to certain conventional forms that come down to us from the earliest known period of Chinese art is truly remarkable.

  41. The body of the dragon might have been painted in China, so neat and intricate is the drawing.

  42. The under side of the cup is divided into four compartments, each of which incloses a dragon painted in black and red on a white ground; the borders are sometimes red, sometimes purple.

  43. The body of a man is seen, painted in red, the arms and legs separated, and the shoulders bearing the head of the dragon with teeth and crest.

  44. They lost many men and a dragon ship when they tried to force the iron chain.

  45. The dragon "splits" at the call of nature, the ephemerae dance in the sunlight, and game-keepers kill poachers in real life as in the story.

  46. From Volume Two, page 264, Tom and The Dragon Fly: What is the first thing you notice when you look at this picture?

  47. Study of Picture, Tom and the Dragon Fly--X, 55.

  48. You see," he said with his grave smile, "how carefully my dragon guards me.

  49. See, there he sits, with his moustachios hanging down to his chin, and his tail to his heels, and the blue dragon embroidered on his breast, watching while they prepare the hall for a grand dinner.

  50. Dragon had evidently not frightened away all earthly desires.

  51. At the top we came into contact with the Dragon striding along with bare arms and flourishing a rolling-pin.

  52. We breakfasted, attended by the erring waiter, who looked pale and brooding and revengeful, as though he meditated drowning the Dragon in her own soapsuds.

  53. Lerida Dragon to single combat as a libel upon her sex.

  54. There was nothing to arrange, and the Dragon soon withdrew with her cavernous smiles and voiceless words.

  55. Then I opened the door and clapped my hands, and the Dragon suddenly sprang out upon me from a dark cupboard close by, right into my very arms.

  56. We were conducted back to our rooms by quite a procession, including the thin landlord and imposing landlady, headed by the Dragon bearing a flambeau.

  57. Down went the waiter, and the Dragon was stooping over him with wet locks like a dripping mermaid, gloating and mouthing upon the ruin.

  58. He sat hilarious and comforted before an empty tray of rolls and coffee, our own share as well as his having disappeared, whilst the Dragon had departed to adorn other realms.

  59. We wondered how it fared with our much-tried landlord; whether the waiter was yet out of hospital, and he and the Dragon had made up their differences or agreed to differ.

  60. Since then the Dragon had been marching up and down with threatening weapon and flashing eyes, brandishing her rolling-pin like another Communist, mouthing voiceless words.

  61. After twelve hundred and sixty days the dragon was destroyed, and the child of the Law of God, the Promised One, became manifest.

  62. The dragon was standing near the woman to devour her child, and this child was the promised Manifestation, the offspring of the Law of Muḥammad.

  63. And the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour the child as soon as it was born.

  64. Furthermore, the fiery cruel dragon betokeneth the maw of hell that is hungry to receive those who choose present pleasures rather than future blessings.

  65. I shall go upon the adder and basilisk, the which thou dost resemble; thee, the lion and dragon I shall tread under my feet; for I am strengthened with the might of Christ.

  66. And the earth helped the woman; and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

  67. And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.

  68. The dragon is at last stung to death by his own malice; but how many periods of self-torture it may take to remove all sin and its effects, must depend upon its obduracy.

  69. What if the old dragon sends forth a new flood, to drown the Christ-idea?

  70. And, falling on their knees, the Spaniards knew The Dragon of that red Apocalypse.

  71. While at carven dragon ships Floating o'er that silent sea, Squat-limbed gods with dreadful lips Leered and smiled mysteriously.

  72. You may consider your Dragon vases a present from young Crossjay," said De Craye.

  73. He was a huge dragon and had been a great warrior in his day.

  74. Yes," the dragon said, boastfully, "I am the great Worm!

  75. The Fox drew Mikko aside and whispered softly: "A few days' march from here there is a very gorgeous castle belonging to a wicked old dragon who is known as the Worm.

  76. According to what friends had written from Rome, she was more than discreet, demure as a Puritan maiden, and the elderly chaperon who travelled with her was a dragon of virtue.

  77. But I really think, Miss Grant, that Carleton's got his pet dragon into pretty good training now, both as a land and water and air animal.

  78. But he is a saint, if ever there was one: and a good thing too, as he's got a dragon on the hearth to tame; but a little inconvenient sometimes for the poor dragon.

  79. Then the mines were no longer separate: they joined together and became like a fiery reptile, a dragon in the outcrop, clawing deep with every joint, wounding the earth with every claw, as a centipede wounds with every poisoned foot.

  80. The white residues gleamed beneath the moon, from every smoke stack poured smoke: the dragon breathed.

  81. In the old days he had often appealed to me for more wood to give his devouring dragon of a stove.

  82. They said, "The hour is advancing, and the dragon will be upon us, and make havoc among us all.

  83. At the first sound of his voice Lightning sprang to the attack, and with such celerity that the dragon had no time to decide how to meet his antagonist.

  84. Before he could do so, however, the terrible dragon put his head up through the midst, with a frightful howl, and spueing fire out of his nostrils.

  85. But the fear of the dragon was so great on all the people of the city that there was not one would venture to encounter it, even for the sake of such a prize.

  86. It was past the time when the dragon usually received his victim, and he was advancing rapidly towards the city walls, roaring horribly, and "swinging the scaly horrors of his folded tail.

  87. Once more he severed the terrible head; and after this the dragon was seen no more.

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