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Example sentences for "dragonfly"

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  1. But Dragonfly was a new boat, and now in the water for the first time.

  2. Swiftly he untied the painter of the boat while Garry aided Don to use every available inch of their rope in securing the Dragonfly against the pull and thrust of wind, the tossing waves that must soon fling the ship to and fro.

  3. Over and over, the Dragonfly revolved on its tail-and-nose line.

  4. Just above, and right over the Dragonfly came the other, full-gun.

  5. The Dragonfly lay tied to the wharf piling: the wind was rising.

  6. They got the Dragonfly into the air in short order.

  7. If Don could get that Dragonfly into the air and climb out of the turbulent area, he could get the pilot to some medical man; at the same time he might carry on that mail!

  8. Don, maneuvering the Dragonfly up to as close proximity to the old dock as the safety of wings and propeller would allow, signaled to Chick and called for one more white flare.

  9. Twelve hundred feet above the swamp, Don leveled, and with full-gun on sent the Dragonfly unerringly down-wind and straight at the runway approach lights a mile ahead.

  10. With a meeting arranged between the amphibian Dragonfly and the big trans-Atlantic liner, there was no time to investigate.

  11. Perhaps the Dragonfly had superior climbing ability, better maneuvering capacity; but no ship could outfly those messengers of fire--the rockets!

  12. With unexpected fury an eddying uprush of air took the Dragonfly in its fierce grip, twisting and turning it, flinging the right wing high.

  13. In this state it no doubt feeds on various aquatic animals, which it procures with a prehensile instrument similar in structure to the "mask" of British dragonfly larvae, but much larger.

  14. The only other dragonfly found in my neighbourhood (Wellington) is the pretty little Telebasis zealandica (Fig.

  15. Kleis was born on a summer’s day, the ocean lapping after a windy night, a dragonfly in my room, clicking its wings over my bed.

  16. Shortly afterward, Kleis was born, the dragonfly still there: how blurred, it seemed, and how the ocean faded and reappeared as I fought.

  17. From time to time each kite would leave the tree in a short flight low over the surface of a nearby pool, where it would snatch up prey, probably a dragonfly in many instances, and would return to a perch to feed.

  18. The stouter-bodied dragonfly rests with its wings outstretched and likes to fly in tandem.

  19. There the dragonfly settled into the cool moss.

  20. Tom was a little embarrassed before such a magnificent creature; but Seven Spot, without any hesitation, placed Tom's bag upon the dragonfly and told him to get on its back.

  21. There, on the ledge, he saw a gorgeous dragonfly with golden eyes, slim, blue body and transparent rainbow wings.

  22. Presently, a swarm of gnats hovered over the water close by, dancing a graceful ballet; and, when they had finished, there came a dragonfly who gave an acrobatic performance with giddy jumps and dizzy whirling.

  23. Tom stepped down, but before he could turn and thank this kind friend, the dragonfly had sped up in the air like a colored spark and disappeared among the yellow candles of the cat tails.

  24. I knew Dragonfly was trying to tease me, so I said, "Here, let me see.

  25. Dragonfly hung the new horseshoe on his arm and said excitedly, "Will my mother ever be tickled!

  26. Dragonfly sneezed twice on his way down, he maybe being allergic to something he'd smelled when he came in, or else it was the change from the cold outside air to the warm inside air.

  27. Poetry and I were side by side most of the time with Little Jim walking along behind us and with Little Tom Till and Circus and Dragonfly swishing on ahead of us.

  28. Dragonfly heard that and said, "But who piled the chairs up on his desk and knocked the Christmas tree over and everything?

  29. I reached out my hand and laid it down flat on the opened diary, so I wouldn't read anything else, when Dragonfly said, "Psst!

  30. I remembered with a mad thought that we'd had trouble with Dragonfly once before, on account of he had been friends with Shorty Long.

  31. Dragonfly had been standing by a wide open window on account of there was still too much smoke in the room for him to breathe without sneezing.

  32. As he spoke, the Mole came bearing down towards them in a furious Portuguese waltz, with a horrified Dragonfly struggling in his arms.

  33. Among the animal food were found phyllopods, dragonfly nymphs, back swimmers, water boatmen, various beetles and flies and their larvae.

  34. It grew nearer and became a dragonfly twenty feet and more in length, its body shimmering, purest gold.

  35. A second dragonfly appeared, its body a vivid purple, and a third.

  36. At one moment we were saluted from the top of a tall tree, or shrieked at by one passing over our heads, looking like an immense dragonfly against the sky.

  37. Sometimes I saw four or five of them at once, resting on different dead twigs in the yard the other side of the lawn, and I have even seen one knock a fellow-dragonfly off a favorite perch and take it himself.

  38. How the dragonfly kept circling round us: how clearly I see the dragonfly and her shoe with the square silver buckle at the toe.

  39. But he turned away his eyes resolutely from the superb enchantments of the cave, and swore he would go back unless he could take with him the girls of the dragonfly wings, for the sake and memory of their old and sweet companionship.

  40. Then quiet; the door opened, and there appeared his two companions, yet changed, and with a deep fire in their eyes: and they had eagle pinions in the place of dragonfly wings.

  41. The dragonfly refused to be caught, he rushed up into the air nearly perpendicularly; and seeing another squirrel some way ahead, they left the dragonfly and crept from beech trunk to beech trunk towards him.

  42. The snake caught the dragonfly in midair without coiling.

  43. A dragonfly darted back and forth above the stream.

  44. Sun: a snake falling back to the bank of a stream, a dragonfly in its mouth, dazzling, iridescent.

  45. It was falling back to the ground before I could focus, the dragonfly in its mouth.

  46. The dragonfly without any apparent trouble, will keep a few feet ahead of a swallow for half an hour at a stretch, and no matter how swiftly the swallow flies, the dragonfly is never just there when it makes its swoop.

  47. It has been claimed that the dragonfly was such a voracious devourer of mosquitoes that these small pests were thrown into a panic if a dragonfly approached them.

  48. This is because the swallow has to turn its body, while the dragonfly only reverses its wings.

  49. It has been supposed that the swallow is more rapid in its flight than almost any winged creature, but the dragonfly easily outwings it.

  50. The dragonfly possesses the unique faculty among winged creatures, birds or insects, of flying backwards and forwards and sideways without turning its body.

  51. There are very few insects that the swallow, with its marvelous speed and dexterity, cannot catch, but the dragonfly is one them.

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