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  1. Then they went to a winch with a crank on each side, next to the wall, and began to turn in unison.

  2. He ran the beans through the grinder, rapidly turning the crank on the box until they were a coarse powder.

  3. The cut off eccentric you will remember is set to move with the crank or very nearly so, and the lighter the load, the greater will this fact appear.

  4. The cut off valve is also operated from the motion on an eccentric fixed upon the crank shaft.

  5. It is operated from an eccentric on the crank shaft in the usual manner.

  6. A steam engine having both bearings for the crank shaft attached to the frame of the engine.

  7. There should be two such governors, one to each end of the crank shaft, and they should work direct from a spur wheel from the shaft without any intermediate shafting, to give elasticity, or to risk breaking.

  8. Settled and signed the drawings of crank and piston rods.

  9. The lifting of the fore-condenser has broken that air-pump, the connecting rod having been unwisely left in, and the crank being at the bottom of the stroke.

  10. The main shaft of the engine had a crank at either end of it, and was made hollow, a stream of water being kept running through it so as to prevent heating in the bearings.

  11. I believe it to be as simple an arrangement as can be adopted for engines with such a slow motion and so long a stroke as these must have, and the single crank in the centre I consider a great advantage.

  12. After adjusting the ratchet, you may turn the crank half around, or as far as you can; then you can carry the crank back without turning the bit, and repeat the movement as long as may be necessary.

  13. Crank is also the name given to a labour machine used in prisons as a means of punishment (see TREAD-MILL).

  14. The frequency of the crank adds to the {283} interest of his study, which is by no means a department of medical science of recent growth.

  15. Put on the cross-piece, and turn the crank to see if everything is in the right place.

  16. After turning the crank a few times add more salt and ice, and again pack down.

  17. Turn the crank for twenty minutes--not fast at first, but very rapidly the last ten minutes.

  18. We took our car down to the arsenal, and I left Sava to take it to bits and get it opened out, for there had been a bit of a knock in the crank case.

  19. But one of the engineers put his hand into a big hole which was beneath the crank case and drew out a shrapnel ball.

  20. With all possible emphasis I enjoined Lindström only to give the crank five or six turns, and then started off to catch up the drivers.

  21. Down on the sea-ice stood Prestrud with the cinematograph, turning the crank as fast as he could go as we went past.

  22. There was certainly no time to lose, for the noise behind them was increasing and deepening into a roar, and the heavens had grown black overhead, so that the spars and ropes of the crank little boat could scarcely be made out.

  23. The short afternoon was drawing to a close when young Johnny Eyre came sailing in from Loch Fyne, himself and a boy of ten or twelve managing that crank little boat with its top-heavy sails.

  24. A rod A, connects the crank with the rocker arm B, which thus may be caused to oscillate over a ratchet wheel C.

  25. Various shapes of bell crank are used, to permit change in direction or position of the force applied to operate the switch.

  26. The arrival of that enchanting old crank increases my grief at leaving," declared the Governor.

  27. His pap used to have a house here and he was the worst ole crank on the shore.

  28. They thought, of course, that he was a crank who wanted to poke holes through the pictures, and he made such a fuss that they had to arrest him and he wouldn't give bail but had his lawyer get him out on a writ of habeas corpus.

  29. It is easy to ridicule some of his projets, and dismiss him as a crank who was also somewhat of a bore.

  30. There the elephants and giraffes and monkeys passed to the waterhole, not knowing that the moving picture man was turning his crank in the top of a tree.

  31. He needs only to turn the crank of the apparatus more quickly and the whole rhythm of the performance can be brought to a speed which may strikingly aid the farcical humor of the scene.

  32. Rough-headed Jearje, at the churn, ate hard cheese, and drank ale, and turned the crank at the same time.

  33. Crank shaft at either end, all valves in centre.

  34. European engines, and none of them have any Chrome nickel crank shaft, on 5 bearings.

  35. If the starting motor does not crank the engine or cranks it too slowly, the motor or the cables and switch connecting the motor to the battery are defective, assuming that the battery is large enough and is in a good condition.

  36. This will cause battery to be in a run down condition and cause failure to crank engine.

  37. The larger sprocket wheel is rotated by means of a triangular shaped lever attached at the lower corner to the crank of the sprocket wheel and having a handle at each of its upper corners.

  38. There is practically no dead center, as in the case where the ordinary crank and lever is used.

  39. Confused crank machine this of the German Empire too, your Majesty?

  40. Fact is, I'm so much of a baseball crank that I live and move and have my being in the great game.

  41. I guessed you'd be cropping up to find out what had become of a certain baseball crank who had played hookey.

  42. He was playing, turning the crank with a swift, steady motion, his ragged hat tipped to one side.

  43. There was a crank attached to one side of the machine.

  44. He stepped back out of the waiting line, turned, and made off slowly, turning the crank of the hand-organ as he went.

  45. And while he continued to stuff bills into the mahogany box with one hand, he turned the crank with the other.

  46. It consists of a simple horizontal windlass, with a crank at one end, as shown in the engraving.

  47. It was propelled by hand-power, eight of the nine members of the crew working on a crank which actuated the propeller.

  48. The crank and lever driving apparatus is similar to that of a machine made by Kirkpatrick MacMillan in 1839.

  49. The dynamite must be of a shy and noiseless sort, for the poor fellow only shuts himself up for several hours of the day and studies something behind a locked door.

  50. He didn't name the house of the rich man to which he was going with the gun.

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