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Example sentences for "craning"

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crane; craned; cranes; crania; cranial; craniological; craniotomy; cranium; crank; crankcase
  1. I answered, craning my neck to see the closer.

  2. Two decks below where Miss Jennings and her fellow-travellers were leaning over the steamer's rail craning their necks, other sights came into view.

  3. He had been for some minutes lying upon his face, craning out over the gangway, and his long withered arms submerged in the water.

  4. Once I saw bronzed turkeys, all huddled in a brood at twilight, craning and peering from their tree-perch; but let them go, as I had meat to spare.

  5. In the doorways, beyond the range of the lamp, there was a soft clashing of bangles, a craning of veiled heads.

  6. And Gabriel Andersen stood on the wet, thawing snow, craning his neck, trembling and stuttering, though he did not say a word.

  7. He twisted round on the box, craning his neck to look in at the window.

  8. By craning out, he could see the window from which Jehane had caught first sight of his father and had called Nan's attention.

  9. He scowled forbiddingly at me, he scrutinized the other customer, craning sideways to survey him in the mirror, he looked about the shop and he stared inquisitively at the parlor door.

  10. By craning my neck through the opening I could just continue to get a glimpse of him as he threw himself on a mattress that was spread on the floor.

  11. Craning his neck, he could see Patmore hurrying towards Amen Court.

  12. So am I--so am I," cried Dick, craning his long neck nervously.

  13. Men were elbowing each other and craning their necks, and wagging their heads as they looked at the core of the drill.

  14. Here was an extra excitement--an additional attraction, which had not been advertised in the bills--and the public evinced their satisfaction accordingly by craning and crowding.

  15. She was on her knees upon the ledge, and craning over it with horror-stricken face the next instant, and could see him plainly.

  16. He was on the upper rim of the great fountain craning his neck over the pack of people: then he got a dig under the ribs enough to take the breath of an ox.

  17. There was an immediate craning of necks, and then from several came the significant cry: "It is the black mask, all right!

  18. Of course these words from Nuthin caused a great craning of necks.

  19. Meanwhile the leader has succeeded in gaining the higher ledge, from which by craning her neck she is able to see the hare beneath, who indeed is within a few feet of her.

  20. Panting he stood and watched, craning his neck to get a last view as the conspicuous scuts disappeared from sight.

  21. In front of the portico was a saddled horse, craning his long neck at two panting hounds stretched on the ground.

  22. Yet, strange to say, neither of them once thought of craning their necks in order to survey what lay above.

  23. Then there was an immediate craning of necks; and loud laughs from the members of the Mississippi sheriff's posse attested to the fact that they had discovered what strange fruit that live oak bore.

  24. Janet shrunk back into her chair, craning her neck forward, though, as she tried in vain to make out the words that were spoken.

  25. The car was full of shirt-sleeved men who stood up, craning their necks and stumbling over each other in their desire to see him.

  26. Craning his flabby neck, the squire could make out the unwholesome contour of the huge bird.

  27. Craning her head inside, and listening for a second or two, she can tell by his breathing that the cacique is asleep.

  28. We broke into a gallop, craning our necks anxiously to get a glimpse of the water, in rather dubious suspense.

  29. Jane obediently stood through the process of a fitting, but craning around to keep her eye on Paul.

  30. By this time Jane, whose curiosity was of the most irrepressible variety, had all but broken her neck by craning and wriggling in her chair to see the letter which lay beside her father's plate.

  31. It had all passed so quickly that folks were still almost incredulously craning to see, when sudden silence came to that group on the clear square before the dais.

  32. Then he held the jewel out toward Birbal, the young Princes, Abulfazl, Budaoni, and others of the inner court who were craning over to see it.

  33. He found the man standing in full view, craning his neck to look around the side of the rock which the boy had just left.

  34. The young ducks, craning their necks with curiosity, did not move until something came crashing at them, and a wildly frantic girl sprang toward them.

  35. Presently Morel got up and came craning his neck towards her.

  36. The subject of argument was seen, craning his thin neck over the scullery curtain.

  37. Round the wild, tussocky lawn at the back of the house was a thorn hedge, under which daffodils were craning forward from among their sheaves of grey-green blades.

  38. Old Bowdoin is craning his short neck, and Judge Pancoast is saying that it is impossible and then instatly changing his mind, saying: "By jove it is!

  39. The two majestic and imposing creatures met on the mat, craning forward so that their lips might meet above their terrific bosoms.

  40. In the great bar of the Vaults a barman was craning over the pitchpine screen that secured privacy to drinkers.

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