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  1. A piece of the occipital bone, which Schmerling seems to have missed, has since been fitted on to the rest of the cranium by an accomplished anatomist, Dr.

  2. In truth, the Neanderthal cranium has most extraordinary characters.

  3. The cranium which I have caused to be figured, Plate I.

  4. The writer briefly criticises the drawings which illustrate Schmerling's work, and affirms that the "human cranium is a little longer than it is represented" in Schmerling's figure.

  5. On the cranium itself, did you observe another bullet hole below the portion of missing skull?

  6. It seemed that from the vertex to the left ear, and from the browline to the occiput on the left-hand side of the head the cranium was entirely missing.

  7. I might have obtained many more, but as the Seminole war was not then over, I found that my own cranium was placed in considerable danger by my explorations.

  8. We must consider the cranium as though all osseous protuberances had been shaved off, leaving the smooth, curving contour of the skull.

  9. There is a remarkable want of symmetry in the crania of some of the Cetacea; but most remarkable is the cranium of the Narwhal.

  10. Blumenbach long ago pointed out the great difference between the cranium of our swine and that of the primitive wild boar.

  11. These lead to the congenital cystic tumors of the cranium or spine, with watery contents.

  12. Cranium of the Crom-adharach, or Crumpled-horn Ox.

  13. The cranium of one specimen (female) measured seventeen inches in length of face, six inches across the forehead, and eleven inches from tip to tip of horn-core.

  14. Cranium of the Gearr-adharach, or Short-horned Ox.

  15. In women, the scalp is sometimes torn from the cranium as a result of the hair being caught in revolving machinery.

  16. A portion of the scalp and cranium may be raised along with a slice of brain matter, and in some cases the whole flap is severed.

  17. It is impossible to consider separately in their clinical aspects injuries of the cranium and injuries of the brain.

  18. Skull slenderer, less angular and relatively narrower across mastoidal region; cranium arched with hind part flattened; external pterygoid region less expanded; teeth relatively small, especially last upper molar.

  19. The huge wing was precisely in line to deal my unoffending cranium a terrific whack, which would probably stun me, and certainly brush me from my perch.

  20. A few feet away, Burkett, the constable, was having a convulsion in his vain endeavour to extricate his cranium from a milk-can.

  21. For an instant it held the appearance of a grain sack, but there was something distinctly solid about it, too, for it dealt Hawkins a resounding whack upon his cranium before it rolled to the floor.

  22. Greatest distance across zygomatic arches of cranium at right angles to long axis of skull.

  23. Skull relatively broad interorbitally; zygoma broad and squared; cranium larger in all dimensions than in most other subspecies.

  24. Nestling mice yet unweaned; sutures in cranium incompletely closed; bony parts of skull fragile; M3 and m3 not erupted or only partly erupted and not protruding above margins of alveoli.

  25. Upon his crested scalp so sore did smite, scalp > crown of the head, cranium 8 That to the skull a yawning wound it made: 9 The deadly dint his dulled senses all dismayed.

  26. But, though by these arrangements the higher soul in the cranium was enabled to control to a certain extent its inferior allies, it was itself much disturbed and contaminated by their reaction.

  27. If the figures are to be I trusted, however, there are other very important distinctive characters about the cranium of this species; for Cuvier's, fig.

  28. The cranium is elongated, and the snout slender and Gavial-like.

  29. The cranium had been smashed open by some blunt instrument, leaving the naked brains exposed, and the cerebral matter had suffered deep abrasions.

  30. Captain Nemo inserted his cranium into its spherical headgear.

  31. In the museum at Fort Pitt is a cranium showing the passage of a musket–ball from the inner side of the right orbit to the entrance of the carotid canal in the petrous portion of the temporal bone, where the ball had lodged.

  32. The portion of cranium referred to, with the piece of ball weighing half an ounce, which lodged in the cerebrum, are in the museum at Fort Pitt.

  33. In the same way, balls have been known to travel round the cranium beneath the scalp, and to have found their way beneath the integuments of the neck, without injury to the deeper structures.

  34. The injury to the vessels ramifying between the inner surface of the cranium and dura mater may lead to serious results.

  35. Of eighty–six other cases where perforation or penetration of the cranium occurred, all died.

  36. The rest of his face was scrupulously shaved, the cranium bare as far as the occiput, where a great mass of white hair flowed down from under his bonnet.

  37. It rejoiced my heart that the old Palikar, who was not wicked, should lose the eighty thousand francs of Mrs. Simons' ransom, and that he would receive the news when my cranium and my teeth were not in his camp.

  38. Distance between individual cheek-teeth apparently increases with growth of the cranium and mandible.

  39. The cranium of Dobsonia resembles, in some ways, the cranium of Rousettus as well as that of Pteropus.

  40. In the base of this cranium are two cartilaginous chambers.

  41. The primitive cartilaginous cranium supports and protects the base of the brain, and the auditory nerves pass from that brain into the cartilaginous chambers to reach the auditory sacs.

  42. When the cranium has been sawed through, a stout hook is inserted under its upper edge and it is removed with a quick jerk.

  43. The prognathous (projecting) jaws of the negro cranium are distinctive, as well as the shape of the nasal opening, which in the black is an equilateral triangle, while it is isosceles in the white.

  44. Wounds of the Vault of the Cranium caused by Artillery Side-Arms, followed by Death shortly after.

  45. A circular incision is then made with a saw through the cranium as far backward and forward as the flaps have been reflected.

  46. Shaw in his “Manual of Anatomy” says: “The question whether there has been a fracture of the cranium previous to death is sometimes more difficult to decide than a person not accustomed to make dissections might imagine.

  47. Sections of the skulls, however, show that some of the apparent defects of the Gorilla's cranium arise, in fact, not so much from deficiency of brain case as from excessive development of the parts of the face.

  48. The face and the base of the cranium had been detached before the skull was deposited in the cave, for we were unable to find those parts, though the whole cavern was regularly searched.

  49. The French veterinarians usually simply puncture the cranium and the cyst with a trochar, and laying the sheep on its back, allow the fluid to run out through the orifice thus made.

  50. The oiled hand introduced into the passages will feel the nose presenting between the fore limbs, and on passing the hand back over the face the hard rounded mass of the cranium is met with.

  51. A long incision should be made from behind forward in the median line of the cranium with an embryotomy knife (Pl.

  52. The injury may fracture bones of the cranium and produce compression of the brain.

  53. If the distention is not sufficient to have rendered the bony walls of the cranium thin and fragile, so that they can be compressed with the hand after puncture, a special method may be necessary.

  54. His cranium is elongated from the front backward along the antero-posterior curve, there being formed accordingly an enlargement on the upper part of the occiput.

  55. The hair is parted in a straight line over the cranium from ear to ear.

  56. In other respects his cranium is similar to that of the Manóbo.

  57. Some of the frontal cranium bones seem to be broken in two or three places.

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