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Example sentences for "cranked"

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  1. When we got in bed the machine cranked up, backed out of the garage, and went shrieking up the hill to midnight and down the slope to breakfast-time, stopping briefly now and then for repairs.

  2. We swapped stories and exchanged sentiments; we traded hopes and secrets; we cranked up and opened the gas-valve and raced into autobiography.

  3. Peggy Brooks at the piano struck a soft sensuous chord or two, but Francis Hargrave would not have it, and he pulled out the proper phonographic record and cranked the machine while Cecil rolled up the Beluch rugs.

  4. Anne Randolph and Arthur Ensart had joined hands, their restless feet sketching the first steps of the Miraflores; and presently somebody cranked the machine.

  5. A, A, B, a cranked or double center, fixed to the stand or frame D by the bolts E.

  6. F, levers which turn or revolve round the cranked center B.

  7. C, C, the wheel which turns or revolves round that part of the cranked center mark A.

  8. She came out after him, brandishing a double-barreled shotgun, just as he cranked up his machine to start.

  9. When Dan got back to the car, Billy already had her cranked up.

  10. Dan cranked up again and they were getting in when the car run by Chance Avery and Burton Poole passed them slowly.

  11. She's cranked up by now and on the way, probably as far as the bridge," I thought.

  12. The gears were in the middle and very worn, and the lever never lost an opportunity of slipping into first as you got out, and consequently the lorry tried to run over you when you cranked up!

  13. One man, with the hand elevating gear, rapidly cranked the barrel down to a level position, ready for loading.

  14. The cranked axle of locomotives is always made of wrought iron, with two cranks forged upon it toward the middle of its length, at a distance from each other answerable to the distance between the cylinders.

  15. How is the cranked axle of locomotives constructed?

  16. After the interview, in a rebellious and disconsolate humor, homesick for her father and disappointed with the whole world, she cranked up her red car and whirled away toward the open country.

  17. Billie had cranked up the machine and was about to back out when Fannie's voice called from the locker room: "Wait!

  18. If Ben hadn't cranked up, we'd have had those men on us in another minute.

  19. With a sigh of relief, the four girls were about to jump in, while Ben cranked up, when suddenly Nancy gave a little, pent-up scream.

  20. Meanwhile the others had taken their appointed places in the auto, and, after adjusting spark and throttle levers, Bert walked to the front of the machine and cranked the motor.

  21. The cranked axle and the outside connection of the wheels, as specified in the patent, were not used until afterward, it having been found impossible to get the cranked axles made.

  22. The connecting-rods were directly attached to a cranked axle, and turned four coupled wheels 4-1/2 feet in diameter.

  23. As the deck of the Victory fell away from him Dave cranked up the Skua's wheels to add to its perfect streamline design and thus gain additional climbing speed.

  24. And so after a certain length of time the desert was only a few hundred feet beneath the wheels he had cranked down out of the wing.

  25. But at that period the mechanical skill of the country was not equal to forging cranked axles of the soundness and strength necessary to stand the jars incident to locomotive work.

  26. But he was too much of a gentleman not to crank--and so he cranked and cranked and still nothing happened.

  27. Casey's friend was rolling a smoke before he cranked up.

  28. Casey went over and cranked the Ford, grimly determined to make the coffee pot lie for him if necessary.

  29. He glanced up and down the narrow, little street already deserted, cranked the Ford and climbed in.

  30. Casey grunted, cranked up and drove away, wondering whether the night man was as innocent as he tried to act.

  31. He was the one who was all cranked up ready to come.

  32. My car is already cranked up gettin' up speed for the run.

  33. A moment passed, then another; he cranked once more, but as the motor was seized with a fit of shuddering the two white-fronted figures turned the upper corner and approached.

  34. Drive on, quickly," Lorelei implored, but the chauffeur cranked his motor reluctantly, craning his neck in an evident desire to see more of this interesting affray.

  35. The latter cranked his engine, took his place at the wheel, and backed the vessel away from the landing.

  36. Then he went out, cranked his rented automobile, and drove away.

  37. Jerry looked over the machinery, adjusted the valves, saw that the wires leading from the batteries to the cylinder spark plugs were all right, and cranked up.

  38. Noddy got in the bow to steer, and Bill cranked up.

  39. Like a madman, Lee cranked at the generator arm, adjusted transmitter and receiver, shot the buzzer.

  40. As Lee cranked the machine into a swift whirl, the other boys stood well back, but looked with all their eyes.

  41. Many hands cranked at the windlass, taking in the lines, gradually forcing the ship down and down.

  42. His fingers straightened a loop of aerial here, made a connection there, cranked at the motor shaft for power.

  43. Have motor cranked briskly and see if spark occurs.

  44. If the engine is allowed to stand long enough so that the tank becomes empty, it will be replenished after the motor has been cranked over four or five times with the throttle closed.

  45. Let the iron standards go 30 inches long, cranked at the middle.

  46. In an instant Ruth had cranked up the machine while Barbara opened the door.

  47. Dashing to the garage, they cranked up the two machines and ran them out onto the lawn in an open space.

  48. She gave an order, in English now, and a figure started out of the crowd and cranked the car.

  49. She gave another order, whereupon the man who had cranked the machine took his place in it, and the crowd parted for them to pass.

  50. With Jerry at the helm, Ned cranked up, spinning the flywheel over.

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