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  1. At the approach of autumn the cranes of northern Europe collect about rivers and lakes, and after much trumpeting set out in enormous bands on their southward journey to the tropical regions of Africa and India.

  2. A flock of Geese and a parcel of Cranes used often to feed together in a corn field.

  3. The Husbandman pitched a net in his fields to take the Cranes and Geese which came to feed upon the new-sown corn.

  4. I caught you with the Cranes, and with the Cranes you must die.

  5. It was Messer Betto and his Company away to hunt the cranes along the brookside of Peretola.

  6. They soon reached the banks of the Peretola brook, whence the cranes may be seen rising in flocks at daybreak.

  7. It is the only new world rival of the numerous large and showy cranes of the old world; for the sandhill crane is not in the same class as the white, black and blue giants of Asia.

  8. The killing of cranes as "game" should stop, instantly and forever.

  9. Cranes in Alberta Crane, Whooping Crater Lake National Park Crayfishes eaten by shore-birds Credit for work done Cree Indians Crow, ducklings destroyed by Crow, F.

  10. All killing of cranes and shore birds should be absolutely stopped, for five years.

  11. Large cranes could transfer freight directly from the boats to trucks at the street level.

  12. The quay shown on this section is supposed to be at a level just above ordinary navigable stages, and to be equipped with power cranes for direct loading and unloading between steamers or barges, tied up at the quay, and wagons upon it.

  13. Provision could also be made for a freight track running in alongside the cranes for transfer between cars and vessels (if thought desirable), in addition to the facilities provided on railroad property.

  14. And indeed in Pliny’s time the epicure’s taste was all in favour of cranes against storks; but when Virgil wrote, the reverse was the case.

  15. Hope comes to kindle wrath; they hurl their missiles strongly; even as under black clouds cranes from the Strymon utter their signal notes and sail clamouring across the sky, and noisily stream down the gale.

  16. To live and not to know why the cranes fly, why babies are born, why there are stars in the sky.

  17. In the foreground, the Slingshot Logistics Depot and its maze of ships, tugs, articulated cranes and flex-conveyers were portrayed busily engaged in loading and unloading the moored vessels, and the new arrivals that waited for their turn.

  18. Space tugs and barges labored in all directions, taxis charged about, and space-cranes swayed above dozens of platforms that protruded from the Depot's hull.

  19. But the godly people enjoy their heavenly delights as gods, in the cooling orb of the moon; or range freely under the azure sky, like heavenly cranes about the limpid lakes.

  20. I saw also kalavinca sparrows, the little cranes and pelicans and cuckoos and vultures likewise and cranes and cocks.

  21. In effect, these cranes are alike, but a number of patterns may be found, any one costing from a shilling to half a crown.

  22. Some of the cranes are very old, the snake-like one to which we have alluded being a case in point, having been made in Cornwall about a century ago, since when it has been in constant use by the same family.

  23. Each one asked what this exclamation might mean, and what had the cranes to do with him.

  24. The unhappy bard called in vain for aid; no human help was near; but his last, despairing cry was echoed by the hoarse scream of a flock of cranes which was passing overhead.

  25. Jar, cylindrical, with pale green ground, decorated with flying cranes in black and white, 7 in.

  26. In my progress through the streets I came upon two huge steam cranes at work, hoisting up stuff from a great depth below.

  27. On the wooden pier the same steam-cranes are at work, loading and unloading trucks.

  28. The whole town of Angostura, in Venezuela, was one day frightened out of its wits by the sudden appearance of a flock of these cranes on the summit of a neighbouring hill.

  29. When the two armies joined battle, the cranes would rush forward, flapping their wings, and would perhaps snatch up some of the Pygmies crosswise in their beaks.

  30. If Antaeus observed that the battle was going hard with his little allies, he ran with mile-long strides to their rescue, flourishing his club and shouting at the cranes who quacked and croaked and retreated as fast as they could.

  31. The children's are rendered more attractive with the pictures of flying cranes on the covers, and tortoises with wide-fringed tails among the waves on the exterior of the bowls, all in gold.

  32. Near and more near descends the dreadful shade, And now in battleous array displayed, On sounding wings, and screaming in their ire, The cranes rush onward, and the fight require.

  33. When, now to cranes a prey, on talons hung, High in the clouds they saw their helpless lord, His wriggling form still lessening as he soared!

  34. Prone on their routed rear the cranes descend; Their bills bite furious, and their talons rend: With unrelenting ire they urge the chace, Sworn to exterminate the hated race.

  35. Loud uproar hence, and rage of arms arose, And the fell rancour of encountering foes; Hence dwarfs and cranes one general havoc whelms, And Death's grim visage scares the pygmy realms.

  36. When sudden, darting down the depth of heaven, Fierce on the expecting foe the cranes are driven.

  37. Twas thus the Pygmy Name, once great in war, For spoils of conquered cranes renown'd afar, Perished.

  38. The cranes pursue, and, clustering in a ring, Chatter triumphant round the captive king.

  39. More within the Arabian bay than the Panchæans are the Pigmies, a minute race, which became exterminated in the wars which it was compelled to wage with the Cranes for the preservation of its fruits.

  40. Tis time to sow when the noisy Cranes take their flight into Libya.

  41. No arrangement had been attempted in the interim, though abundant opportunities of doing so were afforded her, as Sir Francis Mitchell visited the Three Cranes almost daily.

  42. Chancing to be playing at bowls in the alley behind the Three Cranes with some of his comrades on the day in question, Dick learnt from Cyprien what was going forward, and the party resolved to have their share in the sport.

  43. My Lord Roos avouched," pursued Buckingham, "that at the Three Cranes I should find the prettiest hostess and the best wine in London; and on my faith as a gentleman!

  44. Good wine, it may be incidentally remarked, was cheap enough when the Three Cranes was first opened, the delicate juice of the Gascoign grape being then vended, at fourpence the gallon, and Rhenish at sixpence!

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