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Example sentences for "dozens"

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doyng; doynge; doze; dozed; dozen; dozes; dozing; drab; drabs; drachm
  1. On the edge of the pines were set dozens of tents and birch-bark wick-i-ups.

  2. I just got affidavits, dozens of them, showing frauds, and gave them to Senator Alvord.

  3. To the east and south of us, set like children's blocks in the midst of the sapphire sea, lay dozens of islets, none of them covering more than two square miles of surface; each of them a perfect square or oblong within its protecting walls.

  4. As vultures swoop down upon the dying, there came sailing swiftly to where the dead men floated, dozens of the luminous globes.

  5. There was a red flash, a terrific explosion which shook the whole town, wrecking the houses in the immediate vicinity, and blowing to atoms dozens of the Czar's soldiers.

  6. At Kiev he had executed without trial dozens of men and woman arrested for revolutionary acts.

  7. Upon it I saw notes in my own handwriting, the tracing of the telegraph wires with the communications of each wire, and dozens of other facts of supreme importance to the invader.

  8. Bababalouk, who in capacity of purveyor had acquitted himself with applause as to peacocks and turtles, lost no time in consigning some dozens to the spit, and as many more to be fricasseed.

  9. The tattered chintzes were picked up, the scraps left by the wolves and tigers interred, and vengeance was taken on some dozens of vultures that were too much glutted to rise on the wing.

  10. All this was done on our way to the station, where we lunched under dozens of eyes, and on the platform a crowd was assembled.

  11. The whole place was crowded so that before 'Quatre Bras' the jammed people numbered in dozens and the picture was most completely and satisfactorily rendered invisible.

  12. She had refused offers by dozens abroad, from higher, and richer, and better-behaved men.

  13. In dozens of cases, when complaints regarding slowness of drying have been investigated, it has been necessary to point out the need for providing a rational system of ventilation.

  14. It is not proposed here to enter into a discussion as to the merits of the dozens of known coagulants.

  15. Of course we tried dozens of intelligence tests on Etl, mostly of the puzzle variety, like fitting odd-shaped pieces of plastic together to form a sphere or a cube.

  16. It had dozens of stops and controls, their grips in the shape of tiny metal rings, along the sides of the cylinder.

  17. It had dozens of short tendrils, hardly thicker than horsehair, with which it pulled itself along.

  18. Yes, dozens of them, and men are getting rich with them.

  19. He says there are dozens of simple things that can be resorted to, and no harm be done to either man or beast.

  20. Meantime, dozens of bunglers have tried their knives, rasps and hammers on mangled feet.

  21. There were the chickens to begin with, dozens of them, and they all came round Mary cackling so loudly that she could hardly hear herself speak.

  22. She looked upon wide open spaces, with dozens of trees and oxen in green meadows, and the consequence was that she began to ask so many questions that Sister Agatha suggested that she should sit down and try to go to sleep.

  23. Modern opera has ruined dozens of fine vocal organs because of the tremendous strain made upon them and the tendency to neglect vocal art for dramatic impression.

  24. With that he began setting forth upon the counter, in battle array, dozens upon dozens of bottles filled with dark brown liquid and interspersed with boxes of cigars.

  25. This is absolute fact, vouched for by dozens of patriotic Russians whose names I could give.

  26. The one name that looms large to us out of that time is that of Dean Swift, but then there were dozens just as great as he--so-said.

  27. She well remembered Norine's child, although in her time she had carried dozens of children to the Foundling Hospital.

  28. They sprang up in dozens from the ground where their forerunners had laid themselves to sleep when weary of their work.

  29. She had made dozens of balloons and parachutes--yes, and used them, too.

  30. In this catastrophe were numbered some dozens of wounded and killed, and among the latter was Michael Johnson, found under the river standing upright in a tangle of wreckage, caught and held by the bridge-man's fate.

  31. Mark Samphire not only avoided evil, but did good, as dozens were eager to testify, including herself.

  32. In the alcove, on a couch of many dozens of "pants" ready for the finisher, a bare-legged baby with pinched face is asleep.

  33. There are dozens of authentic stories of the ghostly peculiarities of the Betts ghost which are new and peculiar.

  34. At present it looked like a camel-mart; but there were dozens of horses there too, gaudily turned out like the camels with red worsted trimmings on saddles and bridles.

  35. So, as there wasn't one chance in ten million of her knowing anything at all about India, I saw fit to explain that as a cockroach is to Allah so was Ali Higg to dozens of Indian bandits I had known.

  36. Madame Mysterious, who owns dozens of these low shows in Cairo.

  37. Why, where I live there's dozens of English public school men working as cockies and jackaroos.

  38. He peopled it with dozens of smart young men and not a few older beaux of his own type.

  39. There are dozens of men who stand high in commercial circles in London who ought to be in jail.

  40. She, who had explored the ruins dozens of times, knew well that at the point where she was standing there could be no place of concealment.

  41. During that twelve long months of absence he had been daily in her thoughts, and his constant letters she had read and re-read dozens of times.

  42. Well," he laughed, "there are dozens of weird tales about the old castle.

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