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Example sentences for "dozed"

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doy; doyen; doyng; doynge; doze; dozen; dozens; dozes; dozing; drab
  1. Last night, it is true, fatigue quite overcame me at the hospital; I sat down and dozed off, and Madame de Jonquiere and the other ladies were good enough to let me sleep on.

  2. Was he dreaming as he dozed of that map of Christendom which he carried behind his low obtuse-looking brow?

  3. It was only towards daybreak that he at last dozed off, while vowing in a fury that he would never see her again, that he would spurn her, and order her away, even should she come and drag herself at his feet.

  4. Pierre, unwilling to quit his brother, dozed off upon a sofa.

  5. The Factor, gathered into the rhythm of it all, dozed off, with his head upon his arm, and slept.

  6. He orated grandly against the "hawgishness" of chechaquos and Swedes, albeit he dozed between periods, his voice dying away to a gurgle, and his head sinking forward on his breast.

  7. I dozed at intervals, and perhaps Gavril dozed also.

  8. He sat down by her; she held his hand and dozed again.

  9. She could not tear herself away, she let him keep her hand, and again he dozed and his fingers relaxed.

  10. He dozed about half an hour, and when she next gave him some food, he said, in a very low feeble tone: "You have heard from Miles?

  11. Within its bright walls, the place dozed in the pleasant shade of its towering cottonwoods.

  12. His eyes now went, first to the two ancianos, a wrinkled old man and woman, who dozed in the shade of the ramada; then to the girl who knelt by the stream pounding her soiled linen on its smooth boulders.

  13. He lay back; he dozed a little, and awoke an hour after to feel soft air upon the face, and to see a bush laden with blossom literally singing the spring.

  14. No one else was in the long gallery save the waiters, who dozed far away in the mean twilight of the glass-roofing.

  15. Nat, after his awakening, had, however, dozed off as peacefully as before.

  16. As a matter of fact, Joe formed a shrewd suspicion from the rapid time he must have made on his return, that Herr Muller had sought a snug spot and dozed away the interval before Nat's shot was heard.

  17. We packed him with one hundred pounds of our food and lashed it all on with rope, while the pony dozed peacefully.

  18. Sleep was difficult under the circumstances, but we dozed off at last.

  19. He dozed off, and it seemed to him that all nature was dozing, too.

  20. She watched him pick up a rope and go into the far corral where a few extra saddle horses dozed through the hot afternoon.

  21. The horses dozed in the corral or tossed listlessly their trampled hay; the house was quiet, deserted looking, with the doors all closed and the blinds down in the windows of the room that had been the birthplace of Belle's three boys.

  22. He dozed off and then was awakened, sharply, abruptly, by the sound of Markovitch's padded feet.

  23. If it were possible I would think that I, too, have dozed off.

  24. They were like a cloud about my head, and I shouldn't wonder that but for their attacks I would have dozed off as I walked up and down, and got a heavy fall.

  25. I dozed and dozed till I was roused by the maid touching me on the shoulder and telling me that supper was ready.

  26. From time to time he dozed off, wearied rather by his position than by the monotony of the prayer, but during the whole time he never interrupted me.

  27. Last night when we come back from the Centipede Mr. Fresno was singin' Dearie, but I dozed right off in the middle of it.

  28. When he dozed off, regardless of the snores from the bunk-house adjoining, Berkeley Fresno's musical tenor was sounding in his ears.

  29. On the quay below him a negro policeman dozed against a hawser-post.

  30. No longer the waiters dozed beside the marble-topped tables.

  31. True, she had seen an old ladder in the barn, but Lauretta Ann was too practical a woman to trust a dozed rickety ladder--she preferred to cling with her fingers and climb, and cling and climb she presently did.

  32. She went down-stairs to her little kitchen, where in the half-darkness she crouched down beside Minny who, with humped shoulders and head that nodded to the fender, dozed before the fire.

  33. She was writing, snatching at the few golden moments of her day, while apart from and unaware of her, sunken in his seat, the old man dozed by the fireside.

  34. Godfrey dozed off several times, and at last slept for three or four hours.

  35. Godfrey dozed occasionally until morning, and then looked out at the dark woods through which they passed for hours.

  36. For the next hour Barry flew the big bomber, while her “Old Man” dozed in his seat.

  37. She woke with many a start, as if she had sinned in sleeping, and instantly for very weariness, dozed off again.

  38. He coughed a little; wondered why Mr. Wingfold did not come to see him, dozed a good deal, and often woke with a start.

  39. De Puys sat with his back against the battlements and dozed like a large cat.

  40. Sleep had overtaken him, too, but each time he dozed off he started to topple off the small straight chair he was sitting on.

  41. The oxen dozed on; the cart, the barrel, and the coffin stood just as he had left them.

  42. Outside, the oxen hung their heads and dozed again.

  43. Bees in the piebald petunias that grew straggling and sweet above the sill of the open window, dozed long in each sticky chalice.

  44. Illustration: In panic, he began to run] Meantime the Rat, warm and comfortable, dozed by his fireside.

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