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Example sentences for "avoided"

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avocets; avoid; avoidable; avoidance; avoide; avoiding; avoids; avoient; avoir; avoirdupois
  1. I would not, however, have you expect, that by escaping the bitterness of death, you have avoided all punishment for your offence.

  2. With regard to the declarations made by Frost, which I have avoided to detail for the present, the proof of these will much depend on the evidence of persons who were concerned with him in the insurrection.

  3. The knowledge and acuteness he displayed, as well as the successful manner in which he avoided discovery, procured him among his associates the appellation of "The Heathen Philosopher.

  4. Translations are always to be carefully avoided by all who can more or less confidently read the author in the original language.

  5. He would be prevented from over-assessing it by his own desire to avoid paying too high a tax; and under-assessment would be avoided by a provision that the state could at any time purchase the land at the price set by the owner.

  6. Yet the importance of Sun demands that something be done to bring his thought to the attention of the world, so that the usual distortion of his personality--arising from the lack of commentaries--may be avoided in present day works.

  7. After this, he carefully avoided any personal topic and talked about Canadian farming, sitting silent when he could, while Muriel gazed about with pleasurable curiosity.

  8. Blanche, on her part, avoided all communication with her brother, except that, when they met at dinner and at tea, her eyes besought him to spare her.

  9. Soils with much lime in them must also be avoided when growing these heath-family plants.

  10. They will be avoided here as much as a clear understanding of the subject will permit.

  11. He would have avoided Richard, but he stopped him, and presently the old friendship was dominant.

  12. Thus he went on doing, and so avoided his saviours.

  13. The elder lady neither sought nor avoided the younger, gave her always the same cold welcome and farewell, yet was as much pleased to see her as ever to see anybody.

  14. It is probable, however, that while he was sincerely anxious for the success of Greece in the great contest, he avoided as much as possible offending his own people, whose sympathies and hopes lay the other way.

  15. If unconsciously or consciously I avoided his eye, he made no attempt to avoid my own.

  16. It was noticeable, moreover, that our talk avoided the main object of my presence here.

  17. Not only was his fare most frugal in quantity, but he avoided the eating of meat almost entirely, alcohol completely, and sometimes would fast for a period that made me wonder for his health.

  18. Though carried away at the moment by the enthralling character of the feelings roused that afternoon, my normal self, my upper self as I had come to call it, protested--with the result that I avoided Julius.

  19. She was as pale as death and avoided looking at Hurd.

  20. She strolled out into the garden, but she avoided the spot where Gilbert Deyes lounged in an easy-chair, reading the paper and smoking cigarettes, with his leg carefully arranged on a garden chair in front of him.

  21. KEEP BABY WARM Much colic and fretfulness may be avoided if baby is kept warm.

  22. Many a death and many acute attacks of summer complaint are avoided by the quick use of castor oil, and by withholding food and stopping the use of milk as soon as the child becomes ill.

  23. Public drinking cups should always be avoided and kissing the baby be tabooed.

  24. This application must not be long neglected, for a very large per cent of all the blindness in this world might have been avoided had this medicine been placed in each eye soon after birth.

  25. Practically, they do as a rule disturb the baby's digestion and should be avoided by those mothers who have found this to be the case.

  26. This unnecessary waste is avoided by the liver's storing sugar after each meal and dealing it out to the body as required.

  27. It usually means a bit of extra expense, but when we realize what tragedies may be avoided by such slight expense, it must not be considered.

  28. Many colds may be entirely avoided by the use of humidifiers or evaporators.

  29. Many attacks may be avoided by this procedure.

  30. They may almost invariably be avoided if the blood-pressure and the urine are studiously watched during the latter part of the expectant period.

  31. Much trouble and possible infection may be avoided by clean bedding, plenty of clean dressings, boiled water, rubber gloves, and clean hands.

  32. As stated before, the disease is produced by the blood-poisoning germ which is very much to be avoided in any and all stages of obstetrics.

  33. We wish to impress upon the reader's mind that these diarrheas may all be avoided if the baby's food is clean and free from germs, if the apple or pear is not only washed, but thoroughly scrubbed before paring during the summer months.

  34. The Calvinistic model therefore, as the freest of all, and that which most industriously avoided any resemblance of popish forms, might be the one most likely to obtain their suffrage also.

  35. Thanks to the same support, war with Persia was avoided and war with Russia postponed.

  36. But though resolved to co-operate with Russia in any eventual action in the Balkans, Prince Carol skilfully avoided delivering himself blindfold into her hands by deliberately cutting himself away from the other guaranteeing powers.

  37. Frank had been particularly instructed to be very careful how he mentioned Dr Thorne's name, and, therefore, cleverly avoided it.

  38. Do you remember that passage where the historian recounts how the dictator avoided death?

  39. In this way he avoided compromising himself, therefore, which is a very difficult matter in such a case.

  40. Unfortunately, from its proximity to the Pre-aux-Clercs, it was frequented by so many persons either going or ready to fight, that those more peaceably disposed avoided it.

  41. That much fractional calculation may thus be avoided is evident from the fact that the system will be homogeneous.

  42. A great restlessness, a rebellion against indistinct things filled their breasts and made them ache, and persistently their eyes avoided the other’s.

  43. He looked up, measured the distance which separated them from the laughing group about the submerged Mr. Pomello, noticed the look in the girl’s eyes, and realized that the interview he had persistently avoided had come.

  44. But she avoided the arms which sought to sweep her down to him.

  45. Dangerfield was not in the mood for general conversation, and, beyond amicable greetings, avoided joining De Gollyer’s party.

  46. They had tried to face the issue and each had instinctively avoided it by the memory of the old tenderness which lay in their eyes and lingered still in the echo of their voices.

  47. Had I avoided the encounter you might have said among yourselves: 'Here is one who shuns our gaze.

  48. Learn now how incautious had been your speech, and how narrowly you have avoided the exact fate of which I warned you.

  49. Until driven to despair this person not only duly observed the Rites and Ceremonies, but he even avoided the Six Offences.

  50. A misbegotten goat-track enticed this person from his appointed line by the elusive semblance of an avoided li.

  51. He acted in his own dominions with justice; he chastised foreign foes with rigour; he behaved generously to Brahmans, and he avoided favouritism amongst his friends.

  52. Vajramukut not only avoided speaking; he never once replied till addressed thrice in the loudest voice.

  53. The edges of the leather-covered board should have a distinctly flat face, and clumsiness will be avoided by any good craftsman.

  54. This neglect throws many a vessel up to the Murray Islands' passages, which are notoriously the most dangerous, and are now generally avoided by shipping.

  55. It is not uncommon to see Europeans riding about during the intervening hours; but this is generally avoided by old residents.

  56. Old Clymer had often brought men to the hotel to drink and gamble, and to the girl's credit she had avoided them.

  57. The young rakes and libertines avoided him, and there was not a slacker among them who could meet his eye across cafe or billiard room.

  58. He avoided these, but there were the billows rushing at him again.

  59. He felt that a very sharp, clear-seeing pair of eyes had fastened upon him a look that meant inspection, and he avoided her in every possible way.

  60. It was an abrupt break in a shore ledge, and could be avoided by keeping to the right and taking the ground in the rear of the ledge.

  61. He had rather avoided Walter since the boat-race, but he could not deliberately go to work to ruin his character.

  62. Obeying scrupulously the orders of Gillies since the trial, Marcel had avoided the Lelacs, holding in check the just wrath which had prompted him to take personal vengeance upon his traducers.

  63. The older dogs, evidently knowing the power in the snap of her white fangs, avoided the puppies.

  64. Marcel, for the priest had avoided mention of the cause of Beaulieu's death.

  65. Always they had hastily avoided him when he appeared on the way to his canoe or the trade-house.

  66. That I avoided forbidden food and preferred to fast rather than touch it.

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