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Example sentences for "cranberries"

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  1. To three quarts of cranberries add two pounds of granulated sugar and one quart of water.

  2. Boil one-half gallon of ripe cranberries with one-quart of water.

  3. One cup of chopped cranberries may be substituted for the jelly.

  4. Put a teaspoonful of cranberries into a cup of water and mash them.

  5. Boil one ounce and a half of tamarind, two ounces of stoned raisins, and three ounces of cranberries in three pints of water until two pints remain.

  6. In the meantime boil two quarts of water with one large spoonful of corn or oat meal and a bit of lemon peel; then add the cranberries and as much fine sugar as will leave a smart flavor of the fruit; also a wineglassful of sherry.

  7. Popcorn, Glass Balls, and Cranberries (As it were) I.

  8. I've tramped up and down the banks of the river eating white Buffalo-berries and red Cranberries until I'm weary.

  9. Put on a border of richer paste, fill with cranberries cooked according to directions for stewed cranberries, and put strips of crust over the top, making squares or diamonds as preferred.

  10. Allow to each pie a cup and a half cranberries and a half cup of raisins.

  11. Cook a quart of cranberries with a very little water, slowly, in a porcelain or tinned saucepan.

  12. Put a quart of clean cranberries into a saucepan, with a cupful of cold water.

  13. John's father as he slowed up the car so they could see the bushes and could, perhaps, imagine the red cranberries with which the low bushes would be loaded after frost.

  14. They drove through the marshes that much to the girls' interest proved to be the place where cranberries are grown.

  15. So cranberries grew to be institutions in the Pines, and all the bogs for miles around the site of the first experiment were hired by sanguine farmers.

  16. The wolverene answered: "I will make your eyes as good as mine if you will gather a lot of cranberries while I prepare a sweat house.

  17. The wolverene replied: "My father mashed a lot of cranberries into my eyes and put me into a sweat house.

  18. Apple and Cranberry Salad= Grind ripe cranberries fine and mix with a liberal supply of one of the sweetened cream dressings.

  19. Cut cranberries in halves and raisins in small pieces with the shears and add to syrup.

  20. A3/4-1 cup sugar Cook sugar, water and cranberries together, until the cranberries begin to crack; add the apples and cook all slowly until the apples are soft.

  21. Mix sugar, flour and salt; pour boiling water over, stirring, boil up, add cranberries and raisins.

  22. Jellied Cranberry Pulp= Rub stewed cranberries in the preceding recipe through the colander, boil 8 m.

  23. Cranberries may be canned in the same way.

  24. Serve on individual plates with a spoonful of dressing, with orange points and candied cranberries or cherries, or frosted currants for garnish.

  25. Cranberries and gooseberries may be baked with very little if any sugar and served with hard sauce.

  26. To make cranberry marmalade, boil the cranberries in just water enough to prevent their burning.

  27. To make cranberry sauce, nothing more is necessary than to stew the cranberries till soft; then stir in sugar and molasses to sweeten it.

  28. For each peck of cranberries allow two pounds and a half of brown sugar, and half a pint of molasses.

  29. In England and on the continents of Europe and Asia, native cranberries are inferior, in size and quality, to the American.

  30. Of the acid fruits, oranges are the best and most desirable, and cranberries perhaps the least.

  31. The advantage of this preparation of cranberries is that it keeps perfectly for six weeks or two months, losing nothing in quality or flavor during the time.

  32. First he served them with large trays of cranberries covered with grease, and as soon as the bear chief began to eat of the food the others followed his example.

  33. He brought a load of wood and picked many berries, both cranberries and huckleberries.

  34. Cranberries make an excellent sauce, but the skins are rather hard of digestion, and it is best to exclude them.

  35. If the apples are not very tart, part stewed and sifted cranberries may be used with them.

  36. Mash carefully selected, ripe cranberries thoroughly in an earthen dish, and pour boiling water over them.

  37. Cranberries are among the most convenient fruits for keeping.

  38. Stew a quart of cranberries until broken in a pint of boiling water.

  39. California prunes and cranberries stewed together in equal proportion, in a small quantity of water, also make a nice sauce without sugar.

  40. They had come down the St. Croix in birch canoes with furs and cranberries to exchange with Samuels in St. Croix village for "scootawabo," or whisky.

  41. There are in these marshes somewhere from one to two townships of land, on which cranberries were then growing, or susceptible of being improved so that cranberries can be raised thereon.

  42. Cranberries have been shipped in considerable quantities.

  43. The tree was brilliantly lighted now, and the strings of cranberries caught the beams ruddily.

  44. Its branches held toy candles, as yet unlighted, and were festooned with strings of crimson cranberries and colored popcorn, while here and there a small package dangled amidst the greenery.

  45. Smith insisted upon sharing the cranberries with him, and so looped a string gracefully about his neck.

  46. Cranberry Jelly can be made in this way from the Russian and Swedish cranberries now sold, but cranberries will require a pound of sugar to the pint of juice.

  47. Cranberries should not be boiled longer than twenty minutes.

  48. The plains below were silent; but the air was noisy with the cries of the flocks of geese and wild-duck, who were winging their flight from the lake towards the rich fields of cranberries farther inland.

  49. These birds come down to Patagonia in incredible numbers at this season, to feast on the ripe cranberries which grow everywhere in profusion, and on which the ostriches, ibis, and wild geese all feed and thrive.

  50. Soon after starting again, while Joe was gone back in the canoe for the frying-pan, which had been left, we picked a couple of quarts of tree-cranberries for a sauce.

  51. When the country is settled, and roads are made, these cranberries will perhaps become an article of commerce.

  52. Mountain cranberries (Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea), stewed and sweetened, were the common dessert.

  53. We also stewed our tree-cranberries (Viburnum opulus), sweetening them with sugar.

  54. Dances interspersed with curious native games and frequent refreshments of frozen cranberries prolonged the entertainment until two o'clock, when it finally broke up, having lasted nine hours.

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