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Example sentences for "boil"

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  1. However long we boil a fluid, in an open vessel, we cannot make it in the smallest degree hotter than the boiling point.

  2. Boil two calf's feet in one gallon of water until reduced to one quart.

  3. Eat freely of raw table salt, or take a teaspoonful three or four times a day of equal parts of powdered loaf sugar and rosin, or boil an ounce of dried yellow dock root in a pint of milk.

  4. Boil from five to fifteen minutes, or until the starch is perfectly clear.

  5. Put it in water in a covered vessel and boil gently till you find, on putting some in a spoon to cool, the liquid has become a jelly.

  6. Recipe: Take two ounces of slippery elm bark and put into three quarts of warm water and let it stand four hours; strain and add eight pounds of white sugar; boil four minutes; then add one pound of bee honey while hot.

  7. Put a dessertspoonful of ground coffee into a pint of milk; boil a quarter of an hour, with a shaving or two of isinglass; let it stand ten minutes, and then pour off.

  8. One pint beefs gall, two pounds common bar soap cut fine, one quart boiling soft water; boil slowly, stirring occasionally until well mixed.

  9. Shave the soap fine, add the water, boil until the soap is dissolved, then add the saltpetre, stirring until dissolved.

  10. Mix them well, boil for a few minutes, stirring constantly, and pass through a flannel strainer.

  11. Make a paste of two tablespoons best starch and cold water; when smooth stir in a pint of perfectly clear coffee, boiling hot; boil five or ten minutes.

  12. Bring to a boil one pound of sal soda, half a pound of unslaked lime, a small lump of borax, and five quarts of water.

  13. Thus encouraged, Mr. Appel declared that he wished he would not fry the ham to chips and boil the "daylights" out of the coffee.

  14. Boil up, add a tablespoonful of tomato catsup and a glass of claret, then take from the fire.

  15. Wallie could not deny it and subsided meekly, putting a ham on to boil with a cabbage while Rufus smoked until he was ready to assist him.

  16. After all, why was it a sin to boil water in a saucepan and no sin to boil it in a kettle.

  17. We would pause for half an hour and boil our little kettle, and have some tea and cake, and then go on again till quite late, getting well scolded when we reached home at last dead-tired and as black as little chimney-sweeps.

  18. This continued for a little over three hours, when the spring began to boil near the centre.

  19. The water is in constant agitation; sometimes it will boil up so violently as to throw the entire mass up four feet, and then it will die down so as to boil like a caldron.

  20. The water rises gradually, commencing to boil when about half way to the surface, and occasionally breaking forth in great violence.

  21. The caldron begins to boil over; a great flame arises, which streams up the chimney.

  22. Radcliffe told me that it was the Ambassador's confectioner set the house on fire by boiling sugar, and going down and letting it boil over.

  23. And han't I said in my former letters that you may pickle him, and boil him, if you will?

  24. It will boil the blood out of you in no time.

  25. Y: Like molten brass; it will boil in their insides.

  26. Therefore, if I boil the infusion, cork it up carefully, cementing the cork over with mastic, and then heat the whole vessel by heaping hot ashes over it, I must needs kill whatever germs are present.

  27. Add a good piece of beef, a chicken, a large piece of bacon; let it boil once and quickly; then let it simmer: it requires four or five hours to be well done.

  28. Boil three pounds of potatoes to a pulp in a quart of water; strain through a sieve, and brush the satin with it on a board or table.

  29. Instead of attending to his instructions, McDonough set to work to light a fire and boil his pannikin.

  30. She showed me a sore on her arm, and the thought struck me that I would boil some water in the billy and wash her arm with a sponge.

  31. Nay, I mistake not: wrath that's but lukewarm Would boil indeed were such a critic styled Himself an artist: artist!

  32. Cut the turnips in pieces four times the size of an almond, and put to boil in salt water.

  33. Put in a pot, cover with cold water, add a spoonful of salt, and boil slowly so they will not break.

  34. Season with salt and pepper, boil for five minutes, and strain.

  35. Then boil for ten minutes, and let it stand another night.

  36. In a separate vessel boil one quart of milk and one pint of cream.

  37. Boil slowly for an hour, adding more water to make up for evaporation.

  38. Then one-half glass of white wine and boil until nearly dry.

  39. Boil for ten minutes, then add one-half teaspoonful of essence of anchovies, and strain through cheese cloth.

  40. Fill small buttered moulds, and boil in bain-marie for about fifteen minutes.

  41. Clean and wash the sprouts, boil in salt water till soft.

  42. Boil one calf's brains, cut in small squares, and add to a quart of well-seasoned consomme.

  43. Boil hard one dozen eggs, remove the shells and cut in four.

  44. Then add one quart of consomme and one pint of tomato sauce, or tomato puree; season with salt and pepper, boil for ten minutes, and strain.

  45. Clarify with the whites of six eggs, bringing to a boil slowly.

  46. Boil one-half gallon of ripe cranberries with one-quart of water.

  47. Then add one pint of the water used to boil the crab, and one pint of milk, and boil for ten minutes.

  48. I always think well before I let my courage boil over.

  49. Then perspiration seems just to boil out of one's body.

  50. For the second coat, boil 10 gallons linseed oil for 2 hours with 2 lb.

  51. To prepare the ground coat, boil 10 gallons linseed oil for one hour with 2 lb.

  52. For the finishing coat, boil 5 gallons of linseed oil for 1 hour, then add 1 lb.

  53. To Preserve Enamel Pans--If new enamel pans are placed in a pan of water and allowed to come to a boil and then cooled, they will be found to last much longer without burning or cracking.

  54. To Open a Jar of Fruit or Vegetables Which Has Stuck Fast-- Place the jar in a deep saucepan half full of cold water; bring it to a boil and let it boil for a few moments.

  55. To boil foods in the oven, utensils should be set directly on the bottom of the oven.

  56. If Eggs Which You Are About to Boil Are Cracked, add a little vinegar to the water and they can then be boiled as satisfactorily as undamaged ones.

  57. For Tarnished Silverware--If the silverware has become badly tarnished, put it in an aluminum dish, cover it with water, and boil it up for a short time.

  58. In bringing water to boil quickly use the giant burner, then continue boiling on the simmerer or one of the ordinary burners turned low.

  59. The coffee would boil over, the griddle would smoke, car after car would go jingling by, and no Walt.

  60. The dairy milk-pans were used to catch the sap, and huge iron kettles to boil it down in.

  61. But we were too hungry to take "no" for an answer, and we urged that surely he could cook us some eggs, make coffee, and boil us some rice.

  62. But Mexico cannot boil her pot as she likes.

  63. John de Norwood and Hamo de Crevecoeur had broken up all the boats to boil their camp-kettles.

  64. The king and the people shall die of thirst; their brains shall boil and frizzle in their skulls, before I shall lose my revenge.

  65. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "boil" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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