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  1. Last spring, in northern Pennsylvania I found myself on the top of a mountain, by the side of one of those trembling bogs locally known as bear-sloughs.

  2. The Puca rushed him across hills and bogs and rough places, till he brought him to the top of Croagh Patric.

  3. When Lord Herward was sent, in 1760, from Ayrshire to the college at Edinburgh, the road was in such a state that servants were frequently sent forward with poles to sound the depths of the mosses and bogs which lay in their way.

  4. A pilot was needed by every inexperienced person, and many blundering wiseacres lost their entire stock of worldly possessions in the old bogs and "sloos" and swamps of the "West.

  5. It's as bare as the bogs of ould Ireland, without the blessings of the pigs and potatoes, to say nothing of the colleens.

  6. Through all these perplexities he goes on 'sounding his dim and perilous way,' with pitfalls on this side of him and bogs on that, till he comes out at last upon the open way, with firm ground under foot and a clear sky overhead.

  7. Near rivulets and on the margins of bogs only, is found a little brush-wood, consisting of Salix glauca, whose grey hue affords but little ornament to the landscape.

  8. The bogs have already a very steril appearance.

  9. And of this tufty flaggy ground, pocked with bogs and boglets, one especial nature is that it will not hold impressions.

  10. But as he watched, the figure passed between him and a naked cliff, and appeared to be a man on horseback, making his way very carefully, in fear of bogs and serpents.

  11. It was a long flat sweep of moorland over which he was gazing, with a few bogs here and there, and brushy places round them.

  12. The bogs are very good in frost, except where the hot-springs rise; but as yet there had been no frost this year, save just enough to make the blackbirds look big in the morning.

  13. We see bogs on all sides of us where the peat is three and four feet thick, and with a long straight spade that is as sharp as a knife, it is cut into blocks about eight or ten inches long and about four inches square.

  14. A peat bog is not always in a hollow, but often on a hillside, and sometimes at considerable height, which contradicts the theory that bogs are due to defective drainage.

  15. A less reverent writer says: "'Twas on the top of the high hill St. Patrick preached his sarmints; He drove the frogs from all the bogs And banished all the varmints.

  16. Remains of a dwelling have been found embedded in the peat-bogs by which the hill of Chamblon is surrounded.

  17. Antique articles of gold have been turned up in the bogs of Ireland, and in various parts of the country.

  18. The custom of burying or hiding butter in bogs is probably of very ancient origin, but, like many old customs, was carried down in Ireland to a very late period.

  19. And I have lost my horse and my way also; and have floundered into more bogs and out of them than can be found in all Robert Sadler's Ireland.

  20. I serve the king; and will go not into bogs and fens suitable for Saxon outcasts and no others.

  21. And so let us see where the solid places be and where the bogs lie.

  22. And that suggests an opportunity to give as my opinion that the most practical measure England could take to benefit Ireland would be to drain the large bogs and so improve fuel.

  23. Their power of determining whether bogs or the mud at the bottom of tanks are deep or shallow is beyond my comprehension.

  24. I had several bogs and hollows to cross, and I accordingly lost sight of the elk; but upon arriving at the spot where I imagined the elk would land, I saw her going off across the patina, a quarter of a mile away.

  25. This mountain lake is situated in the centre of a small forest of dark and time-worn pines, and is surrounded by bogs and marshes.

  26. In the bogs trunks of oak and fir are found lying as they fell centuries ago.

  27. The heath is full of peat-bogs that only need the sand, so plentiful on the uplands, to make their soil as good as the best, the muck of the bog being all plant food, and they have a surplus of water to give in exchange.

  28. There are several other river sources not far from that of Avon--Erme Head, Yealm Head, Plym Head; this cluster of bogs almost rivals the cradle of rivers at Cranmere.

  29. Grim summits cap the ravine; below are bogs that in wet seasons may be formidable.

  30. Some of the most valuable deposits of iron ore have accumulated in bogs fed by iron-impregnated spring water.

  31. In many bogs a layer of embedded root fibres, called peat, is cut into bricks and dried for burning.

  32. The cotter was ejected and driven to the bogs and mountains.

  33. The interior is flat, with large peat bogs and brimming rivers.

  34. They are great walkers and stand much work, and by continually fighting they keep the queen's English soldiers out of their country, which is nothing but bogs for forty miles either way.

  35. We determined, too, that the balance of bodily forces should be preserved: legs had been well stretched over the bogs and boulders; now for the arms.

  36. The only relics that have been found resembling them are, according to Mr. Worsaae, some flint arrow-heads and spear-points discovered at great depths in the bogs of Denmark.

  37. These bogs during the winter and spring are almost impassable.

  38. The sun was lighting up bright spots where the peat bogs held miniature lakes, among which were tiny islands of bushes and low trees dotting the great marsh.

  39. But this in itself would be matter of regret to the lovers of wild nature, for the bogs have their special bird and plant life.

  40. Men on clever, well-trained ponies go out, armed with long stock whips, driving the startled creatures together, often into bogs to secure them.

  41. North and east, Hinchelsey Moor slopes down to the bogs that fringe the Weirs.

  42. The next day I played a round of golf upon the private course on the Manor House grounds, the Burgleston Bogs grounds--with the doctor and his son, young Herbert Bayliss, just through Cambridge and the medical college at London.

  43. In which we make the acquaintance of Mayberry and a portion of Burgleston Bogs X.

  44. Burgleston Bogs is where that Heathcroft chap whom we met on the steamer visits occasionally.

  45. I thought it improbable that the golfers of Burglestone Bogs would ever be put to shame by the brilliancy of my game.

  46. The exposed bogs and headlands support several hundred species of plants typical of the arctic, sub-arctic, and Hudsonian zones, together with practically all of the common plants of the Canadian zone, and many of the southern coasts.

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