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  1. One peritoneal tumor in a rat (Mus decumanus) gave the impression of a malignant tumor on account of the miliary dissemination of the peritoneum.

  2. One tumor of the mammary gland and one tumor in the axillary region were encountered, while one tumor of the large curvature of the stomach proved to be a chronic inflammatory tumor due to parasites.

  3. In this, these conditions differ from such diseases as locomotor ataxia, tumor of the brain, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.

  4. The tumor extends roots into normal tissues to such an extent that it is virtually impossible for the surgeon to remove all malignant tissue even if he removes enough normal brain to affect the functioning of the patient seriously.

  5. The developed film showed that the technetium had concentrated in one spot, indicating definitely that a tumor was present.

  6. This radiochemical had been structured so that, if there were a tumor in his cranium, the radioisotopes would be attracted to it.

  7. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute in Houston, Texas, employs a 3000-curie source.

  8. A tumor is indicated by light area above ear.

  9. A radioisotope-labeled substance is injected into the body and subsequently concentrates in the tumor tissue.

  10. When these ions are gamma-ray emitters, it is possible to take advantage of the penetrating power of their gamma rays to locate the tumor with a scanning device located outside the skull.

  11. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute This booklet is one of the “Understanding the Atom” Series.

  12. This is an ideal situation, for it makes possible destruction of tumor cells with virtually no harm to normal cells, even when the two kinds are closely intermingled.

  13. Illustration: (2) A compound containing the stable element boron is injected into the bloodstream; the tumor absorbs most of the boron.

  14. The secretions of the pituitary gland serve to stimulate cell reproduction, so it was reasoned that destruction of this gland might well slow down growth of a tumor elsewhere in the body.

  15. Alpha particles, remember, have very little penetrating power, so all the energy of the alpha radioactivity is expended within the individual tumor cells.

  16. These rays are detected simultaneously on a pair of opposing detection crystals and a line is established along which the tumor is located.

  17. The name of a syphilitic swelling or tumor is gumma (plural, gummata).

  18. I asked, turning my head, and placing a finger upon a tumor on the right hand side of my neck.

  19. Mariam cured me of an immense ovarian tumor of the left shoulder, weighing five pounds and a half, from which I suffered," etc.

  20. A tumor or boil suppurated or maturated; an abscess.

  21. A tumor consisting mainly of fibrous tissue, or of same modification of such tissue.

  22. A tumor springing from the neuroglia or connective tissue of the brain, spinal cord, or other portions of the nervous system.

  23. A small tumor upon the eyelid, resembling a grain of barley; a sty.

  24. A cancerous tumor which is hard, translucent, of a gray or bluish color, and emits a creaking sound when incised.

  25. A tumor of fleshy consistence; -- formerly applied to many varieties of tumor, now restricted to a variety of malignant growth made up of cells resembling those of fetal development without any proper intercellular substance.

  26. Any large tumor developed in the abdomen, and neither fluctuating nor sonorous.

  27. The resulting lameness is due to the inflammation, and not the bony tumor as popularly supposed.

  28. So far, this is the largest tumor that has been brought in this summer to apply on subscription.

  29. A tumor or disease process in the gland is most often responsible.

  30. He came to the clinic complaining about his eyes and other troubles which pointed pretty definitely to a brain tumor as the diagnosis to pigeon-hole him.

  31. The cause of the whole bizarre tragedy was found to be a tumor of the pineal gland.

  32. The cause of such a transformation in a previously entirely normal woman has been found to be a tumor of the adrenal cortex.

  33. On this point magister Rn says: There is a certain chronic and inveterate tumor of the testicles, which is never cured except by means of surgery, as e.

  34. If, however, the tumor is very vascular, he prefers to leave the case to nature rather than expose the patient to the dangers of a bloody operation.

  35. On feeling the skin, a hard, dry tumor is perceptible.

  36. The lameness in some degree abates, and even the bony tumor to a certain degree lessens.

  37. If the tumor comes to a head, open it near the bottom with a lancet; or place a seton in it so as to admit the escape of purulent matter.

  38. A cartilaginous tumor growing from the interior of a bone.

  39. I opened the tumor by the point of a lancet without drawing one drop of blood.

  40. A tumor containing a large portion of the abdominal viscera, occasioned by relaxation of the walls of the abdomen.

  41. When women are affected with this complaint, after the swelling of the parotis and maxillary glands subsides, a tumor with pain is liable to affect their breasts; which, however, I have never seen terminate in suppuration.

  42. In one kind the air is said to exist in the bowels, in which case the tumor is less equal, and becomes less tense and painful on the evacuation of air.

  43. This introversion of the eyelid is generally owing to a tumor of the cellular membrane below the edge of the eyelid, and though a very troublesome complaint may often be cured by the following simple means.

  44. In the colica saturnina a paralysis affects the wrists, as appears on the patient extending his arm horizontally with the palm downwards, and is often attended with a tumor on the carpal or metacarpal bones.

  45. A curious circumstance, which is affirmed to attend the spina bifida, is, that on compressing the tumor with the hand gently, the whole brain becomes affected, and the patient falls asleep.

  46. Tympany consists in an elastic tumor of the abdomen, which sounds on being struck.

  47. This will then act as a slight compression on the tumor under the eyelash, and will prevent the hairs from touching the eye-ball.

  48. In a week or two the compression will diminish the tumor it lies over, and cure this painful deformity.

  49. When a schirrous tumor regains its sensibility by nature, or by any accidental hurt, new vessels shoot amongst the yet insensible parts of it, and a new secretion takes place of a very injurious material.

  50. A tumor on the head and under the skin is an effect only.

  51. The artery should pass farther on, thus you by reason must know an obstruction has limited the flow of blood, and the tumor is only an effect, and obstruction is the cause of all abnormal deposits, either from vein or artery.

  52. It then generally comes on slowly, the paralysis gradually increasing as the neoplasm encroaches more and more upon the motor tracks, though the tumor may be complicated by the occurrence of a hemorrhage and a sudden hemiplegia.

  53. It took matter to give it size, it took power to deliver that substance, the fact that a tumor was formed, shows that the power to build was present and did the work of construction.

  54. It attacks man by penetrating the skin, for the most part under the toe-nails, where an egg is laid, from which a painful tumor is afterwards formed.

  55. One of my mules which drank veruga water was attacked by a large tumor on the leg.

  56. The excentric, peripheral, or infiltrating extension of the tumor takes place when the surrounding parts are invaded by the active elements of which the tumor is composed.

  57. If the cyst primarily is merely a rent, the wall becomes thickened in time from a growth of the limiting tissues, and the blood-clot, of which the tumor was chiefly composed, may remain or become absorbed.

  58. In rare cases abscess-formation in the tumor results.

  59. The matrix from which the tumor arises is a normal tissue.

  60. The tumor is often greatly increased in size by a simultaneous serous infiltration of the periglandular connective tissue, and occasionally this tissue alone is involved, the gland itself being entirely free from lesion.

  61. A tumor as large as a nut, which was red and painful on pressure, could also be felt in the vagina.

  62. The explanation of such a recurrence is based upon the probable presence, at the time of the operation, of fragments of the tumor within the tissues forming the base and edges of the wound.

  63. In fresh exudations the sensation produced is often that of a hard tumor surrounded by a softer layer, due to continued succulence of the soft parts.

  64. So constant and characteristic is this feature that the structure of the tumor is usually as well displayed in the examination of the secondary as of the primitive nodule.

  65. Indeed, the structural peculiarities of the growth may be more characteristically shown in the former in those instances where the primitive tumor has undergone degenerative changes obscuring its histological features.

  66. The skin covering the tumor is either perfectly natural in color or slightly reddened.

  67. This implies, in the first place, that a tumor must be accessible to fairly accurate measurement.

  68. At operation, the picture presented by the tumor is striking in the extreme.

  69. The actively growing areas of tumor tissue and all the normal tissues of the organ present their normal color.

  70. An accidental observation led him to believe that selenium was a substance possessing a high degree of affinity for tumor cells.

  71. As an actual fact, we know from the work of Evans and Schulemann that only the “scavenger cells” of the body take up foreign colloids, and to this class the tumor cells do not belong.

  72. No matter what type of tumor was employed, whether carcinoma, adenocarcinoma or sarcoma, the therapeutic outcome was regularly and consistently nil.

  73. But even were this the case, it is an unjustifiable inference that living tumor cells would be influenced in anything like the same manner as are the dead cells observed in test tube experiments.

  74. In order to insure the penetration of the tumor in the live animal by this substance, however, he considered it essential to combine it with some other highly diffusible substance.

  75. In order to do this he made a suspension of mouse tumor cells in salt solution and mixed this with the eosin-selenium-vanadium, using the latter in amounts equivalent to three times the fatal dose for a mouse.

  76. After still further injections the fluid mass undergoes absorption, and the tumor gives the impression of an empty sac.

  77. In brief, the demonstrable reduction in size of a tumor, of a kind not to be attributed to the natural processes of evolution of that tumor or of its associated lesions, is the one essential feature of effective therapeutic intervention.

  78. Two of the pathologist agreed that my tumor was malignant, which represented the required majority vote.

  79. I might add that before I grew my first tumor I had been consuming large amounts of red meat in a mistaken understanding gained in nursing school that a good diet contained large amounts of animal protein.

  80. The university hospital's SOP required that three pathologists make an independent decision about the nature of a tumor before proceeding with radical surgery.

  81. After two years the tumor was discovered by her lover, who after a year of exhausting and upsetting arguments, forced Marie to seek treatment.

  82. This program continued for a month during which the tumors were being reabsorbed by the body, including the large, extremely hard tumor sticking out the flesh of the right breast.

  83. I scheduled a biopsy under anesthetic, so that if the tumor was malignant they could proceed to full mastectomy without delay.

  84. At the end of the water fast, Marie looked much healthier, with clear eyes and clear skin and had a sort of shine about her, but the tumor had only receded enough for the skin to close over it; it was still large, and very hard.

  85. Most people think that a growing tumor would cause more pain than a shrinking one.

  86. By this time the tumor was the size of a fist and had broken through the skin of the left breast.

  87. Wheat grass juice has a powerful anti-tumor effect, is very perishable, is laborious to make, but is worth the effort because it contains powerful enzymes and nutrients that help detoxify and heal when taken internally or applied to the skin.

  88. I also had in residence a young woman with a breast tumor who had not undergone any medical treatment, not even a lumpectomy.

  89. In spite of this diet, the tumor grew, but grew very slowly.

  90. This type of tumor may not be completely reabsorbed by the body in any case; though the immune system may have killed it, an empty shell remains, like a peanut shell.

  91. Ethyl complained of severe pain as the large tumor in her breast shrank.

  92. Last, and of great importance, I knew that the treatment would work, and that the tumor would quickly disappear.

  93. Sometimes poultices cause a tumor or deposit to be expelled through the skin rather than being adsorbed, all with rather spectacular pus and gore.

  94. In the case of tumors which arise in animals, pieces of the tumor when grafted on another animal of the same species will grow, and in this way the growth capacity of the tumor cells has been estimated.

  95. Successful removal depends mainly upon the length of time the tumor has been growing.

  96. At an early stage even the most malignant tumor may be successfully removed.

  97. A tumor cannot be considered as an organ, its activities not being coordinated with those of the body.

  98. If the truth of the parasitic theory could be proved, there would be justifiable expectation that the tumor disease might be controlled as are many of the parasitic diseases, but the hypothesis awaits the demonstration of its correctness.

  99. Thus, by transplanting a small section of a mouse tumor into other mice, the small transplanted fragments will in two weeks grow to the size of filberts, and each of these will furnish material to engraft upon ten mice.

  100. The tissue in the vicinity of the tumor is partly pushed aside by the mass, or the tumor grows into it and the tissue disappears as the tumor advances.

  101. The growth of a tumor in the intestine may obstruct or close the canal and thus interfere with nutrition.

  102. We know that the tumor represents essentially an abnormal growth, and that this growth is due to new formation of cells.

  103. The entire plant suffers in its nutrition and a condition resembling tumor cachexia[1] is produced, and there are no fundamental differences between the plant and animal tumors.

  104. A tumor arises by the cells of a part of the body beginning to grow and taking on the characteristics of a tumor.

  105. This supposes that a living parasite invades the body, and by its presence excites the cells of certain tissues to grow in tumor form.

  106. It has been estimated that if all the growth capacity of this mouse tumor were availed of by the successive inoculation of other mice, a mass of tumor several times the diameter of the sun would grow in two years.

  107. The destruction of the surrounding tissue is brought about partly by the pressure which the tumor exerts, partly by the compression of the blood vessels or the blood supply of the organs is diverted to the tumor.

  108. Hofmann[837] had seen two cases of tumor of neck; one in a woman, where the cord was below the larynx; and in a man where it was over the larynx.

  109. If he has opened his tumor with a bronze lancet and has ruined his eye, he shall pay the half of his price in money.

  110. If a doctor has treated a man for a severe wound with a lancet of bronze and has cured the man, or has opened a tumor with a bronze lancet and has cured the man's eye, he shall receive ten shekels of silver.

  111. If a physician has treated a free-born man for a severe wound with a lancet of bronze and has caused the man to die, or has opened a tumor of the man with a lancet of bronze and has destroyed his eye, his hands one shall cut off.

  112. And yet three years after the declaration of Velpeau, and four years before the statement of Sir Benjamin Brodie, the young Georgia physician had removed a tumor from the neck of a patient, and that patient had felt no pain.

  113. On the 6th of June, the same year, another small tumor was removed from the neck of the same patient, and both operations were painless.

  114. Long removed a tumor from the neck of Mr. James M.

  115. The tumor can wait," said the doctor reflectively.

  116. On the left side of the trigone a tumor with a broad base was seen, which resembled somewhat a strawberry in size and form.

  117. The post mortem examination showed the internal orifice of the urethra surrounded by a swelling representing a continuous tumor as large as a small apple.

  118. It is only in those cases where the edges of the tumor overlap the short pedicle that the latter cannot be observed.

  119. Papillomatous Tumor of the Bladder, demonstrated by Means of Lister's Electro-cystoscope.

  120. The size of the tumor (which was as large as a pigeon's egg) and its position corresponded exactly to the endoscopic picture.

  121. In none of the cases had the sound revealed the presence of a tumor (which in two had attained the size of a small apple), although the examination was made by most experienced surgeons and eminent specialists.

  122. It represents the position of the tumor and cystoscope when the best view of it was obtained.

  123. From lack of the capacity of the bladder, the field was necessarily limited, nevertheless, a very excellent view of the tumor could be obtained.

  124. We see that the tumor is not of local, but of constitutional, origin, that its period of incubation may extend over a lifetime or over several generations.

  125. The processes of decay of these tumor materials liberate large quantities of alkaloids of putrefaction, and these, in turn, stimulate the normal, healthy cells with which they come in contact to rapid, abnormal multiplication.

  126. From that time the tumor rapidly lessened until all trace of it at length disappeared.

  127. By the help of eight physicians, and in answer to prayer, partly of this meeting, a fearful tumor has been taken from me weighing twelve pounds, with three gallons of water in the sack.

  128. Cullis, at the Consumptive's Home, a Christian lady with a tumor which confined her almost continuously to her bed in severe suffering.

  129. I then asked her if she would trust the Lord to remove this tumor and restore her to health and to her missionary work.

  130. By November, the tumor had totally disappeared!

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