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  1. Treatment consists in opening the pustule and thorough cauterization, and the subsequent use of antiseptic applications or dressings.

  2. The lip is sometimes the seat of the malignant pustule of anthrax.

  3. The question of its conveyance by insects has been much debated, but the constant occurrence of malignant pustule on the uncovered parts of the body goes far to settle the question.

  4. The relation of the anthrax bacillus to malignant pustule no longer admits of a doubt, mainly in consequence of the researches of Koch.

  5. The prognosis of malignant pustule energetically treated in its early stages is good.

  6. The preserved scabs of malignant pustule have been often successfully inoculated on the lower animals, so that, like other forms of poison, this seems to be preserved indefinitely by desiccation.

  7. Eventually, it too, as a result of the maceration and tension incidental to the complete filling of the pock with pus-elements, is ruptured or stretched, and the umbilication of the pustule disappears.

  8. The growth of the bacillus of malignant pustule takes place most vigorously at a temperature of 30.

  9. It differs mainly from malignant pustule in the absence of the preliminary vesicle, of the hard nodule (parent nucleus), and of the early circumscribed gangrene.

  10. Malignant pustule is distinguished by its commencing from a minute red point with dark centre, and by its progressive extension from this point by a dark-red, puffy, and vesicular areola, with steadily advancing induration and gangrene.

  11. It is needless to say how full of anxiety Jenner was, when in July following he put this to the test by inoculating the boy with matter taken from the pustule of a small-pox patient.

  12. The pustule on the forefinger shews the disease in an earlier stage.

  13. There was some variation in the appearance of the pustule on the arm.

  14. In my former cases the pustule produced by the insertion of the virus was more like one of those which are so thickly spread over the body in a bad kind of confluent smallpox.

  15. On the sixth day the arm of the boy appeared as if inoculated with variolous matter, but the pustule was rather more elevated.

  16. The pustule delineated in the second plate in the Treatise on the Variolae Vaccinae is a correct representation of that on the child's arm as it appears at this time.

  17. The pustule was so expressive of the true character of the cow-pox, as it commonly appears upon the hand, that I have given a representation of it in the annexed plate.

  18. There appears also a greater elevation of the pustule above the surrounding skin.

  19. On the other hand, the bacteria from the malignant pustule itself, after propagating for a few hours in pure and free air, become a perfectly harmless race, and are actually injected into the blood with impunity.

  20. These symptoms subside in a day or two; the fluid in the pustule dries up, and a scab forms, which remains about two weeks and then disappears, leaving a scar.

  21. The skin becomes livid, then black; a pustule is formed at the summit of the swelling, which bursts and discloses a blackened gangrenous eschar from less than a line in thickness to the entire thickness of the cheek beneath.

  22. Glossanthrax (Carbuncle of the Tongue, Malignant Pustule of the Tongue).

  23. From malignant pustule it is distinguished by not beginning on the exterior, as that lesion always does (Baron).

  24. In the centre of the pustule is observed a small, darker spot, which gradually grows larger.

  25. About the eleventh or twelfth day the areola begins to fade, the constitutional symptoms to subside, and the pustule to dry up.

  26. This is the drying stage, during which the fluid part of the pustule is absorbed, leaving the solid part behind to be exfoliated in the form of a crust.

  27. The membrane of the pustule becomes shriveled, and the little, dark spot continues to get larger and darker until it involves the entire area of the pustule.

  28. If by any accident the vaccine pustule becomes infected, it should be treated like any other infected wound,--the crust removed, the ulcer cleansed with antiseptics and dressed surgically.

  29. Sometimes there is a pustule under the nail, and the removal of the kernel or seed is quite painful, though necessary.

  30. The pustule may be hemorrhagic or may be filled with greenish pus; in this case there is probably a mixed infection.

  31. It is during this stage that, owing to the softening of its membranous covering, the pustule is broken by the movements of the patient or the contact of rough bed-linen.

  32. The course of the disease after the full maturity of the pustule is rapid if outside interference has not caused a premature rupture of the small abscess at the apex of the swelling.

  33. The pustule on the fore finger shews the disease in an earlier stage.

  34. The pustule was so expressive of the true character of the Cow Pox, as it commonly appears upon the hand, that I have given a representation of it in the annexed plate.

  35. The drawing was made when the pustule was beginning to die away, and the areola retiring from the centre.

  36. One pustule alone will produce thousands of these double spores.

  37. In this position it is seen to consist of a considerable number of minute yellow pustules, each pustule less in size than a pin's head, and all congregated into one flat circular mass of about a quarter of an inch in diameter.

  38. At B is shown the edge of a pustule enlarged one hundred diameters and seen in section; to show the whole of a pustule in section from six inches to a foot of space would be required.

  39. A pustule forms and bursts, and a brownish-yellow scab forms over it.

  40. Noguchi has made an emulsion of dead spirochætes which he calls luetin, and which gives a specific reaction resembling that of tuberculin in tuberculosis, a papule or a pustule forming at the site of the intra-dermal injection.

  41. When the malignant pustule is fully developed, the central slough with the surrounding vesicles and the widespread œdema are characteristic.

  42. Some, however, will not believe that one pustule is as good as ten thousand, "notwithstanding the obviousness of this truth.

  43. He adds that sometimes the inoculated had not even a single pustule (besides the one at the point of insertion) or at other times not more than two or three[936].

  44. Dimsdale inoculated many of his patients a second time, and produced the local pustule again, as at first.

  45. He used crude or watery matter from the local pustule of inoculated smallpox, and advised all his readers to do the same.

  46. Another pustule has appeared on chin and also ringworm on forehead (right side); feel very well to-day.

  47. What class of men is it that the malignant pustule most frequently attacks?

  48. As for the malignant pustule in man, no doubt remained that it must arise from the same cause as splenic fever in animals.

  49. The man who is smitten with malignant pustule rarely recovers.

  50. The pustule is now rapidly formed, and about the sixteenth day breaks, when the mothers again appear, with their little ones attached to their feet, and covered by a portion of the shell of the egg from which they have just escaped.

  51. The male acari, when placed on the sound skin of a sheep, will likewise burrow their way and disappear for a while, the pustule rising in due time; but the itching and the scab soon disappear without the employment of any remedy.

  52. The disease is now at its height, and the pustule should be opened, if not for the purpose of vaccinating other children, to allow the escape of the lymph, and subdue the inflammatory action.

  53. The disease of cow-pox generally takes twenty days to complete its course; in other words, the maturity and declension of the pustule takes that time to fulfil its several changes.

  54. The local skin condition is a pustule containing the bacilli, which may also invade the general circulation.

  55. These symptoms diminish, and by the end of the second week the pustule has dried to a brownish scab, which falls off between the twenty-first and twenty-fifth days, and leaves a depressed scar.

  56. Try to keep the pustule unbroken, as a protection against germs of diseases and against unnecessary discomfort.

  57. There is no trace of the median pustule in the protaspis of any form, and in many primitive trilobites it is absent.

  58. This can be seen, for example, in the American Asaphidae, where the pustule is up between the eyes of Hemigyraspis and Symphysurus of the Beekmantown and back of the eyes of the Isotelus of the Trenton.

  59. Many trilobites, otherwise smooth, bear on the glabella a median pustule which is usually referred to as a simple eye or median ocellus, but whose function can not be said to have been certainly demonstrated.

  60. Since it is obvious that not all of the pustules of a Ceraurus could have been eyes, the evidence from structure is rather against than for the interpretation of the median pustule as such an organ.

  61. This they did by inoculating in the body of a child a pustule taken from the most regular and at the same time the most favourable sort of small-pox that could be procured.

  62. This pustule produces the same effect in the arm it is laid in as yeast in a piece of dough; it ferments, and diffuses through the whole mass of blood the qualities with which it is impregnated.

  63. Treatment in this disease appears to be of but little avail, except as regards the external form, where the malignant pustule may be excised or dealt with early by strong caustics to destroy the affected textures.

  64. He also clearly stated that the cause of the vaccine pustule might be so modified as to deprive it of its efficacy.

  65. I then extracted from an itch pustule a small portion of the virus, which I diluted in the water with the point of a lancet.

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