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  1. An egg is in the British Museum, and it has a liquid capacity of 2.

  2. The latter says that a goose's egg was found in France, (he leaves a liberal margin for locality,) which on being broken appeared exactly as in the picture.

  3. Turn out, sprinkle with powdered sugar, garnish with candied cherries and pineapple and serve with custard sauce made with egg yolks.

  4. Successful preservation depends in a great measure upon the condition of the egg at the time of preserving.

  5. Remove spoon and beat with egg beater five minutes, then beat in rest of lemon juice and vinegar.

  6. October 25 Wild Duck with Mushrooms *Stuffed Egg Plant Apple and Cucumber Salad Almond Pudding Hot Cheese Denises Coffee *Stuffed Egg Plant--Parboil 1 egg plant and cut in halves.

  7. Fried Fish Fish Crisco 1 egg Salt and pepper to taste Crumbs Sauce Clean fish, season with salt and pepper.

  8. Brush over tops with beaten egg and bake in moderate oven thirty minutes.

  9. Then make some round croutes of short paste little larger than tomato; place 1 slice tomato on each, 1 rolled fillet anchovy on top, and garnish with 1 hard-cooked egg yolk and small piece white endive.

  10. A cuckoo's egg only takes a fortnight in the hatching, so the cuckoo baby is generally in time to throw other eggs out of the nest.

  11. The mother of the egg you have just seen visited me for a few days at the end of May and laid this egg for me on the ground.

  12. If boys saw the nest they might not recognise that as a cuckoo's egg at all.

  13. Some fourteen or fifteen days after the strange egg had been put in it, a blind ugly cuckoo came from the shell in the hedge-sparrow's nest, calling for food.

  14. It was March before the first egg was laid, and as the other two came at intervals of several days, the first nestling came before the other eggs were hatched.

  15. Where the first egg of a clutch (the one with a small, normally male-producing yolk) produces a female, she is usually found to be more masculine than her sister from the second egg with the larger yolk.

  16. The second egg of a clutch is larger than the first, but develops less and the bird produced is shorter-lived.

  17. Sexual reproduction is simply the chain of events following the union of the egg and sperm to produce a new individual.

  18. But instead of commencing the life history of the individual at fertilization, we must date it back to the beginning of the development of the egg in the ovary.

  19. Biologists now generally prefer to say that a fertilized egg is "predisposed" to maleness or femaleness, instead of "determined.

  20. Parthenogenesis (division and development of an egg without the agency of male sperm) has been brought about artificially by Jacques Loeb in species as complicated as frogs.

  21. In case fertilization does not take place, this rude beginning in the egg is lost.

  22. Yet the fact remained that all efforts to develop the spermatozoon alone (without the agency of any egg material at all) into an individual had signally failed.

  23. Hence if the characters are transmitted equally, there is certainly ground for supposing that only the nucleus of the egg has such functions, and that the remainder merely provides material for early development.

  24. Share of the egg and sperm in inheritance.

  25. If fertilization takes place, the fertilized egg buries itself in the wall and development of the embryo proceeds.

  26. Hamilton described a flask-shaped nest, the entrance of which would "barely permit the passage of an egg .

  27. Notes on the egg laying habits of the softshell turtles.

  28. Follicles of this size possibly are retained until the following year or some may undergo regression; some of the included follicles may not be representative of the succeeding egg complement.

  29. The doctrine of the mundane egg was not confined to the limits of Persia, but was spread, together with the practice of presenting New Year's eggs, through various other countries.

  30. There is an old English proverb on the subject of Easter eggs, namely: "I'll warrant you an egg for Easter.

  31. The egg has also continued to be held as a symbol, and the sole alteration is the prototype.

  32. Great Britain, it appears that the paschal egg is held by the Roman church to be an emblem of the resurrection, and that it is made holy by a special blessing of a priest.

  33. One must go back to the Persians for the first observance of the egg day.

  34. One sees, therefore, what was the real origin of the Easter egg of the Greek and Roman churches.

  35. A cup of coffee, I mean, or an egg or something?

  36. I mean to say, is it likely that he's doing it simply to make your brother look on him as a good egg and a pal, and all that sort of thing?

  37. We will now boil you an egg for your dinner and see how that suits you!

  38. The coagulation of the egg albumen entangles the suspended matter so that the gelatin filters perfectly clear, though with a slight yellowish color.

  39. The sensitization is specific since an animal injected with white of chicken's egg reacts to a second injection of chicken's egg only and not pigeon's egg or blood serum or any other protein.

  40. The beauty of a poached egg is for the yelk to be seen blushing through the white, which should only be just sufficiently hardened, to form a transparent veil for the egg.

  41. A new-laid egg will require boiling longer than a stale one, by half a minute.

  42. You may put them into shapes or small tea-cups; egg them with yelk of egg, and brown them very slightly before a slow fire.

  43. The addition of an egg makes the “Chinese Soup,” a more nutritious and substantial meal for a traveller.

  44. If you are for superlative egg sauce, pound the yelks of a couple of eggs, and rub them with the melted butter to thicken it.

  45. Mr. Frank Stone (a Manchester man) and Mr. Egg are artists of high reputation.

  46. On the occasion of this second banquet, Egg made a brilliant mistake that perfectly convulsed us all.

  47. This egg has boiled three minutes and three-quarters," he observed, ceasing to contemplate it.

  48. Phisalix[132] makes the approximate calculation that, in the egg the weight of the toxic substances amounts to the one hundred and fiftieth part of the whole.

  49. Féré[63] to determine the effect upon the development of the embryo of the introduction of venom into the albumen of the egg of the fowl.

  50. The predominant poison in the egg appears to be that causing paralysis.

  51. Another way to know is to put the egg in a pan of cold water; the fresher the egg, the sooner it will fall to the bottom; if rotten, it will swim.

  52. Put half a pint of water to a pound of sugar; whip up the white of an egg and stir it in, and put it over the fire.

  53. An egg worked in makes the stuffing cut better; but it is not worth while when eggs are dear.

  54. If there be too much lime, it will eat the shells from the eggs; and if there be a single egg cracked, it will spoil the whole.

  55. The white of eggs, and even egg shells are good to settle coffee.

  56. A pailful of lye, with a piece of copperas half as big as a hen's egg boiled in it, will color a fine nankin color, which will never wash out.

  57. The more eggs, the better the pie; some put an egg to a gill of milk.

  58. Lay in your bits of meat, or chicken, with two or three slices of salt pork; place a few thin slices of your paste here and there; drop in an egg or two, if you have plenty.

  59. A bit of alum half as big as a hen's egg is sufficient.

  60. To make icing for your wedding cake, beat the whites of eggs to an entire froth, and to each egg add five teaspoonfuls of sifted loaf sugar, gradually; beat it a great while.

  61. One egg to a quart of milk makes very decent pies.

  62. Lizzy then took another egg from her pocket, placed it in her bosom, and walked on, taking care to keep at a safe distance from sweet-briers and brambles.

  63. I will put the sparrow's egg back," thought she, for she was struck with horror.

  64. The little girl went into the house, and Lizzy, first putting another egg into her bosom, walked on, the two birds flying around her as she went, and the male now and then stopping to trill his notes upon a shrub or tree.

  65. There was a little frog-pond near by, and to make sure that he should not come to life again, Lizzy took the snake on a stick, and threw it into the pond and then put another egg into her bosom.

  66. Every egg stands upon its pointed end, in order to take as little room as possible.

  67. Fecundation= or fertilization is the process of union of the female germ cell with the male germ cell; speaking of animals, it is the process of union of the egg or ovum of the female with the spermatozoön of the male.

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