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Example sentences for "egalitarian"

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  1. There was a declared intention of an egalitarian redistribution of wealth and assets.

  2. Serbs, Bosnians and Croats divided the loot with the loftiest of egalitarian instincts.

  3. The reform would also gradually eliminate the egalitarian aspect of the current wage system by providing appropriate differentials for workers with higher qualifications.

  4. In the past, luxury goods and services have been considered superfluous and undesirable in an egalitarian socialist country.

  5. Within the nuclear family the relationship between husband and wife became a more egalitarian one.

  6. They would argue that to abandon the quota, as the services did in the 1960's, was to violate the concept of racial balance, which is yet another hallmark of an egalitarian society.

  7. Just as quickly, the civil rights leaders, who had expected more from the tone of the President's own comments and more also from the egalitarian implications of the new draft law, bitterly attacked the Army's policy.

  8. The frontier, by its very nature, had an egalitarian influence which is readily apparent from this analysis of the "style of life" along the West Branch.

  9. Further evidence of the egalitarian influence of this frontier is found in the joint participation of Fair Play settlers in voluntary associations.

  10. But though it tended to be egalitarian it did not, of itself, tend to be humanitarian.

  11. Most work beyond the primary work of agriculture was guarded by the egalitarian vigilance of the Guilds.

  12. When we pass from the strictly educational hierarchy to the strictly egalitarian ideal, we find again that the remains of the thing to-day are so distorted and disconnected as to be comic.

  13. He was as egalitarian as St. Francis, and as independent as Robin Hood.

  14. It seemed to him absurd that a man should die, or do murder, for the First Proposition of Euclid; should relish an egalitarian state like an equilateral triangle; or should defend the Pons Asinorum as Codes defended the Tiber bridge.

  15. That, of course, is to make chivalry the principle of egalitarian equity limited in its application to the case between man and woman.

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