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  1. Now it is made up of twelve equilateral and equangular quinquangles (or pentagons), each of which consists of thirty of the first scalene triangles.

  2. But indeed unity is triangular; for every triangular number (Triangular numbers are those of which equilateral triangles can be formed in this way: .

  3. To make an equilateral triangle on a line given.

  4. If the radius with which these intermediate curves are drawn be the base of f, the last is the equilateral pointed arch, one of great importance in Gothic work.

  5. I mean of course by the relative pointed, the entire group of which the equilateral arch is the representative.

  6. The bone objects are described as two rudely fashioned arrow-heads of the shape of an equilateral triangle, with the angles at the base bevelled off.

  7. Stemmed and barbed arrow-heads are also very scarce, and those merely tanged are usually flakes simply trimmed at the edges, with the exception of those of equilateral triangular section, which are peculiar to Scandinavia.

  8. Sternopleural macrochaetae arranged in an equilateral triangle; front of both sexes broad; genae bare; dorsocentrals six, small; wing not rilled.

  9. Thus all equilateral triangles are equiangular triangles; but in one case they are named from the equality of their angles, and in the other from the equality of their sides.

  10. An equilateral triangle, the sides of which measure one metre each.

  11. Philosophy required three units to start from; it posed the equilateral triangle, not the straight line, as the foundation of its deometry.

  12. You hold that an equilateral triangle may, to you and all other human individuals, be a right-angled triangle if you choose to imagine it so.

  13. They are most certainly one--a single concept of the only possible equilateral triangle measuring one metre on each face.

  14. In fact, I am not sure of having ever seen an equilateral or rectilineal triangle.

  15. Were there not in nature a single equilateral or right-angled triangle, or any triangle whatever, every thing that I have just considered would remain always true and indubitable.

  16. It is true that it only showed them how to trisect one kind of angle, but it was that particular angle which was so dear to them as symbolising their craft, and which was created by the Equilateral Triangle.

  17. Bourges Cathedral, which has no transept, is exactly three Equilateral Triangles in length inside, from the East end of the outer aisle to the Eastern columns supporting the West Towers.

  18. In employing the triangular diagram, it will be of use to note a property of the equilateral triangle.

  19. In the method proposed by Gibbs an equilateral triangle of unit height is used (Fig 80).

  20. With the help of your circle maker or compass you can easily draw an equilateral triangle.

  21. Sketches A and B show you how an equilateral triangle may be divided.

  22. For a surface covering like Sketch D, construct one equilateral triangle and carry the base line across the paper.

  23. To know adequately the equilateral triangle, for instance, the pupil must know both the features which distinguish it from other triangles and also those in which it agrees with all triangles.

  24. In the meantime, Gascoigne had been measuring an equilateral triangle of twelve paces--and marked it out.

  25. Are you aware, Mr Gascoigne, of the properties of an equilateral triangle?

  26. Tell the company they are to remove three matches; then add two and make two more equilateral triangles.

  27. I suppose there will be a dozen Patrol ships converging on this spot in a few hours, expecting to surprise a Jupiter Equilateral ship making a desperate attempt to hijack your little treasure here.

  28. The plan was simple: to involve Jupiter Equilateral in a case of claim-jumping and piracy that would hold up in court, pressed by a man who would not be intimidated and could not be bought out.

  29. Jupiter Equilateral or anybody else to your father's death, I'll use all the power I have to break them.

  30. If I had Jupiter Equilateral at my throat, I'd worry plenty, because once they start they don't stop.

  31. Jupiter Equilateral needs is one big issue to make us look like fools out here, and we're through.

  32. Jupiter Equilateral For a moment, Major Briarton just stared at him.

  33. Jupiter Equilateral would have its prisoners, all right.

  34. Meanwhile, under Doc's orders, the crew of the Jupiter Equilateral ship began a systematic looting of the orbit-ship they had disabled.

  35. And it's the reason that Jupiter Equilateral is going to win this fight, and you're going to lose it.

  36. But what motive did Jupiter Equilateral have, if your story is true?

  37. He knew that Jupiter Equilateral had jumped a hundred rich claims in the past, forcing the independent miners to agree, frightening them into silence or disposing of them with "accidents.

  38. And Jupiter Equilateral would not dare let anyone of them break away.

  39. Jupiter Equilateral orbit-ship to a smoking wreck in something less than thirty minutes.

  40. Watching the Jupiter Equilateral ship in operation, Greg felt his heart sink.

  41. Of these, few are more interesting than that which we see in the cathedral at Pamplona, the chevet of which is, to the best of my belief, unique in its curious use of the equilateral triangle in the plan.

  42. Are equilateral triangles all similar, that is, of the same shape?

  43. In each of these cases the cables are seventy-eight inches apart at the corners of an equilateral triangle.

  44. The tops of the three pins that carry the insulators for each three-phase circuit are at the corners of an equilateral triangle (Fig.

  45. On these towers the conductors that form each three-phase circuit are six feet apart, and lines drawn between the three cables form the sides of an equilateral triangle.

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