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Example sentences for "fashioned"

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fashed; fashion; fashionable; fashionables; fashionably; fashioner; fashioneth; fashioning; fashions; fass
  1. Then there is quite a collection of china, all fashioned in imitation of vegetables, a Chinese dragon, a clock tower carved by Russian prisoners, and many other objects of interest.

  2. Indoors, the hall extends entirely through the house to a door in the rear opening upon a box-bordered garden with rose trees and old-fashioned flowers.

  3. The chin dropped into the unstarched collar and the old-fashioned necktie, and old John continued smoking unnoticed by any one.

  4. Mrs. Barfield went over to an old-fashioned escritoire, and, pulling out some small drawers, took from one some paper packages which she unfolded.

  5. XXX The "King's Head" was an humble place in the old-fashioned style.

  6. There was a quaint old-fashioned churchyard across the road and a brewery further up.

  7. Captain Perry was having a bath in an old fashioned wash tub in the next room when the explosion took place.

  8. When old Vauban fashioned the moats and ramparts he never imagined they would be bombarded with seventeen inch shells from guns that had a range of twenty-four miles.

  9. Each slab is about twenty feet in height and they are fashioned rudely in the form of a temple.

  10. It was a very broad, old-fashioned cottage chimney, so that standing on one side I was not inconvenienced either by the heat or by the smoke, and the bright glare from below showed me in an instant that for which I sought.

  11. A small wood fire was crackling in one of those old-fashioned country grates, and beside it was seated a strikingly handsome young man, who was reading earnestly out of a fat little book.

  12. And for all that he wore a garland of gold that the high Muses gave him, a garland of kingcups soft and yellow on his head, yet fashioned of pure gold and by whom but the Muses, yet did they stone him in the Golden Town.

  13. Not an old-fashioned three cornered cambric country cut handkerchief, but a new-fashioned three cornered cambric country cut handkerchief.

  14. It looked fair indeed that mild April evening, for lilac, laburnum, and hawthorn were in flower in the shrubberies, and primrose and polyanthus blooming in the old-fashioned plots before the door.

  15. They have invested their little all in the old-fashioned securities, and when these are depreciated they feel that there is nothing to keep the wolf from the door.

  16. The old-fashioned private virtues which used to be exhibited with such innocent pride as family heirlooms are now scrutinized with suspicion.

  17. There was a quaint and mysterious annual in ancient gardens, called Shell flower, or Molucca Balm, which is not found now even on seedsmen's special lists of old-fashioned plants.

  18. One flower, termed old-fashioned by nearly every one, is really a recent settler of our gardens.

  19. Its claim to illustrative description in this book lies in the fact that it is planted chiefly with old-fashioned flowers, and its beds are laid out and bordered with thriving Box in a truly old-time mode.

  20. It is to me distinctly one of our most old-fashioned flowers in aspect.

  21. Rhododendrons are to the modern garden what the Peony was in the old-fashioned flower border; and I am glad the modern flower cannot drive the old one out.

  22. The glory of the front yard was the old-fashioned early red "Piny," cultivated since the days of Pliny.

  23. Its pretty old-fashioned name was Liricon-fancy, given, I am told, in England to the Lily of the Valley.

  24. It is one of the finest plants of the old-fashioned garden; fine in bloom, fine in habit of growth, and it even has decorative seed vessels.

  25. In our common Larkspur, the old-fashioned garden found its most constant and reliable blue banner, its most valuable color giver.

  26. This, I may add, is also the old-fashioned empirical view.

  27. Fitzjames might be called pre-eminently a 'moralist,' in the old-fashioned sense in which that term is applied to Johnson.

  28. It was still early in October when Katrine returned to New York and to Nora, who was waiting for her in an old-fashioned apartment just off Washington Square.

  29. It was written in the quaint, old-fashioned hand of Mrs. Ravenel.

  30. Yet the Tungsten becomes old-fashioned in a year.

  31. This all began with an old-fashioned singing school which gathered together the young people socially at the church; and from this simple beginning, other plans developed which met the needs of the people and won their loyalty.

  32. The old-fashioned farm management however, which still generally persists, is competitive, and therefore wasteful and unsocial.

  33. The incoming of urban standards has helped to displace the old-fashioned rural recreations which were natural to country life, and the taste for vaudeville, the public dance, amusement parks and picture shows has developed instead.

  34. The old-fashioned farmer, particularly in America where methods have been so wasteful because of the cheapness of land, has planted and harvested just for the season's returns, with little regard for the future.

  35. Old-fashioned rural neighborliness and large families have combined in the past to keep trained nurses in the city.

  36. What old-fashioned forms of recreation are now seldom seen in the country?

  37. And the old Tims--good old-fashioned gentleman--drinking his liquor well.

  38. And thou from this mayst argue furthermore Your resurrection, if thou think again How human flesh was fashioned at that time When the first parents both of them were made.

  39. And I want you to give my old-fashioned remedy a trial.

  40. It is much easier to sing in these modern theaters made of stone and concrete than in many of the old-fashioned opera houses.

  41. She pulled out from beneath the bed her old-fashioned leather trunk and began to pack such clothes as she meant to take with her.

  42. O, Virginia, now that we're rid of that troublesome husband let's have one of our good old-fashioned times!

  43. Desire's dim temple fashioned out of prayer, Builded and jointured by no carpenter But captious Fancy!

  44. The little seamstress was scarcely thirty years old, but she was such an old–fashioned little body in so many of her looks and ways that I had almost spelled her sempstress, after the fashion of our grandmothers.

  45. Fifteen years before, there had been but one Congregational Church, where a prosperous and contented congregation worshiped in a plain little old–fashioned red brick church on a side–street.

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    Other words:
    artificial; assembled; built; cast; custom; fabricated; fictitious; forged; gathered; grown; handmade; homemade; homespun; made; manufactured; milled; mined; molded; prefabricated; processed; raised; refined; shaped

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