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Example sentences for "argue"

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argon; argosies; argosy; argot; arguable; argued; arguer; argues; argueth; arguing
  1. Well, you can argue out the question about a jitney license, but I must go back to my flowers," said Norma, getting up from the steps and starting for the roundel.

  2. Natalie turned to Mrs. James and asked whimsically: "Did Mr. Ames mean he would gladly argue politics with us, or gladly bring the seeds back?

  3. A glimmering of knowledge may be picked up in this way; but no one will argue that it is likely to create great excellence.

  4. In favor of such unsportsman-like haste they ingeniously argue that a continued noise after firing makes birds lie, from attracting their attention.

  5. These authors seem to argue that the fits are a separate disease, and not the symptoms only of an existing disorder.

  6. Indeed, I have heard some sportsmen argue in favor of a dog's dropping, "that it rested him.

  7. He himself has left us a few very sententiously worded prefaces which do not argue great critical taste.

  8. And lastly come the pamphlets in which, with singular want of understanding of the course of events, Milton tried to argue Monk and the weary nation out of the purpose to shake off the heavy yoke of so-called liberty.

  9. From these we can argue with a clear intellectual conscience back to what may have been.

  10. It is admitted that we cannot prove that Natural Selection effected this or that result in the distant past, but we know that a process of discriminate elimination is a fact of life, and we argue from the present to the past.

  11. But it seems legitimate to argue from the clear cases to the obscure cases, and to say that the germ-cells are those cells which retain the complete complement of heritable qualities.

  12. We no longer trouble to argue about it; like wisdom it is justified of its children.

  13. So she argued to herself, and so too many argue; but how strange it is that people should argue so differently about the sin of drunkenness from what they argue about other sins!

  14. I guess you could argue on the quality and quantity of rot-gut whisky a good engineer ought to drink, better than on theology, anyhow.

  15. I tried to argue and reason myself out of it, but it was no go.

  16. He had enough of the statesman in him to be able to accept established facts, and not to argue with the inexorable.

  17. The man went on to argue that there was no reason why the English people should not hate the King, and that the King had gone to Hanover only to spend the money of England there, and to bring back his Hanoverian mistress.

  18. Argue with them, and they fall to divining; reason with them, and they straightway prophesy.

  19. Of course, if any one really thinks that England is now in great danger (as in Sancroft's days) from the Popish encroachments of the CROWN, such an one is free to argue as Dr.

  20. A man may stand up and read a Statute to others--and then argue against it.

  21. They did not preach His birth of a virgin, and thence argue that He was Divine.

  22. But although the Apostle does not here argue the case, we are not left in ignorance as to the principles upon which he based the rules here laid down so emphatically.

  23. The Apostle does not here argue the case.

  24. And so I argue about the world;--if there be a God, since there is a God, the human race is implicated in some terrible aboriginal calamity.

  25. The reason why St. Paul does not argue the matter is obvious.

  26. And--" "Let me stop you; I cannot argue against a physician in love!

  27. I know I cannot argue with you, but if I cannot reply to your reasoning, you cannot convince my heart.

  28. Ask Mr. Santley to dinner, George, and then you can discuss as long and as profoundly as you like; but I will not allow you to argue now.

  29. I was about to protest," he now said, "against several of your expressions, but I fear controversy is of little good when the disputants argue from different premises.

  30. In the first this shows a noble and generous spirit, not to distrust his friends; while the latter seems rather to argue weakness of purpose, for though Eumenes had long intended to fly, yet he did not, and was taken.

  31. So true it is that wickedness and vice argue a want of due balance and proportion in a man's mind, which leads him to acquire wealth dishonestly, and then to squander it uselessly.

  32. O, deceive me not, my people, Do not argue with me falsely, For alas!

  33. I will not trust myself with my council," he said; "they will argue me out of what is right.

  34. Never mind, Socrates, you shall argue with him.

  35. Yes, indeed, he said; he is very pugnacious, and that is the reason why I want you to argue with him.

  36. Against such unholy disbelief it is not for me to argue or dispute, nor is this the fitting place and opportunity.

  37. It was his turn now to argue and entreat, but I had no taste at the moment for "play-acting.

  38. But I had no inclination to argue my innocence in that respect with one of Ilga's servants, and presently he continued: "Well, a quiet tongue is wisdom where women are concerned.

  39. Women, however well read in history, never generalize in politics; never argue on any broad or general principle; never reason from a consideration of past events, their causes and consequences.

  40. Then it is not sufficient for critics to assert this inferiority and want of variety: they first assume the fallacy, then argue upon it.

  41. Yet this highly figurative and antithetical exuberance of language is defended by Schlegel on strong and just grounds; and to me also it appears natural, however critics may argue against its taste or propriety.

  42. Salt was tempted to argue the matter, but Penny took his arm, pulling him toward the door.

  43. One thing you can't do is argue with a mob!

  44. The passing of the sentence was therefore deferred: a day was appointed for considering the point raised by Crone; and counsel were assigned to argue in his behalf.

  45. But whether the consort of a Sovereign is or is not a Papist is a question about which people may argue for ever.

  46. Spain, let Madrid papers argue and deny as they will, is in a state of general fermentation and violent discontent; on the brink of a convulsion which may very possibly end in the ousting of Isabella II.

  47. But, in this instance, we argue with our accomplished neighbours on different principles.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "argue" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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