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  1. Tubes of potassium, argon and liquid chlorine showed no very marked difference of density on the photographic plates.

  2. It appears that argon is relatively more opaque to the Rontgen radiation than either oxygen, nitrogen or sodium, and is on a level with potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, aluminium and sulphur.

  3. This fact may be regarded as supporting the view that the atomic weight of argon is twice its density relative to hydrogen, since in general the opacity of elements in the solid state increases with the atomic weight.

  4. Fill a gasometer with purified argon and we'll introduce a few of these crystals and explode them.

  5. The level of the gas showed it to be of the original volume but the liquid under the argon was stained a light brown.

  6. I have heard of the forbidden drug that is sold in the mining camps such as Argon City.

  7. I kept in the shadows of the shabby buildings of Argon City, and I found the window without effort.

  8. Tonight you looked very suspicious when you left Argon City.

  9. He meant Jon Rogeson, of course, who was the peace officer here in Argon City, and the only one of the Builders I had ever met who did not look down upon a metal person.

  10. Within the airdrome which covers Argon City the buildings are loosely constructed, even as they are on Earth.

  11. The most remarkable physical property of argon relates to the constant known as the ratio of specific heats.

  12. It is of interest to note that the argon spectrum may be fully developed by operating upon a miniature scale, starting with only 5 c.

  13. The weight of a mixture of argon and nitrogen prepared from the dissolved gases showed an excess of 24 mg.

  14. Argon is contained in the gases liberated by many thermal springs, but not in special quantity.

  15. The facts detailed in the original memoir led to the conclusion that argon was an element or a mixture of elements, but the question between these alternatives was left open.

  16. The evidence of the existence of a new gas (named Argon on account of its chemical inertness), and a statement of many of its properties, were communicated to the Royal Society (see Phil.

  17. Norman Collie to separate argon by diffusion into two parts, which should have different densities or refractivities, led to no distinct effect.

  18. The behaviour of argon at low temperatures was investigated by K.

  19. This is precisely the number found from the velocity of sound in argon as determined by Kundt's method, and it leaves no room for any sensible energy of rotatory or vibrational motion.

  20. The most conspicuous group in the argon spectrum at atmospheric pressure is that first recorded by A.

  21. From the manner of its preparation it was clear at an early stage that argon would not combine with magnesium or calcium at a red heat, nor under the influence of the electric discharge with oxygen, hydrogen or nitrogen.

  22. Nor does it appear that any well-defined compound of argon has yet been prepared.

  23. As soon as a spark-gap was introduced, or the condenser began to emit the humming sound peculiar to it, the beautiful blue glow so characteristic of argon immediately appeared.

  24. This low refractivity is noteworthy as strongly antagonistic to the view at one time favoured by eminent chemists that argon was a condensed form of nitrogen represented by N3.

  25. The argon atom is just as closely in contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere as with the nitrogen; it simply repels each indiscriminately.

  26. The discovery of argon came about in a rather singular way.

  27. What would Joseph Priestley, the discoverer of oxygen, and Cavendish, the discoverer of nitrogen, think could they step into the laboratory of Professor Ramsay and see test-tubes containing argon and helium and krypton and neon and zenon?

  28. The oxygen or nitrogen atom never rests until it has sought out a fellow, but the argon atom declines all fellowship.

  29. We think of argon as connected with nitrogen because in isolation experiments it remains after the oxygen has been exhausted, but in point of fact there is no such connection between argon and nitrogen in nature.

  30. A statement of the properties of argon was made by the discoverers to the Royal Society, given in Phil.

  31. But again, how chances it that different atoms attract one another in such varying degrees, so that, for example, fluorine unites with everything it touches, argon with nothing?

  32. But consider a little further; the argon atom not only repels all advance on the part of oxygen and nitrogen, but it equally holds itself aloof from its own particular kindred atoms.

  33. Lisette, after having let Argon look her over, pretends to be astonished to see Argon so near her.

  34. Monsieur Argon occupies me and I am going to see him.

  35. Widow If Argon is undeceived, I will be satisfied.

  36. Argon (aside) An explanation would be very nice here.

  37. Were the good Argon never to marry me, let us try to disabuse him-- from friendship.

  38. Argon To give you courage, I make a contract.

  39. Argon (who runs after her) Well, are you fleeing from me?

  40. Argon returns from the other side, and looks to see if the Widow sees him.

  41. Argon Go--and be in the nearby woods in an hour.

  42. Argon Yes, we scorn Lisette Baron (to Widow) She has a hundred thousand francs which I still regret.

  43. Argon (to the Baron) What did Girard warn me?

  44. Argon I am sure of her heart and her good faith.

  45. Widow Because Mr. Argon is supposed to come find me.

  46. The atmosphere of the earth, we now know, contains far more oxygen or far less argon (whichever way one likes to put it) than does Mars.

  47. The positions of Argon and Potassium have been inverted in order that these elements may fall in the right columns with the elements they resemble; [d]: so also have the positions of Tellurium and Iodine.

  48. On coming within ten miles of Acomat, Argon encamps and sends two envoys to his uncle.

  49. Thus then Acomat had left his host in command of that Melic whom I mentioned, whilst Argon remained in irons, and in such bitterness of heart that he desired to die.

  50. Argon then desired them to shoot a volley of arrows into the tent of the Melic who had held them prisoners, and who was in command of the army, that he might be slain.

  51. When that was done Argon took the supreme command and gave his orders as sovereign, and was obeyed by all.

  52. And you must know that Argon began his reign in the year 1286 of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

  53. The Officer in command of a Pass by which he had to go, seeing the state of things, arrests him and carries him to the Court (probably Tabriz), where Argon was already arrived.

  54. So there tarried Argon with all his host.

  55. It ends with the rout of Argon's army, and proceeds:) And in the pursuit Argon was taken.

  56. Kiacatu took the wife of Argon for his own, and was always dallying with women, for he was a great lechour.

  57. Now I will leave this story and tell you of a great battle that Caidu fought with Argon the son of Abaga, Lord of the Tartars of the Levant.

  58. In air there is very little deposit from an Al cathode, but it is abundant in tubes filled with the monatomic gases, mercury vapour, argon or helium.

  59. Discovery of element Argon by Lord Rayleigh and Professor Ramsey.

  60. If it be a gaseous body, it must form part of the argon group, and, like its other members, be perfectly inert.

  61. Travers first observed by means of the spectroscope the characteristics of the companions of argon in the least volatile part of the atmosphere.

  62. According to him, neither helium nor argon is absorbed by charcoal.

  63. Sir James Dewar on the one hand, and Sir William Ramsay on the other, subsequently separated in addition to argon and helium, crypton, xenon, and neon.

  64. Such shiftings are noted in the cases of tellurium and iodine; cobalt and nickel; argon and potassium.

  65. Radium then expels an alpha particle and becomes the gas, radium emanation, which is an analogue of argon and belongs to the zero group.

  66. In 1895, in connection with the discovery of argon in the atmosphere, a search was made to see if the latter element could be obtained from mineral sources.

  67. Argon is condensible to a colorless liquid boiling at -186.

  68. Chemically, it belongs to the argon group and cannot be made to form compounds.

  69. For the Argon (or Inert Plain), see Leake, ib.

  70. The investigation of argon led to the discovery of some of the others.

  71. Argon were half-castes between the race of the Tenduc Buddhists and that of the Mahomedan settlers.

  72. These two texts do not assert that the Argon were Christians.

  73. And when they got thither they found that Argon was dead, so the Lady was delivered to CASAN, his son.

  74. The Great Kaan regarded them with such trust and affection, that he had confided to their charge the Queen Cocachin, as well as the daughter of the King of Manzi,[NOTE 8] to conduct to Argon the Lord of all the Levant.

  75. ARGON AND RURO, the two sons of Annir, king of Inis-thona, an island of Scandinavia.

  76. He had two sons (Argon and Ruro) and one daughter.

  77. Argon granted the request, and overthrew him, which so vexed Cormalo that during a hunt he shot both the brothers secretly with his bow.

  78. Argon granted the request, and overthrew him, and this so vexed Cormalo that during a hunt he shot both the brothers with his bow.

  79. Illustration: A scientist making adjustments on an “argon train”, a maze of glass tubing in which argon is released from minerals and purified for analysis.

  80. Accurate dating of this earliest human ancestor was possible by using the potassium-argon method.

  81. Evernden at the University of California in Berkeley by the potassium-argon method.

  82. After many attempts it was discovered that the same rock strata dated by potassium-argon also contained some pumice—a porous volcanic glass—and that this glass was suitable for uranium fission-track dating.

  83. Low-Strontium Feldspar In spite of early disappointments with potash feldspar for argon dating, some of it is useful for rubidium-strontium procedures.

  84. Investigation showed that feldspar “leaked” argon (lost some of its radiogenic argon) even at room temperature, but the mica retained all or nearly all of the argon that had been generated in it.

  85. It is not affected at all by the same degree of heating that will drive argon out of biotite.

  86. The amount of argon produced in that time is extremely small, and contamination by argon from the air is a serious problem.

  87. It is known that at only about 300°C at moderate pressures argon is leaked from mica faster than it is being generated in it by the decay of radioactive potassium.

  88. Sanidine Still another good system is the rare feldspar, sanidine, which is excellent for both potassium-argon and rubidium-strontium age determination.

  89. When argon was discovered it was seen at once that there was no place in the table for an element of atomic weight approximately 40.

  90. If the gas left after the removal of oxygen from a portion of air is passed over heated magnesium, the nitrogen is withdrawn, argon and the other rare elements being left.

  91. These elements, as well as helium, all proved to be similar to argon in that they are without chemical activity, apparently forming no compounds whatever.

  92. According to their atomic weights, tellurium should follow iodine, and argon should follow potassium.

  93. Argon means lazy or inert, the element being so named because of its inactivity.

  94. Its atomic weight was found, and, wonderful to relate, it was such that argon fell into a new column to the left of Group 1, as had been anticipated.

  95. The discovery of argon was announced in 1894.

  96. Though Mendeléef had pointed out three missing links, he had failed to make provision for a whole group of elements since discovered, the inert gases of the helium-argon group.

  97. It is not so bad as Argon the Lazy and the other celibate gases of that family, where each individual atom goes off by itself and absolutely refuses to unite even temporarily with any other atom.

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