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camping; campions; campis; campong; campos; campsite; campstool; campum; campus; campuses
  1. Last season the hostess of one of the camps gave a children’s party.

  2. I think one has to visit these camps to understand,” the lady explained.

  3. You will find the camps about the lake quite as entertaining as Saratoga’s Floral Fête, or indeed any fashionable watering-place amusement.

  4. Barry, in his military tone, "I am organising a company of musicians who will go through our camps and help the boys as you have helped us to-day.

  5. At the meeting of the chaplains' corps, the time was mainly taken up in routine business, dealing with arrangements for religious services at the various camps within the area.

  6. I wish you to join me in a visitation of some of the military camps in this district.

  7. Perhaps his Person may not be agreeable; The best in Camps are not the best in Courts.

  8. Most of them were away at outlying camps gathering winter stores.

  9. Most of the season goods for the Cassiar gold camps were carried from Glenora to Telegraph Creek in canoes, the steamers not being able to overcome the rapids except during high water.

  10. In the other half of the book he describes his journey on a special mission for the Canadian Government to the Hudson Bay forts and Indian camps in the valleys of the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers.

  11. That night the two camps were pitched close together, and two fires burned like red specks in the holes dug for the sagebrush and cedar roots.

  12. He had gone up the river to one of his logging camps and the humor had seized him to make the trip in a fast little motor-boat he had given Donald at Christmas many years' before.

  13. VIII Donald left the following morning in the automobile for the logging-camps up-river, and because of his unfamiliarity with their present location, his father's chauffeur drove him up.

  14. I'm planning to shut down the mill and the logging-camps for three days," he replied glibly.

  15. Some fell near the camps by the river, and some caused considerable alarm to the cave-dwellers by alighting near their cool retreats.

  16. The missionaries of Balch and Samarcand pursued without fear the footsteps of the roving Tartar, and insinuated themselves into the camps of the valleys of Imaus and the banks of the Selinga.

  17. Till he had secured the passage of the Po on the bridge of Pavia, the grandson of Clovis dissembled his intentions, which he at length declared, by assaulting, almost at the same instant, the hostile camps of the Romans and Goths.

  18. The darkness of the night, and the separation of the Romans, afforded the Persian monarch an opportunity of revenge; and one of their camps was swept away by a rapid and impetuous assault.

  19. With the remainder of his forces he marched into Lucania and Apulia, and occupied on the summit of Mount Garganus one of the camps of Hannibal.

  20. The theory of war was not more familiar to the camps of Cæsar and Trajan, than to those of Justinian and Maurice.

  21. The camps on the Loire were broken up on September 14, only sufficient forces being left to invest Orleans.

  22. The camps of the duke of Alençon and the Protestants were broken up when the peace was published.

  23. The establishment of three camps was ordered, one in Dauphiné, the second in Provence and Languedoc, and the third in Poitou.

  24. The prospect of peace darkened as the winter began to break and preparations in both camps grew more active.

  25. By the end of September the camps were wholly broken up and the reiters either over or on their way across the frontier.

  26. Aw'd with these words, in camps they still abide, And wait with longing looks their promis'd guide.

  27. By the latter course we crossed from the left to the right bank of the creek on which we had our two last camps and left it.

  28. The banks of the creek at this camp descend in gentle slopes, and consequently have a continuation of rich soil from the plains; and as the grass was not too old it proved one of the best camps for horses we have hitherto had.

  29. Why, you can pack almost anything on a horse--they even took pianos on slings between four pack-horses in some of the mountain mining-camps in Montana.

  30. An attempt was made by means of military camps to establish control and force all the Indians upon reservations, and another commission was sent to negotiate their removal to Indian Territory, but met with an absolute refusal.

  31. It was one of the greatest camps of the Sioux that I ever saw.

  32. She had purposely avoided his companionship in their walk home from Mrs. Brownlow's house; and now, as they wandered about the lawn and shrubberies of Popham Villa, she took care not to be with him out of earshot of the others.

  33. Animals and plants, as well as man, are drawn up in two rival camps perpetually hostile, and all nature participates in the eternal combat of the two opposing principles.

  34. The immediate vicinity of our long encampment is changed considerably by houses being erected nearby and on the ground where our camps stood, but the big spring house, however, still does duty as of yore.

  35. At their camps they will put a small quantity in a kettle with water and let it boil down, and they will have a thick pottage.

  36. At last, they crossed the Allegheny mountains, and falling upon the camps of the Lenape on Juniata river, they committed several murders and went off with their plunder.

  37. The cheques we made and the shanty sprees, The camps in the great blind scrub, The long wet tramps when the plains were seas, And the oracles worked in days like these For rum and tobacco and grub.

  38. Oft when the camps were dreaming, And fires began to pale, Through rugged ranges gleaming Would come the Royal Mail.

  39. The presence of black troops, lately slaves, demoralizes labor, both by their advice and by furnishing in their camps a resort for the freedmen for long distances around.

  40. They picture life as a highly-accomplished woman knew it in the camps and among the people whom Bret Harte has immortalized.

  41. In 1851, a lady, the wife of a physician, went with her husband into the mines and settled at Rich Bar and Indian Bar, two neighboring camps on the north fork of the Feather River.

  42. Now, as a rule, an employer doesn't look for a profit on the grub; taking camps all round, the boys get pretty good value for their money.

  43. In logging camps and on new roads, courage and muscular strength command respect; but now that he had been ignominiously thrown out of the store before a derisive crowd, his prestige had gone.

  44. If nobody were willing to live in the logging camps all winter and go prospecting in the bush, you would be badly off.

  45. Indifference to confinement of non-combatants in detention camps in England and France.

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