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Example sentences for "campsite"

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  1. From the front of this campsite one could see the cold forbidding peak of Tyndall Glacier.

  2. As soon as the campsite had been decided upon, the two guides told the scouts to clear away all excrescences from the ground.

  3. No one can find as desirable a campsite without loss of time.

  4. We'll have a new campsite tonight," Tom said at once.

  5. They did locate a real cozy campsite and settled in for the night.

  6. We start back to the campsite and make our way along the trail down the side of Mount Nokomis.

  7. This is a good campsite and fishing is fair upstream.

  8. This is a fair campsite for auto parties.

  9. At the headwaters of this creek is a small meadow at the right of the trail, a good campsite with forage fairly abundant.

  10. The nearest campsite downstream is at the creek crossing three miles further.

  11. It is small and contains no trout, but offers an attractive campsite among the meadows and park-like forests.

  12. Near the present campsite was a zig-zag line, exactly like the one on the parchment, but on a smaller scale.

  13. They quickened their pace and reached the next campsite well before dusk.

  14. Only a short distance from the campsite they came upon the unmistakable marks of a water-cat's broad paws, pressed in so heavy and distinct a pattern that Hume knew the animal could not be far ahead.

  15. But not far from the small ship he had discovered something more--a campsite with a shelter fashioned out of spalls and vines, containing possessions a castaway might have accumulated.

  16. I remembered a campsite in the mountains not so far from here, that will give us all the delights of the Adirondacks without the costs.

  17. The girls were too eager to reach their campsite to wait any longer for the men to complete the baggage transfer, so they informed the Captain: "We'll take our suitcases and start up, Verny!

  18. Then we are pleased with my plan to ride out and inspect the old campsite on Saturday, eh?

  19. So she said: "How do we know this campsite is where we might wish to spend a summer?

  20. I asked mother about the campsite and she said it was three or four miles from any village," said Ruth, this being the first inkling she had given that she had inquired about the camp.

  21. Our campsite lies just there beyond that cluster of giant pines that rear their heads high above the surrounding forest trees," said Mrs. Vernon, leading the way across the plateau.

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