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Example sentences for "argot"

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  1. Even uglier, this new argot of the eighties.

  2. Studies of dialects of isolated groups, of the argot of social classes, of the technical terms of occupational groups, of the precise terminology of scientific groups suggest the wide range of concrete materials.

  3. You speak the argot of the fortifications.

  4. It fell to the court below, and there Argot must have picked it up.

  5. Argot would never dare display so openly such a proof of his guilt!

  6. Well, do you think that Argot would be a likely person?

  7. But I did not intend to give that white-faced apparition, to whom I attributed the mysterious footsteps, the chance of falling upon me unaware, especially not while Madame Argot was on the premises.

  8. The detective remained only a minute or so in the building, and when he came out he gave me a slight nod, which I interpreted as a sign that Argot was not at home.

  9. And unless Madame Argot is an actress and a liar of very unusual talent, I am willing to swear that she knew and knows nothing of the crime!

  10. You say Argot killed him; perhaps he did, though I can't imagine why or how.

  11. When Argot was arrested she thought all danger was over, till I stupidly blurted out that the detective was stalking a woman, not a man.

  12. Furthermore, I can think of no way by which Argot could have run across Brown.

  13. I think he was pierced through the heart by a skewer, which, in a kitchen, Argot would have found under his hand.

  14. Several days ago I told a detective that I was sure not only that Argot was insane, but that he had committed the Rosemere murder.

  15. The two-a-day is stage argot for vaudeville.

  16. Ever-picturesque argot has given them a name of ridicule, and calls them les peintres and their brooms their inspired brushes.

  17. In the argot of the blousards he is known as the Chevalier of the Hook.

  18. For this reason argot is subject to perpetual transformation--a secret and rapid work which ever goes on.

  19. Victor Hugo, after Balzac, has devoted a whole chapter to argot in his Misérables, and both these great authors have left little to be said on the subject.

  20. Nisard, however, rejects these derivations, and believes that argot comes from argutus, pointed, cunning.

  21. But a very small number of words thus coined have passed into the main body of the lingo, as being too lengthy, and because argot has a general tendency to brevity.

  22. They have also a great command over the varieties of facial expression, are peculiarly dramatic, and can chatter the argot of the atelier as cleverly as the critic of the Gil Bias.

  23. The glance of the latter, showed authority over his adept, in whom a practised eye would at once have recognized the joyous pupil of a painter, called in the argot of the studios a "rapin.

  24. A wordy war ensued (for the gentleman was a Frenchman), in which the choicest argot of Montmartre and La Villette was exhausted by the ruffian.

  25. It is not the argot of the slums, nor that of the thieves, nor that of the students, but that of Montmartre; and there are no ways of expressing it intelligibly in English.

  26. For that matter, being written in the argot of Montmartre, it could hardly be understood even by French scholars unfamiliar with Montmartre.

  27. She had moved her chair close to his, and, looking him straight in the eyes, was rattling away in the untranslatable argot of Montmartre.

  28. This word (also Maccabe, argot Macabit) is given in Paris by sailors to cadavers found floating in the river.

  29. The name "Claudine" startled her; and although she had had no comprehension of the argot of Happy Fear, the sense of a mysterious catastrophe oppressed her; she was sure that something horrible had happened.

  30. She constantly used the argot of French thieves, which was often difficult for the young Englishman to understand.

  31. Our argot is difficult for you, m'sieur--eh?

  32. The lively French staff caused a considerable revolution in Lysander Grove, which during several weeks rang with Parisian argot and Parisian fun.

  33. She gesticulated much, and discoursed on the subject of some lecture she was to give, in the intervals of volleying forth abuse and swearing in Parisian argot at her long-suffering husband, who received it all with most ludicrous courtesy.

  34. I know several other trades and the argot that goes with them; and whenever a person tries to talk the talk peculiar to any of them without having learned it at its source I can trap him always before he gets far on his road.

  35. I answered as my readings of the champions of my side of the great controversy had taught me to answer: that a man can't handle glibly and easily and comfortably and successfully the argot of a trade at which he has not personally served.

  36. For, it must be stated to those who are ignorant of the case, that argot is both a literary phenomenon and a social result.

  37. Ware shows another means of ingress: the argot of sailors.

  38. I knew enough of their argot for conversation, and they knew enough of mine.

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