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Example sentences for "argued"

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argosies; argosy; argot; arguable; argue; arguer; argues; argueth; arguing; argument
  1. He argued that Miracles, being contrary to general experience, are incapable of proof.

  2. It is argued on the other side,--The pages of the Bible are full of perplexing statements.

  3. They reveal what was professed and argued before the world, but not that which was realised in the imagination or enshrined in the heart.

  4. The treachery of a religionist to his country no longer argued an absence of all moral feeling.

  5. Plato had argued that women were equal to men; but the habits of the people were totally opposed to this theory.

  6. His opponent argued that exposition was legally identical with infanticide, and became, therefore, illegal when the power of life and death was withdrawn from the father.

  7. I argued that as they had not guarded or were not trying to guard that point, there was evidently danger to me there already.

  8. He refrained from asking suggestions from any of his friends, for he argued that each would recommend some place of which he had knowledge, and where he had already acquaintances.

  9. I think I argued that the passive negation of one witness ought not to invalidate the testimony of another as to his experience.

  10. Hewson could not make out that he regarded his daughter as at all an unusual girl, and from this he argued that her mother must have been a very unusual woman.

  11. He probably argued that a public trial would be avoided for the honour of the royal houses of Denmark and England, the affair would be hushed up, and he would be allowed to escape with banishment.

  12. But since it might be argued that these confessions were extorted by threat, torture or other unfair means, the evidence of other persons was submitted.

  13. The process of incorporation, however, brought into prominence a very serious constitutional question, which had already been elaborately argued in the Cabinet.

  14. If there was anything in this rapid change of front on the part of Mr. Jefferson that argued vacillation of mind, it still amounted to the adoption of Mr. Gallatin's views, and he seems to have so regarded it.

  15. And Trueman's wife argued with her that her spells had been worse, and her chest had been tighter.

  16. I conversed considerable, I argued some with him, but I didn't get so engaged as mebby I had ort to.

  17. But we found out afterwerds that there wuz a few men in the meetin' house that thought wimmen ort to set; they argued that when wimmen had been standin' so long they out to set down; they wuz good dispositioned.

  18. The question was argued at length, and with great ardor, and after passing the House of Representatives by a majority of nineteen votes, came before the executive for his approval.

  19. The question was argued in court, where James Otis spoke so eloquently in vindication of American rights that all his hearers went away ready to take arms against writs of assistance.

  20. Sometimes it is argued that this provision must be restricted to places within the exclusive jurisdiction of the National Government.

  21. A woman should be a safe convoy and free from all toll," argued Robin.

  22. I do not like the shape of this house," argued Marian.

  23. Not so fast, mother," argued the Bishop, smiling easily at her simulated rage.

  24. They moved together towards the hall, whilst Warrenton and the forester argued still on the matter of winging arrows.

  25. The old man argued reasonably and well; and Robin listened in silence until he was done.

  26. A man should have clothes to suit his work, cousin," argued Robin.

  27. He argued that church teaching includes all that a church believes, and that its inculcation was necessary to meet the fair requirements of religious liberty.

  28. He argued that it was the duty of the court to construe the act of parliament in a form the most favorable to the subject.

  29. Some of the more puritanical objected to the moral tendencies of Thackeray's lectures, and argued that the naughty scapegraces of the British court should not have been thus exhumed for the edification of an American audience.

  30. We argued that, whatever happened, the wisest course was to get some sleep.

  31. When Eclectus and Laetus argued with him the results were similar.

  32. We wrangled and argued till it was past time for him to start on his expedition.

  33. Now I had often differed with Falco, argued with him, opposed him, refused requests of his, and he had acquiesced and had acted as if I were not his property, but a free man and his complete social equal.

  34. They argued a long time as to just what he did in the fourteenth race and how he had saved himself at the critical moment.

  35. It argued a horrible disintegration of the governmental mechanism of the Republic and of the Roman character that such things had become possible.

  36. When my friends argued with me and tried to persuade me to travel and especially to visit Rome, I never was convinced by their arguments.

  37. I argued that in the early haze, the little trifle of smoke from the charcoal could not attract notice.

  38. Though they were well known, I argued myself unknown in not knowing them.

  39. Those who knew both the Emperor and Madame de Persigny might have fitly argued that this equal division of affection was a virtual injustice to the sovereign, who was decidedly more amiable than the spouse.

  40. Many who saw her do this argued that in the hour of danger she would as boldly face the enemies of herself and her dynasty.

  41. Baron Taylor argued all this, but Rachel remained inflexible.

  42. It has often been argued that he was not, because he insisted upon an indemnity of forty thousand francs from the Government towards the cost of its production.

  43. Not only have philosophers always argued that it must be so: the researches of physical science assure us that it has been so in fact.

  44. This is very elaborately and dispassionately argued by Mr. Hargrave in his Juridical Arguments, above cited; also vol.

  45. The question between the Houses was argued on both sides as a question of law.

  46. Footnote 94: The whole question is lucidly and unanswerably argued in a little contemporary tract, entitled "The King's Power in Matters Ecclesiastical fairly stated.

  47. The question whether a peer could be required to enter into recognisances on a charge of libel was argued at great length, and decided by a majority of judges in favour of the crown.

  48. Beauchamp left her, like a man out-argued and overcome.

  49. Every one, as Jerome says, argued in this direction or that pro captu ingenii sui.

  50. But the fact that they generally came again argued that even pertinacious and dogged as she was, Mrs. Perks had something on the other side which more than counterbalanced her capabilities in this direction.

  51. The land in the Hebrides is barren, it is argued in behalf of the sportsmen.

  52. I have heard it argued that for the Duke of Argyll not to forfeit his ownership was a true charity to his tenants, as if Iona was still the desert St. Columba found it.

  53. Vaughan saw that he argued to no purpose.

  54. Weismann argued that the more stable winter form must be regarded as representing the ancestral race of the species.

  55. As attorney-general he argued the famous cases, the United States v.

  56. He imagined that Harrington had gone abroad to conceal the mortification he felt at having lost the election, and he rightly argued that for some time Joe would not bestow a glance upon any one else.

  57. Whenever a question arose, the member who first objected to the proposition argued the case briefly, or at length, with the proposer, and the third gave the verdict, against which there was no appeal.

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