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Example sentences for "argues"

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argot; arguable; argue; argued; arguer; argueth; arguing; argument; argumenta; argumentation
  1. While Juventus is on his way to "hear a preaching," Hypocrisy encounters him, argues with him against forsaking the traditions of his fathers, and diverts him from his purpose.

  2. That he argues in the face of undisputed evidence that you saw him kill your wife, yet he would have you believe that you could not rely upon any such evidence as that for identification.

  3. This man argues this point, that it was not the cause of death, with the same force and strength that he does any other point in the case, and yet he knows in his soul there is nothing in it.

  4. He argues that before you can be believed you must put him in a line of a hundred men, let them walk through a room one by one, and then pick him out.

  5. Spenser argues that the spiritual beauty of a lady, rather than her outward appearance, causes her lover's perturbation.

  6. So when Cavalcanti argues in favor of free love, Your humming birds may sip the sweet they need From every flower, and why not humming poets?

  7. Husband twice as old as wife Argues ill for married life Baleful prophecies were rife, Twenty years ago, Twenty years ago!

  8. But the fact that a small boy sometimes sees something funny at a funeral, or a bevy of giggling shop-girls may be sitting in the gallery at a fashionable wedding, argues little in respect to the solemnity or beauty of the service itself.

  9. Of course, the mere possibility of such things argues a state of mediaevalism.

  10. For where the rarest and most common things are of a price (as they are all one to poets), it argues disease in judgment not to choose the most curious.

  11. The eagerness and violence he uses to defend them argues they are weak, for if they were true they would not need it.

  12. He seems a full student, for he is a great desirer of controversies; he argues sharply, and carries his conclusion in his scabbard.

  13. This was an unthrifty vanity, and argues him as well ignorant in the husbandry of his own poetry as Seneca says he was in that of a farm; for, in plain English, it was no better than bringing a noble to nine-pence.

  14. From these he argues that Luke was inseparable from Paul, and was his fellow-worker in the Gospel, and he refers, in proof of this, to Acts xvi.

  15. Peter does not, in explanation, simply state that they are speaking foreign languages which have just been supernaturally imparted to them, but argues (v.

  16. There is nothing here but a coincidence of sense, though with much variation between the two passages, but the Epistle argues from a different context, and this illustration is obvious enough to be common to any moralist.

  17. Paul argues upon this point in a highly eccentric manner.

  18. Jurieu in the first three sections of the Judgement on Methods, where he argues constantly upon this principle, as upon a primary notion.

  19. But as he argues here only in accordance with the principles of reason he sets aside what Revelation can teach.

  20. Mr. Hobbes argues on this subject with his usual wit and subtlety; but it is a pity that in both the one and the other we stumble upon petty tricks, such as arise in excitement over the game.

  21. She comes forth into their streets and markets, she argues and pleads there with an urgency which is equal to the urgency of temptation itself.

  22. Nothing more argues the degeneracy of a warlike nation than the pride of such mean triumph, for an advantage, which, in more vigorous times, would scarce have been distinguished by the ceremony of a Te Deum Laudamus.

  23. It will be seen that Cheke writes what he argues for, "clean and pure English.

  24. Observations on the Art of English Poesy, in which he argues against rhyme and for strict quantitative measures, but on quite different lines from those of the craze of Stanyhurst and Harvey.

  25. But it argues no blind faith in that strange system of unnatural restraints and scarcely more reasonable indulgences to share Gibbon's opinion that the training of a Public School is the best adapted to the common run of Englishmen.

  26. It argues no political bias to maintain that in the first quarter of the nineteenth century Toryism afforded its neophytes no educational opportunities equal to those which a young Whig enjoyed at Bowood and Panshanger and Holland House.

  27. I think there is a restlessness in our people which argues want of character.

  28. Frohschammer adopts this view, and argues that none of the decisions of the Church are final, and that consequently in such a case they must give way.

  29. It argues either a timid faith which fears the light, or a false morality which would do evil that good might come.

  30. Frohschammer, having fallen into this vulgar mistake, argues that because the authority is fallible the truth must be uncertain.

  31. Such rapture in serving argues a largeness of nature which will be recognized hereafter," he said, feeling about in his waistcoat pocket for a quarter.

  32. Finot argues that all things have life and consciousness, and that a solidarity exists which brings together all beings and so-called things.

  33. Mr Bonhote argues with great force that, as the process occurs in two animals so widely separated, the fundamental cause must be a deep-seated one.

  34. He is purely a botanist, so that he argues only from plants.

  35. It is bad, again, when individuals in a State teach doctrines subversive of morality; but it evidently argues a far deeper depravation of morals when a whole community unite in accepting, endowing, and upholding such in their work.

  36. The laxity in such matters which prevails in the so-called "Christian world" argues little for the tone of spiritual life in our day in those who indulge in it, or allow it, or apologise for it.

  37. For the Apostle Paul argues at length to this effect, and calls the attention of the Corinthians (1 Cor.

  38. Kaye argues that rigorism was not so unusual as of itself to justify doubt as to its genuineness in the case of Mandeville; rigorism was "a contemporary point of view both popular and respected, a view-point not yet extinct.

  39. In The Fable of the Bees, Mandeville concedes that gifts to charity would support employment as much as would equivalent expenditures on luxuries, but argues that in practice the gifts would not be made.

  40. He quotes the canons and conciliar decrees to show that recanting heretics are to be immured for life, whence he argues that the prison should be afflictive and penal.

  41. A commentator of the seventeenth century argues that clerics who seek to gain this indulgence become irregular if the wood they bring actually aids in burning the heretic.

  42. He is untouched by the theory of evolution, and argues on common-sense grounds that Progress is inevitable.

  43. Footnote: Tassoni argues that a decline in all pursuits is inevitable when a certain point of excellence has been reached, quoting Velleius Paterculus (i.

  44. Harrington, in his Oceana, argues with Machiavelli that a commonwealth, to be well turned, must be the work of one man, like a book or a building.

  45. If forgery in some miracles proves forgery in all, this tells against the first as well as against the fourth century; if forgery in some argues truth in others, this avails for the fourth as well as for the first.

  46. Tertullian admits that the apostles fled in time of persecution, but argues that the permission to do so was merely temporary and personal to the apostles.

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