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Example sentences for "arguing"

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argue; argued; arguer; argues; argueth; argument; argumenta; argumentation; argumentations; argumentative
  1. Obedient to the command of their earthly master, the most learned of the Buccaneer's divines assembled together in solemn conclave, and having opened the proceedings with prayer, they fell to arguing upon the grave questions before them.

  2. The burning question of Church in danger was pushed aside, and high above everything else the voice of controversy could be heard arguing upon a matter of the deepest import to all the world.

  3. When a woman is enraged, there is no arguing with her.

  4. It is no good arguing against absurd insinuations, or trying to show them up.

  5. But arguing with people you have to live with does not conduce to the comfort of living with them--especially if you get the better of the argument.

  6. Hence Russell pointed out, the two countries, arguing from contradictory premises as to the status of the conflict in America, might become involved in charges of bad faith and of violation of the convention.

  7. Lyons did not wish to have this responsibility, arguing that the mere fact of such a decision being left to him would embarrass him in his relations with the North.

  8. April 8, Dallas communicated to Russell an instruction from Seward dated March 9, arguing on lines of "traditional friendship" against a British recognition of the Confederacy.

  9. In the Times appeared an editorial pleading this sanction and arguing the duty of slaves to refuse liberty[957].

  10. In an interview with Lyons on July 6 Seward urged a quick conclusion of the treaty, arguing that its effect upon the revolted states could be determined afterwards.

  11. The statement is in reply to an article in the Times of October 9, arguing that even if the South were regarded as in the wrong, they had ten millions, a fact that was conclusive.

  12. Certainly he was hardly serious in arguing to Thouvenel that a stiff instruction would strengthen the hands of the "moderate section" of the American Cabinet[520], or else he strangely misjudged American temperament.

  13. This is one instance in ten thousand more important ones, of Mr. Mitford's habit of arguing upon one sentence by omitting those that follow and precede it.

  14. No arguing from or about the rule itself will then help us through the difficulty; there is nothing for it but to turn back and finish the scientific process which should have preceded the formation of the rule.

  15. Arguing in a circle, however, is a stronger case of the fallacy, and implies more than the mere passive reception of a premise by one who does not remember how it is to be proved.

  16. But in spite of this difference of natural corruption and incorruption, Avicebron taught unity of matter in all bodies, arguing from their unity of form.

  17. From this is clear how to reply to the objections, arguing as they do from the Divine power.

  18. We need be in as little danger, in general, in arguing from what occurs to them, as in the case of an individual.

  19. Patsy realized the folly of arguing with him.

  20. There was no use arguing with Maud Stanton when she assumed that tone.

  21. But don't they need the ship--the Arabella?

  22. One was the German, who, however, was now sleeping soundly under the influence of the soothing potion that followed his operation.

  23. In the following year he supported with great power the proposal of the Rockingham administration for the repeal of the American Stamp Act, arguing that it was unconstitutional to impose taxes upon the colonies.

  24. But in this way of arguing you might come to imagine that strength is wisdom.

  25. As one of the ancient Greek Philosophers observed, you cannot change a man's mind by arguing with him.

  26. There was no sense in arguing with the cop.

  27. So these holy men on the train were arguing if they should have a minyon or not because there were only three of them.

  28. Jeremiah Dummer, in London, had in 1709 presented a memorial to the ministry arguing that the banks of the St. Lawrence belonged of right to New England.

  29. He kept arguing that I ought to give it up.

  30. But instead of answering or arguing with him I put his hat in his hand and held the portiere, waiting for him to pass through.

  31. Episcopi and the experience of the Inquisition, and arguing that the feats attributed to witches transcended the powers of the demon.

  32. About torpezas or physical indecencies, there could be no rational doubt, though even here the laxity of Probabilism gave scope for arguing them away.

  33. Pythagoras a colleague who is as enthusiastic as himself in arguing about politics.

  34. But you've also got an aesthetic side to your nature, which makes you worth arguing with upon the matter.

  35. Such a dreadful old rebel against all constituted authority, human and divine, I never did meet in the course of my existence, I believe you're really capable of arguing a point of theology against an archbishop.

  36. I have turned over these things by myself till I'm tired of arguing them out in my own head, and I want you to come down beforehand, so as to cheer me up a bit with your lighter and brighter philosophy.

  37. You know what a work of art is when you see it; and therefore you're worth arguing with, which your vulgar Continental socialist really isn't.

  38. Is, then, all arguing frivolous or absurd?

  39. But, in the grasp of death, 'Twas some small solace, with his parting breath, To indulge once more his ruling disposition By arguing with the priest and the physician.

  40. To listen to him energetically arguing with the Rev.

  41. You wouldn't spend a lot of time arguing about whether there ought to be such a secretary or not?

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