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Example sentences for "colleague"

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collating; collation; collations; collator; collators; colleagues; collect; collectable; collected; collectedly
  1. Sir, I am sorry that my honorable colleague should stoop "from his pride of place," at such humble game as my poor style presents to him.

  2. And again, as my colleague has correctly told you, if you have a right to repeal one part of the ordinance, you have a right to repeal another part, and so overturn the whole system at a blow.

  3. I do not believe that my colleague who made this motion is more in the habit of procrastinating the public business than other members of the House; and I was in hopes that there would have been no dissentient voice to his motion.

  4. Mr. Speaker, I should not have troubled this House with any remarks of mine, had it not been for the observations which have just fallen from my colleague from North Carolina.

  5. But, sir, I will conclude by again cautioning my Republican friends, and my worthy colleague in particular, to beware how they familiarize themselves with this doctrine of constructive power.

  6. Raphael Becvar, Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy, Saint Louis University, both for making it possible for a faculty colleague to learn from him in several of his excellent seminars and for his later comradeship.

  7. The two elder members of the Council looked at each other in surprise, while their junior colleague listened with the interest of one who was just entering on a noviciate of secret and embarrassing duties.

  8. But the present crime was known to be too common, to permit so lavish an expenditure of their immunities, and the old inquisitors opposed the wish of their younger colleague with great plausibility, and with some show of reason.

  9. Not now, sir," said Mr. Rookley severely, and he beckoned to his colleague to take the astonished valet away.

  10. He introduced himself to me," he went on, "as a colleague in our own particular line of business, and suggested certain schemes to me.

  11. It is not sandstone, as I stated in 1923, but granite, according to my colleague Professor Charles Meyer, whose courtesy is acknowledged and whose information is summarized in Appendix III.

  12. Douglas, of the Denver Art Museum, wrote my colleague Gifford about Mohave pottery which he had seen on display in various museums, without special search of catalogues or storerooms.

  13. Remember, if you please, that neither I nor my colleague really understood what was the matter with you; and that you were cured by a remedy, not prescribed by either of us.

  14. His respected colleague made a formal bow, looked at his watch, and hastened away to another patient.

  15. Lastly, he astounded his old colleague by proposing to administer an emetic.

  16. My respected colleague knows that I am always ready to learn.

  17. Soule, then colleague with Mr. Ballou, to Rev.

  18. In May, 1841, the society over which Mr. Ballou had so long held sole ministration voted to engage a colleague to assist him in the duties of pastor, and the Rev.

  19. A colleague suggested that she should go to Dr.

  20. Nothing at present, I think," Mr. Simmonds said after consulting his colleague by a look.

  21. Much of the credit was probably due to the military skill of his colleague Demosthenes; but it must be admitted that it was due to Cleon's determination that the Ecclesia sent out the additional force which was needed.

  22. In 491 he went to Aegina to punish the island for its submission to Darius, but the intrigues of his colleague once again rendered his mission abortive.

  23. He appointed his own brother Eucleidas as his colleague in succession to the Eurypontid Archidamus, who had been murdered.

  24. Hans Burgkmair, the friend and colleague of A.

  25. This characterization of the junior Senator from Pennsylvania, attributed to his late colleague President Harding, summarizes very aptly his strength and his weakness.

  26. He zealously promoted the King's supremacy and the destruction of images, and complained bitterly of being thwarted by his colleague of Armagh, by the Irish generally, and even by Lord Deputy Grey.

  27. August 8 the Mexican consulate at New Orleans closed; and a few days later our consul at Havana reported that his Mexican colleague had received an official notification of the existence of war.

  28. Thompson was described by his French colleague as inexperienced (=11=no.

  29. I am not here to indulge in eulogy, nor to open any merit-roll of service; but the same feeling which prompts these acknowledgments to my colleague embraces also the Commonwealth from whom we have received our trust.

  30. People on terms of familiarity dropped in, or the Professor detained some colleague or pupil and made him sit down to the meal which was always prepared and seated for four.

  31. It had been no part of the cabinet's plan or desire to have their veteran colleague of former days arrested.

  32. The eunuch made an obeisance, and began: "I was ill and obliged to leave the Egyptian and the Hanging-gardens in the care of my colleague Kandaules, who has paid for his negligence with his life.

  33. I then called my colleague Kandaules and asked him, in the presence of these noble witnesses, if everything was in order.

  34. They should call you "Sir," otherwise you will lose your footing and fail to be the colleague of the English masters.

  35. A colleague of mine asked the same question in a different manner, and obtained an equally wonderful answer.

  36. An ex-colleague of mine became very popular by the following occurrence, the tale of which spread through the school like wildfire.

  37. Illustration: The End of Breakfast Thomas Maybank] After looking through his glass with wrapt attention Wellington turned to his Spanish colleague with the words, “My dear Alava, Marmont is undone!

  38. Wellington came up but refrained from interfering, and when he saw that his brave colleague had proved victorious, he wrung his hand in a hearty grip and exclaimed, “Hill, the day is entirely your own.

  39. This, says Professor Oman, was “the first and only campaign which he ever undertook in company with a Spanish colleague and without supreme control over the whole conduct of affairs.

  40. Therefore, I thought a friendly bridge evening at the hospitable home of our dear colleague Bellward would be in place.

  41. But you can tell our friend all we know about the lady's antecedents--what we had from my French colleague the other day, you know?

  42. Then Desmond drove back to the Nineveh Hotel where he left his taxi-driving colleague in the courtyard on the understanding that at 7.

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