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Example sentences for "consulting"

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consulte; consulted; consulter; consulters; consulteth; consulto; consultor; consultors; consults; consultum
  1. Consulting daily with Cynthia Badlam, was he?

  2. While the robbers were drunk, we boys were consulting and plotting to run away.

  3. The style of Enea was not such as to be easily maintained, without consulting the great examples of Raffaello as he had done.

  4. The truth is, he selected, purified, and kneaded well his colours, besides consulting chemists upon the subject.

  5. We have still time enough," said I, consulting the elevation of the sun; "let us go down by way of the cathedral.

  6. He was surrounded by jealousies and by spies, and the Austrian court issued orders without consulting him.

  7. To comfort her, to give her pleasure, I replied that I never took an important decision without consulting with my wife.

  8. Whoever desires to pursue the subject further may do so by consulting Bancroft's Native Races, vol.

  9. The general made no difficulty in consulting Mr. Jefferson, and proposed giving me his answer the next morning.

  10. It was, however, determined by the party, without consulting Mr. Burr, to make the experiment whether he could be elected.

  11. Mr. Pendleton replied that he believed General Hamilton would have no objections to make such declaration, and left me for the purpose of consulting him, requesting me to call in the course of the afternoon for an answer.

  12. The decision was made, as usual without consulting anybody; instinct was his sole guide.

  13. Indeed he was startled to find that Marguerite could confide such a matter to Prince--at any rate without consulting himself.

  14. His master is very angry; and the two, after consulting together, await the stranger's return from the shrine.

  15. This lack of system and economic coordination has attracted the attention of the head of that Department who has been giving his time for the last two years, with the aid of experts and by consulting his bureau chiefs, to its reformation.

  16. I beg leave to ask, if there really is any impropriety in gentlemen's consulting together, who have a uniformity of interest, upon a question which has been said to be of such infinite importance?

  17. I should dread a popular assembly consulting for the public good, because, under its influence, commotions and tumults might arise that would shake the foundation of the monarch's throne, and make the empire tremble in expectation.

  18. To admit a person within the bar for the purpose of consulting him, was a quite different thing from permitting the gallery, like this person, to come and take a permanent seat among the members, for the purpose of regularly debating.

  19. Mr. Polk followed this form in consulting the Senate on the Oregon treaty of 1846.

  20. As to consulting persons out of doors, the House had a right to call Heads of Departments to give their opinions on any particular subject, if they thought proper.

  21. He trusted that the committee would not rise, under any such idea as consulting the Senate; but, if they at present rise, that it would be merely for the sake of obtaining further information.

  22. Floating about from one end of Europe to another, they kept up a regular exchange of letters; the prince never took any step without consulting his wife, who usually gave him sound advice.

  23. She had a real vocation for the profession of a consulting lawyer.

  24. She has been consulting me and there is something she wishes to say to you.

  25. The people spent more than a fortnight in consulting what should be done.

  26. As this law affected all the American colonies alike, it naturally led them to think of consulting together is order to procure its repeal.

  27. At that town, he found out by consulting the map, he could take train to Bois-le-Duc, and thence through Utrecht to the Hook.

  28. We've struck the worst part of Wenlock Edge, it seems," said Athol consulting his road map.

  29. Stewart," said she, drawing herself up and smoothing down her dress with dignity, "we have ventured to take this step without consulting Sir Arthur or any of his family.

  30. One who knew him better than others suggested to the governor that he should appoint him to some regiment, without previously consulting him.

  31. As Grant's district limits had not been defined, he visited Nashville for the purpose of consulting Buell in regard to this subject and the disposition of the troops of the two armies.

  32. A minute elapsed before he spoke, in which he seemed to be consulting his mental map.

  33. Then there are those men, philanthropists, statesmen, who believe they are safeguarding the interests of women by making laws restricting their work, and so restricting their resources without ever consulting these women.

  34. After an experience some of the women had, the moment our committee decided on another demonstration, little Mary O'Brian went out, without consulting anybody, and bought me the whip.

  35. But it seemed in some way to involve dishonour, for the chairman, who had been consulting with the man in grey, turned suddenly and faced the crowd.

  36. The Elchee halted till daylight, and then proceeded towards the village; where he found his mehmandar, two Kurdish chiefs, and three or four principal men of the country, consulting what was to be done.

  37. And what does Copley mean by doing a thing of this sort without consulting me?

  38. There would be nothing suspicious in a backer pulling the Sportsman out of his pocket and consulting it at any moment.

  39. By prophesying, when spoken of a high priest, Josephus, both here and frequently elsewhere, means no more than consulting God by Urim, which the reader is still to bear in mind upon all occasions.

  40. He also wrote thus to Petronius, commending him for his assembling his army, and then consulting him about these affairs.

  41. Here we have still more indications of Saul's affectation of despotic power, and of his entrenching upon the priesthood, and making and endeavoring to execute a rash vow or curse, without consulting Samuel or the sanhedrim.

  42. The Amateur donors never thought of consulting their benefactor as to the size of his head, or as to the peculiar shape which he most affected.

  43. Rashi's masters, in turn, often applied to their pupil for advice, choosing him as arbiter and consulting him with a deference more fitting toward a colleague than a disciple.

  44. Rashi also tells us that he had Gershom's autograph manuscript before him, not to mention other copies he was consulting and collating.

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