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Example sentences for "believed"

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beliefe; beliefs; belies; believable; believe; believer; believers; believes; believest; believeth
  1. For five years she gave herself, with love's devotion, to the mere mechanical well-being of that unhappy man, whose madness she so penetrated that she never believed him mad.

  2. It is believed that a number of these volcanic eruptions have occurred in the Cordilleran region of the United States since the discovery of America, and that one took place within the lifetime of many persons now living.

  3. The Gila monster, long believed to be so dangerous, is now considered non-poisonous under ordinary conditions.

  4. It is believed that they came originally from Asia, but their migration and scattering occurred so long ago that they have become divided into many groups, each having its own language and customs.

  5. For a time it was believed that such an opening actually existed, and mariners went so far as to give it a name, calling it the Straits of Anian.

  6. It was long believed that human beings had never been upon this rock, although there were traditions to the effect that a village once existed upon its summit.

  7. Those who lived where all the rocks had, like lava, the appearance of having once been melted, believed that fire had done all the work.

  8. It was believed that no boat could pass through the cañons, and that once launched upon those turbid waters, the adventurer would never be able to return.

  9. This opening, although south of the point supposed to have been reached by Juan de Fuca, was believed for a time to be the entrance to the long-sought Straits of Anian.

  10. It was at first thought that railroads could not be constructed through the mountains and deserts, and until the mineral wealth of the West became known, many men believed that the greater portion of the country was not worth taking.

  11. The weary emigrants believed that these peaks belonged to the Sierra Nevadas, and that beyond them lay the green valleys of California.

  12. She believed Holton, also, had some ulterior reason, which she did not fathom, then, for trying to fasten suspicion on the lad.

  13. Lorey swore to Madge that he thought better of his impulse to do murder, stamped upon the burning fuse, and believed that he had put it out, and I believe him.

  14. It was plain enough that he believed the noise which had disturbed, alarmed him, had been made by this young sportsman.

  15. Instantly he quite believed what Holton said.

  16. There were those, he thought, who believed them an affianced couple.

  17. He had delighted in repeating to her tales belittling them, deriding them, and she, of course, had quite believed his stories.

  18. I tell you, gal, what I believed at first, deep in my heart, air true.

  19. It is believed to be a movement taking its rise from the restless Roman Catholic Ilokano of the coast.

  20. The practice is believed to have come with them from an earlier home; it is widespread in the Archipelago.

  21. It is believed that the guilty one will be most nervous during the trial, thus checking a normal flow of saliva.

  22. Evidently they are believed to have some therapeutic virtue, but no statement could be obtained to substantiate this opinion.

  23. There is still another shield immediately beyond the western border of the province but which is believed to be produced also in the Bontoc area.

  24. Total 6,340 The above figures are estimates; it is impossible to make them exact, but they were obtained with much care and are believed to be sufficiently accurate to be of value.

  25. Nathorst, of Cervantes, has told me of a dance in Lepanto, believed by him to be a funeral dance, in which men stand abreast in a long line with arms on each other's shoulders.

  26. It is believed that no nut foods are eaten in Bontoc, although an acorn is found in the mountains to the south of Bontoc pueblo.

  27. However, it is believed not to be an original production of the Philippines.

  28. It is believed that the Igorot is to-day as much in the "stone age" as he ever has been in his present land.

  29. But the following figures are believed to be true in every particular.

  30. The face markings, those on the arms, the stomach, and elsewhere on the body, are believed to be purely aesthetic.

  31. It is believed 95 per cent of the people suffer at some time, probably much of the time, with some skin disease.

  32. I added only, that the English Ministry ought to find in the negotiations of 1754, relative to the Ohio, the limits which England, then the sovereign of America, believed it proper to assign.

  33. He answered, that he had not, for that they were not as yet completed, nor indeed as he believed as yet begun.

  34. As to military operations in Europe, Gibraltar now commands universal attention, and it is believed that celebrated rock must soon change its masters, and if so, that this will smooth the way to peace.

  35. He told me this winter, that he believed Spain wished to modify our independence, and to keep herself in a situation to mediate between us and England at the general peace.

  36. The Doctor said, he believed the commission would do.

  37. Rayneval's report, and that he believed that Lord Shelburne was sincerely desirous of peace.

  38. He believed that, as soon as Pierre and his band became aroused, they would rush in a body for the path that led toward the settlement; and Archie did not like the idea of running a race through the darkness along the brink of that precipice.

  39. He really believed that every word he had uttered was the truth; and he reached this conclusion by a process of reasoning perfectly satisfactory to himself.

  40. If this is not probable, is it to be believed that the victors agreed to an equal division of the territory?

  41. I could not have believed her capable of sending it.

  42. He saw Dolly believed matters would be so arranged that Homewood should still belong to Mortomley, and that she offered hospitality to a woman she cordially disliked on this supposition.

  43. I don't think he is," agreed Rupert uneasily, but neither he nor Lang could have defined the precise form of evil they believed the stranger had set himself to compass.

  44. If the woman he had married and killed had only hated him and he had known, it would have been different, but since he believed so in her love he could do nothing else.

  45. He could not be false to his purpose, false to her memory, unworthy of the passion in which he believed she had held him and which he believed he had inspired.

  46. He believed absolutely in the unquestioned devotion of a woman to whom he had been forced to mete out death in an unprecedented and terrible manner.

  47. The old man's white mustache fairly quivered with what he believed to be righteous indignation.

  48. He hoped the latter, he believed the former.

  49. She believed the easiest and the quickest way would be to get him to tell her why he was there.

  50. He had done a thing superhuman--no man knowing conditions would have believed it.

  51. I can follow their speculations exactly; up or down, they believed you to have been in the canyon when the storm broke, therefore there was only one place and one direction to search for you.

  52. He never said a word, however; he held his lips at least fettered and bound for he believed that honor and its obligations weighed down the balance upon the contrary side to which his inclinations lay.

  53. She believed that God had created them for each other, that He had thrown them together.

  54. Your Diana, even she, she whom you believed in, she who so believed in herself, came out into the world only to be broken.

  55. They believed that all who did not worship Christ were worshippers of the devil, and that Mahomet and the Moses of the Jews were nothing more than the representatives and agents of the fallen angel.

  56. She humbled herself before the church, whose voice she believed she heard through the lips of her confessor.

  57. The proof of this is, that, among the images which represent the same original and the same type, there are some which are believed to have more power, and to be capable of working more miracles, than others.

  58. He believed in the Alethea with a devotion and a thoroughness second only to the unquestioning faith and obedience which he now had at the service of Alexander Quisanté.

  59. She had known him since he was a baby, had brought him up from childhood, had always served him, always believed in him, never liked him, never offered her love nor conciliated his.

  60. For now she believed herself to know the worst, and yet to be able to endure.

  61. To marry Marchmont was a step entirely in harmony with the ideal which her family and the world had of her, which Marchmont himself most thoroughly and undoubtingly believed in.

  62. Now Napoleon would certainly have prescribed an immediate concentration of Grouchy’s force towards the north-west for one of the last two objects, had he believed Blücher about to attempt a flank march against the chief French army.

  63. One could understand, on seeing him, that the soldier under his command never believed it was possible to retreat.

  64. With wonderful promptitude Moore turned towards Coruña, where he believed the British fleet awaited him.

  65. But he believed in being ready, and hated nothing so much as “muddling through.

  66. Had the former been allowed to follow his own wishes he believed that, “in all probability, the whole would have been destroyed.

  67. Forests cover nearly half the total area of the state, which is believed to be rich in minerals, but lack of transport facilities has hindered the development of its resources.

  68. They are strong, active birds, and are believed to be polygamous.

  69. The whole first generation of Christians looked intently for His Coming in power and great glory, which they believed to be near at hand.

  70. We have seen how St Paul, for instance, fully believed that his own preaching had a force behind it which vindicated for it the claim to be "the word of God" (1 Thess.

  71. It is wholly of modern growth, although the name of Byrkhed is traced to the forest which is believed to have extended between the mouths of the Dee and the Ribble in Lancashire.

  72. This list published by Muratori in 1740, and called after him "the Muratorian Fragment on the Canon," is commonly believed to be of Roman origin and to be a translation from the Greek, though there are a few dissentients on both heads.

  73. Hand in hand we stood before it, awed by the sight of this beast, so long believed to be extinct.

  74. It is believed that the birds attacked the eyes of the thermosaurus, and when, as was its habit, the mammoth creature turned on its back to claw them, they fell upon the thinner scales of its stomach armor and finally killed it.

  75. I have said that neither Dorothy nor I believed her.

  76. I had believed her to be wealthy--she died bankrupt.

  77. Darwin believed the ux to be covered with greenish plumage; Wallace was too far away to observe the color of the great birds; but all the natives of Tasmania unite in affirming that the plumage of the ux is green.

  78. These mines, it seemed, were not believed to amount to much; but they helped to sustain and build up Le Grande, and so were welcomed.

  79. He admitted some of his people believed in spirits; but he himself had never seen any, and was skeptical on the whole subject.

  80. He said, the Delawares believed in the Great Manitou, who made earth, and sky, and everything; but many did not believe in the Evil Manitou.

  81. Moreover, he was very neat and clean in his person, as if he believed in the saving virtues of soap and water--something wonderful for a Red Skin.

  82. Being the first city of importance north of San Francisco, and the brain of our northwest coast, Portland was full of energy and vigor, and believed thoroughly in her future.

  83. Fort Yuma is popularly believed to be in Arizona, but is in reality in the extreme southeastern corner of California.

  84. He believed their religion to be the latest revelation of God's will to man, and that it would yet reform or supplant all others.

  85. So long as they stood, everything was believed secure; and commerce surged and roared along the streets, as in New York and London.

  86. The men engaged in mining were rough and hirsute, as miners everywhere are; but they looked bright and keen, and as if they believed in California and her future, come what might.

  87. It is believed that the mountain streams, if turned into proper channels, will irrigate the greater part of the Plains, both east and west of the Mountains.

  88. Neither St. Augustine nor St. Anselm believed God was other than One.

  89. If Treitschke, too, believed in force, he had a high moral ideal for his nation.

  90. Miss White betook herself to her professional and domestic duties with much alacrity and content, for she believed that by her skill as a letter-writer she could easily ward off the importunities of her too passionate lover.

  91. He could have believed this old man to be mad.

  92. I thought you loved me--and you believed that!

  93. She believed that God sends food to fill the mouths He sends.

  94. Thousands of fairly intelligent people believed poor looney Francis Schlatter a kind of second Messiah, some of the ablest men of Europe were misled by half-crazy Martin Luther--and Dr.

  95. He was a republican, but he believed that strength was the secret of government--strength in itself and in mastery of those who make up the State.

  96. The Kansas City Times scores the Governor but its opposition is believed to be based upon the refusal of the Governor to appoint its owners' candidate to a position of importance.

  97. It is believed that the gutta percha conscience of the general officers is now reasonably easy--that "the necessities of our business" are not on a parity with the ability of the corporation to yank the legs of the guileless yap.

  98. If free coinage be a good thing, it will never be believed while bad men conspicuously stand for it.

  99. Edward Rutledge, of South Carolina, said that were the vote postponed till next day, he believed that his colleagues, though they disapproved of the resolution, would then join in it for the sake of unanimity.

  100. The King replied, he believed then it would be for the advantage of the people of that colony to be under a Governor appointed by himself; nevertheless, because of what Dr.

  101. He also believed that the inhabitants would not dare to perfect their engagements, and flattered himself that they would desist when the critical moment arrived.

  102. The proposition was to me very acceptable; for I had found the Pacific station disagreeable, and, although without proper preparation, I believed on reflection that I could do the work.

  103. I believed that passive surrender to these impressions, rather than conscious labored effort, would gradually produce the perceptions of immediate contact, to the utmost that the nature of the case admitted.

  104. Napoleon once had believed the same, to his ruin.

  105. We outstripped her; and as we passed a position where the Confederates were believed to be fortifying, our captain threw in a half-dozen shells.

  106. I had faith in the power of attachment to comprehend character and action; and because of mine I believed myself safer when necessary to censure.

  107. He gallantly offered his arm to Madame Vernier, and believed that he made, as they went along, the conquest of both ladies, for those benefit he sparkled with wit and humor and undetected puns.

  108. He even asked how I, whom he had believed to be a serious worker, had been tempted into such "side issues.

  109. I believed myself destined to an early death, but the departure from life caused me no fear; nay, I felt so weary that I desired nothing but eternal sleep.

  110. And now the devout child, who firmly believed in a meeting after death face to face, permitted me a glimpse of the wondrous world in which she hoped to have her portion after the end here.

  111. Who would have believed that all your shrewd commonsense would collapse like this!

  112. Actually one might have supposed that she believed herself to be speaking to an equal!

  113. I should have believed you would have been more considerate!

  114. If I have taken part against you, it has been because I believed it was best for him.

  115. I never spoke to her, but I hoped--I believed till lately--.

  116. Had she been to her brothers all that father had believed she would be?

  117. Indeed, Nelly had given warning that she was to leave; but she hoped and believed that she would think better of it, and said nothing.

  118. But on the whole, it is believed that, in his heart, Deacon Fish will not repine while the grain grows and the markets prosper.

  119. Well, I have heard so, but I never believed it any more for hearing it said.

  120. When he was a telling us what mighty things the grace of God can do, he believed it himself, I guess.

  121. He wouldn't swerve a hair, from what he believed to be right, not to save a limb.

  122. Not that she believed in the truth of what Mrs Gridley had hinted at, yet she could not help being annoyed at it.

  123. She knew that unless some great sorrow should fall upon them, they could never have one home again; and that peace and happiness could ever come to her, being separated from them, she neither believed nor desired.

  124. She told of the accusation which had been brought against her, and how she had not been believed despite all her assurances.

  125. It was impossible for Cornelli to speak calmly about what had happened, but it soothed her, nevertheless, to be able to pour out her heart and to know that Martha believed her.

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    Other words:
    accepted; credited; received; reputed; uncontested; undisputed; undoubted; unquestioned; unsuspected

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