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Example sentences for "under ordinary"

  • Water and air are abundantly useful; they are indeed indispensable to existence, yet, under ordinary circumstances, nothing can be obtained in exchange for them.

  • But he thought that by these services he acquired a right to express himself in terms which would not, under ordinary circumstances, become one who was addressing a man of four times his age.

  • In saying this, we do not mean to express an opinion that a republic is, either in the abstract the best form of government, or is, under ordinary circumstances, the form of government best suited to the French people.

  • Under ordinary circumstances, the Pampas Indian is not a naked savage.

  • We have already described them as a pastoral and nomadic people; and, under ordinary circumstances, their employment consists in looking after their flocks.

  • Under ordinary conditions of life it averages daily about 2 lbs.

  • Thiers has no such power; and therefore, under ordinary circumstances, I believe, the policy would soon become unmanageable.

  • We have had no such previous discussions as should guide our expectations from the Reform Bill, nor such as under ordinary circumstances we should have had.

  • This is to be found in the books by the mountaineers and explorers Mr. and Mrs. Workman, two of whose books may be taken to illustrate the matter, and catalogued as they would be under ordinary circumstances, viz.

  • Under ordinary circumstances a summary entry for a whole set can be made to suffice in this fashion:-- Chetham Society.

  • Under ordinary circumstances I should not mention Clithering's name in telling the story of his letter.

  • Under ordinary circumstances, that is, if things had gone in Ulster in the way things usually do go, Clithering would have felt it necessary to assert publicly in the papers that he did not write the letter.

  • It is not in the power of every one to wear fine and elegant clothes, but we can all, under ordinary circumstances, afford clean shirts, drawers, and stockings.

  • On land thus prepared the writer has seen areas successfully planted, which, under ordinary conditions, were condemned as being too steep for planting.

  • It will be clear that, under ordinary circumstances, the condition of what remains after the combustion of the fuel gives an indication of the rate at which the wood has burned, and this test should apply to all furnaces.

  • After felling and burning, under ordinary conditions a certain amount of clearing is effected, but in actual practice this amounts to comparatively little.

  • Under ordinary conditions, however, neither one of these reactions takes place except in the presence of a third substance which is capable of oxidation.

  • The object sought for in the preparation of gunpowder is to secure a solid substance which will remain unchanged under ordinary conditions, but which will explode readily when ignited, evolving a large volume of gas.

  • Under ordinary conditions it is quite unchanged by air or moisture, but at a high temperature it burns in air, forming the oxide SnO{2}.

  • Nevertheless, when we meet with such conditions in plants which, under ordinary circumstances, do not manifest them, we must consider them as coming under the domain of teratology.

  • It is well known that, under ordinary circumstances, these plants do not flower except at long intervals of time.

  • Five minutes, under ordinary circumstances, were wont to elapse ere an item of private news could percolate out of the post office and become public property.

  • None of his listeners seemed to be greatly moved by what, under ordinary circumstances, would have been a valuable contribution to the entertainment.

  • Under ordinary circumstances he would have tried to be polite.

  • Under ordinary circumstances I should be for dispatching the boats; but I don't quite know what to make of the weather.

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