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Example sentences for "suffice"

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sufferin; suffering; sufferings; suffers; suffetes; sufficed; suffices; sufficeth; sufficiency; sufficient
  1. Often a few tones would suffice to enable him to improvise an entire piece (as, for instance, the Finale of the third Sonata, D major, of Op.

  2. One brief extract must suffice as a specimen of their proceedings.

  3. Other instances might be added, but these will suffice to show the feeling which actuated the rulers who permitted, and the men who perpetrated, these deeds of blood.

  4. It must suffice to say, that the bulls had a battle of their own.

  5. It was already obvious that the supplies from the area of the fighting force, which were, of course, being worked at high pressure, would not suffice to feed us until the new harvest at the end of March.

  6. According to European ideas the country was sparsely populated; and on the existing maps the only notes as to water and food showed whether the supplies available would suffice for bodies of a strength equal to a company at most.

  7. These examples will suffice to show the stimulating influence of the war and its requirements on the economic life of the Colony.

  8. Suffice it to say that the difficulties of supply in Mahenge were regarded as so acute that it was not considered possible to keep such strong forces concentrated there, and part of them would have to be withdrawn.

  9. Suffice it that this big gnarled tree is held sacred and historic by the citizens, and is always visited by strangers who come to the capital.

  10. Ninety years did not suffice to complete it, and several millions of dollars were expended in the original construction.

  11. Let me, then, place at your disposal, to be employed in such mode as you deem the best, a sum that may suffice to secure an object which we have in common.

  12. Suffice it to say, in cause you have forgotten a minor detail, there was another genii and another bottle in the sea beside the one found by the fisherman.

  13. Suffice to say it exists and is one of the most powerful sentiments that rules mankind.

  14. Does a house that furnishes him bed and board suffice him?

  15. Suffice it to say that there are here the best specimens of that lustre-ware in existence.

  16. The thought of him appeased her wrath but did not suffice to banish her agitation.

  17. A high polish he did not get, but the worthy fathers thought it would suffice for the savages, and told him that the power of his faith would very well make amends for the lack of science.

  18. Suffice it to say that half the handicrafts of the town seem represented in this centre of industry, in every department of which order and cheerfulness reign supreme.

  19. Two or three days will suffice to dry them, after which they are put in bags for the markets of the world, and will keep with but very slight loss of weight or aroma for a year or more.

  20. Suffice it to say in this brief summary, that it was the result of a compact under which Dr.

  21. This quotation will suffice to convince all reasonable men, putting aside all other matters, from what imminent danger the Transvaal was delivered by the much-abused Annexation.

  22. Every man is bound to provide himself with clothing, a gun, and ammunition, and there must be enough waggons and oxen found between them to suffice for their joint use.

  23. Lord Creedmore was far from being a rich peer, too, and what he gave her was not much, although it would more than suffice for her simple wants, now that she intended to live with him again.

  24. Nature may have given him enough virtue to suffice in a reasonable environment.

  25. The Spanish Main itself would have blushed rosy red at your language when classical invective did not suffice to express your feelings.

  26. Suffice it to say, that on the revelation of that love, it was answered by its object warmly and sympathizingly.

  27. For neither the jail, nor whipping, nor cropping of ears, did suffice to rid him of them.

  28. This geographical feature alone would suffice to influence the historical development of the country.

  29. But the medals struck at the time and worn by nobles and bourgeois suffice to explain the incident.

  30. These statues, which bear comparison with those of Ghiberti and Donatello, Sluter's contemporaries, suffice to explain the sense of form and of line in the draperies revealed by the early Flemish masters.

  31. This general survey will suffice to show that Belgian history may be divided into periods of progress and decadence.

  32. Let it suffice to add that the bodies of the victims were so numerous as to line the roads for a distance of thirty-six miles, being placed on stakes for that purpose from Montalto to Chateau-Vilar.

  33. Suffice it to say that, much to my vexation and my brother's amusement, I made this same mistake three times or more during a few hours.

  34. Their fame will surely die with them; a single grave will suffice for their name and their bones.

  35. Even the writing of verses does not suffice by itself to earn the title of poet.

  36. From hints he had let fall, I suspected a short time would suffice to see the last of the legacy.

  37. He prayed more frequently and fervently, was more often silent, and spoke less bluntly and roughly to others; the rugged suffice of his character was smoothed and softened.

  38. I grant there should be something coming to Mr Blackwood for the thousands that profit by his labours in America--but if it can't be so, let the glory suffice him, and let Sic vos non vobis be his song of patient resignation.

  39. Favour and partiality may, on the other hand, induce the confessor to make great concessions; and the shortest interval may suffice to save a favourite, especially if any decent pretext can be found for prolonging her stay at Court.

  40. The foolish nun, thinking to make atonement to God, confessed herself to the monk; but in respect of penance he swore to her that she did no sin in loving him, and that holy water would suffice to wash away such a peccadillo.

  41. Certainly less frequency would suffice for all important and hearty communications.

  42. As soon as the breath of evening does not suffice longer to preserve them, then the nature of man does not differ much from that of the brute.

  43. After the germs of virtue have thus been prevented many times from developing themselves, then the beneficent breath of evening does not suffice to preserve them.

  44. Specimens might be multiplied, but these may suffice to place beside the elaborate and ornate productions of this present year 1853, to see what a century has done in orthography, etymology, syntax, and prosody.

  45. A day's writing will usually suffice to record the outcome of a month's research.

  46. It is an ancient rule, and one followed by science, to make as few as possible--that is to say, the fewest that will suffice for the purpose in hand.

  47. The laws which enable the physicist to explain the mechanical action and reaction of things do not suffice to explain the reactions studied by the chemist.

  48. Will none of those suffice for ministers?

  49. The answer to the first case may suffice for this; in such cases wherein a poor man may not take it for himself, you may not take it for him.

  50. It is not lawful to go abroad, especially into infidel or popish countries, without such a justifiable business, whose commodity will suffice to weigh down all the losses and dangers of the remove.

  51. He must be one that hath so good an esteem of your person, and so true and strong a love to you, as will suffice to move him, and hold him to all this.

  52. Doubtless there are lesser punishments that may suffice for lesser faults.

  53. Understand this answer, and it will suffice you.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "suffice" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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